An Author's Intro

by Andrew Frederick 10 months ago in fantasy

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An Author's Intro

Hello, I'm A.H. Frederick. I would like to introduce myself because I am a new author in the making. I would also like to say that I want to be very interactive to my readers out there and so if you wish to contact me, please do so!

I write a mostly dystopian stories, but I do like to write other fantasy worlds. In the works I have two stories. One is called Children of Flora Kind.

Children of Flora Kind is about these different species of humanoids that walked the earth when it was still barren and new. These humanoid species were made out of leaves, sticks, and rocks that all come together to create a human form. Two legs, two arms. The difference is that their skin is bright green with a bark texture, their face has no emotion and their eyes are hollow and bleak. Their torsos are covered in leaves and small vines that stretch throughout from the center of its chest and wraps around their bodies; their legs are small of vines along with their arms.

These creatures instinctively roam the earth and their population were in the thousands, growing plants by just walking, and touching the ground around them. Soon water came from random asteroids bombarding the earth, which made the plants thrive more and more. Life began soon after the Flora buried themselves deep within the earth and went into hibernation.

After many centuries, humankind disturbs one Flora's sleeping places and a wave of shock strikes the humans' very core.

The other book is titled Gigas.

A man named Alex Elashne tells his life story about when these giants began to wander the world in search of human meals. Follow his life and the series of events to find out what the gigas are and what happened to society.

My experience: I have been writing all my life. Taught myself how to see grammar errors and how to put ideas onto paper. I am always trying to find new sources of information on how to write. Each day, I grow more and more on how to write and what to do when I come across a problem that needs to be fixed in order to make the story make sense, along with making the story entertaining and fun to read. Like I said before, I like writing in the dystopian genre because I like seeing how our future might turn out if it ends up a disaster—alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, economy gets destroyed, an ancient god decides its time to judge the humans actions, science experiments has gone just to far. Any of this are a great topic to write an intriguing story.

Other genres I like to write are fantasy and science fiction. Both are interesting to me because for fantasy it can be a totally different worlds, intriguing characters, alien like worlds that we never thought of, or never even imagined. Anything can happen!

For science fiction elements, new advancements to technology and all kinds of sciences can make for a good story. Gene manipulation, alien contact, or even finding something deep inside the earth or another planet can happen. Different aliens make contact to the human race. Or mixing science fiction with other genres can cause a master piece to be born. Just gotta have the skills to pull it off really. Take Gigas for example: a story that is dystopian and science fiction. I'm hoping I can make it exactly as good or better than what I have in mind, because I can imagine these giant humanoids and answer all the questions that come with them. Finding out how they are made will make you have in shock and awe!

In conclusion, I'm hoping you love my stories as much as I do!

Andrew Frederick
Andrew Frederick
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