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Amber Escaping Reality

by Angel Pagan 2 years ago in fantasy
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Chapter 9&10/ Author:Angel Pagan

Chapter 9

I sat down and this is what happen. He ask, How are you doing? I told him better now than before.He asked me ,How am I dealing with the different memories? I told him I was freaked out. That I did not know which one was real and which was fake.He told me that all of them are real according to who death it is.If you notice there is something different about you in each memory.Hair color,eyes,wing color and more. In one of them you never had wings. They are all real according to the person. I had to ask him if all of them were me then. He answer yes and no,you all come from different areas.Now I was really confused ,I didn't know how to reply. He told me that the hospital room was my final breath. That I got injured, my spirit enter into other dead soldiers and I lived has them. The only thing I saw them as me,I still have their memories.

Each time I jumped into a body trying to find mines ,I ended up in somebody that I knew. The person who I thought that died in battle wasn't Giance ,it was Henry. You were taken away,Your spirit left your body and enter her quickly. The one you thought was your aunt ,was not your aunt it was hers.You felt the torture and it was done to you but her at the same time. Do you see what I am telling you here.Your life of your parents being alive. Same story,every person you jumped into had something in common with you.Good news is Giance is still alive. Its been five months now since you been in a coma. You have spent time walking around but now comes the worst news you can get. There is one exit door. The way to get to it is simple yet hard to relive. You have to find the memory of the last battle you were in. You have to enter and relive it step by step.Once you died in there you will return back ,but with no memory of who you are.

Now if you stay here, after you go through the last door,you will not return to exist on the seventh realm, or on earth or on any other location. You will sent to a land with no moon,no sun. Fire will be your light,but it is not hell. You will have to wonder the location until we decide what to do with you. Where will you go,who will you be and location. By then you will have memory of this life but only for the first ten years. It is your choice,this might take from three thousands years to ten thousands years. Like mention before, you choose. Search for the door and have no memory or live alone ,for what seem to be eternity.

The chair moved backed and the door closed right in front of me. Wait a minute he never told me his name. At Least he was helpful,with the answer. But I am still wondering how did it all happen and how I didn't notice. I saw me, not them. How many times did it happened,because they are doors I still haven't gone through them at all.I start to walk and notice I have around two hundred doors in front of me.I keep walking and start to notice names I don't recognize. Door by door,Elizabeth, Ashley, Jack,Cindy. Graduation,birth of grandchildren's, first book,Indiana. So many names and locations.Like what or where is Indiana,that as to be earth.Four more months passed by and I finally found the door.

I brace myself for what is about to come. I am ready for the battle. I don't remember it much and it scares me. I never saw how I died in the first place so how is that going to be. Do I really want to do this? Should I just wonder around and just stay here.I sit down for a second to remember all the memories with Giance. Wait is he still there waiting for me. I miss him, I miss his touch,his hands ,his hugs. He is so far away and yet so close,so near.Come on Amber open the door,no memory is better than staying here.If he is waiting ,then he will win you over like the first time. If he is not, then it is like if you were to remember he supposed to be there.

Chapter 10

I open the door and a big flash brings me in.The door disappear from behind me and it is like I was in the field again.But I don't see me cause this time I am me.I walk towards the troop and say:

Today some of you battle for the first time.

I was planning to say another speech but I will change it from what I said last time.

Today we battle for order, for royalty for a new start.

A new beginning for you and me.

Through this whole time I have learned that life takes turns.

Sometimes we land in areas and location where we get lost.

This battle is for all those moments, for all the new ones to.

To the one battling for the first time and for the others that have been here before.

Do this for your children,do this for their future.

Let’s bring this home.

Are you with me!


Has we ran out to the battle, I held my sword! I closed my eyes and said I can't go back now anymore.I started to run, and hit the first guy in my path. His hand came off, and he dropped a bomb .I took flight and escape the explosions. I landed on the ground and cut off the head of the person standing in front of me. I started to get filled with rage as my eyes turn red. With one swoop I cut the arm of the guy behind me.As I turned my sword came out and stabbed the stomach of the guy next to me. I started to run and as I took flight and went down my sword flash.The sun had hit it and in the process I had cut someone in half. A gold chain wrapped around my ankle. I screamed for a second and then chopped the hand that had the chain.

With one swoop the guy try to get back at me, but my sword went through his heart.I heard a scream from the background. When I looked it was a valian who got their leg cut off. I saw a copper chain on the floor and wrapped it around his neck and my sword penetrated his chest. I wrapped the chain around my hand and kept running through the field. All you saw was sparks and blood. It started to run and the ground became muddy. This was a bonus for the valian since it helped increase their fighting skills. For the next hour you just saw mud, blood ,death and sparks. Just swords and chain being swooped around in the field.

For a second everything paused and it was like I could see everything. My hand went in a back motion and stabbed the guy that was running to me. I lifted him with the word. I took the chain and wrapped it around his neck. I took flight in the air and just stayed there. I saw him starting to spit out blood, blood came out of his eyes. I made the sword go in deeper than before.I took my sword out and as I dropped him, I came down. Hit after hit my rage increased. I was angry ,I was frustrated, I was scared. This is a battle of my youth, my people.I kept going down at high speed and cut three heads in one swoop. My eyes from red turn pure black.The rain stopped and I could see my people dying slowly. I started taking the injured to a safe location as I kept fighting.

Since it rained you could not see the bombs under the mud. A group of five valians stepped on one by accident. All I saw was them go in the air but not like valians anymore. I took flight and from the top I screamed, Take your swords, remember you die being heroes today!You die strong! You die to give your family safe! You fight to keep your future alive for one more day! So fight , take charge! We are rossens ,we are valians! WE ARE ROSSENS, WE ARE VALIANS!

They started to scream for my father,for my mother.For my kids ,for my dreams,for my future.For the next hour it just all increased. I don't remember the battle being this long. Yet I don't remember being so angry in this battle.

Another hour pass,up to now I have cut off nine heads. Fourteen arms,twenty five hands. ten legs. I have strangled around twenty one warriors with my chain.As the sun looks like it is about to set, you can hear a horn being blown far away. The enemies are retreating. They blow a second horn declaring defeat. They blow the third horn declaring you won. Take our land it's yours.We look around and we see how many died ,who was injured. so much youths on the ground. As we start doing the body count I saw a stranger from the other camp in ours. I thought nothing of it and kept walking not paying attention to what he was doing.

We finish the body count,we eat and most of us set for bed. I have second watch so I sleep for while then I wake up. As I stand watch I feel a gold sword pierce through my back. It comes out of my chest. The person takes the sword out and turns me around.Before I can even react a gold dagger is plunged into my lung. I fall to the floor and all I see and feel is stab after stab.He takes me and turns me around. He slowly cuts one wing off and then the other. He slowly proceeds after to stab me on my waist. Has he takes the sword and just cuts it in half right out of the middle. I screamed out in agony ,as the others heard it and came out. Three of my men jumped up and held him tight. I yelled help me up! I took my sword and cut his head right off. no mercy no love, no forgiveness. I collapse after that to the ground. My vision went blurry, the pain was bad but I been through worst. Every breath hurts. Im starting to get dizzy and everything just turned dark.

I land in a room and there is only door. The same guy is there from before. He ask me, Are you ready? I told him yes and no. He said, I think you are! Once you go through this door, you will leave your mind and return back to your body. You won't remember who you are or nothing.

I grab the door knob and tell him ,thank you! I open the door and a white light flashed before my eyes. I walked through the door and open my eyes. I saw a window to my left. I felt a tube down my throat. I saw the iv being put into my veins. On my right I saw a doctor, I blinked my eyes twice. On the bottom of my bed I see a guy I don't know. He is cryings and keep saying she is alive. He gets close but I flinched, I try to pull away. He looks at the doctors and says ,what is wrong with her doctor? The doctor looks at my and say ,blink if you know your name. I just stare at him,then he says blink twice if you don't know how you look like or your name or who he is.I blinked twice and he looked at the guy and said she has no memory. I don't know if this is permanent or not.The guy looks at me and say I am Giance, I am your fiance.


About the author

Angel Pagan

I am a novice at writing ,but a passion of mine it is. It drives me to better myself,to help others and to make you have a laugh. I am in my late 20's,driven and I love to work. I love to play my instruments and learn new languages.

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