Always Tell Aliens You are the Supreme Leader

If you ever encounter aliens, tell them you are the supreme leader and demand changes in our world!

Always Tell Aliens You are the Supreme Leader

If I was approached by aliens in the middle of nowhere and asked me who the leader of the world was, I would definitely say it’s me. Yes, I would tell aliens that I am the leader of the world and that I was overthrown by our current government, along with all the other governments in the world. Of course, my story would be quite compelling.

Then, I would get the aliens to lend me their forces, by telling them that the current leaders of the world are a bunch of oppressors, which would not be very hard to prove. With the forces lent from the aliens, I would take over the world. Of course, once the chaos was over, I would bring peace and restore order throughout the world with my new friends. Everyone would have a free health plan, equal rights, food, a nice car, a home, etc.

As far as taking over and what method to use, that would be something that I would have really be careful with. I could easily have all the world leaders, who are just terrible at leading and establishing a good planet to live in, assassinated. However, that would make me a murderer. Many of these corrupt leaders have families and such. It would tear me apart.

Maybe, I would use the Aliens’ armies to intimidate and get these corrupt leaders to go straight. Perhaps have them arrested or something. Put them through a trial. Something better than death. This would be better because I would not want soldiers to lose their lives as well.

In the end, I would use some force to change the world for the better. I would have to because in making a good omelet one must break a few eggs, right? I guess the death of certain people would be inevitable. Still, I would have to keep it to a minimal number. The outcome would be great though. I would definitely get rid of corporations that ruin our planet and replace them with new environment safe technology.

I know this sounds a little like a kids' tale, but you know what I mean. This seems to be the only way to have a new world order, because here, on this planet, we have a bunch of old fools who are corrupted by greed and power! These old fools have created circles in which only they get to rule. It’s been the same for centuries and it will remain the same.

Not that aliens would not know who is in charge of this planet already, I would take that chance if asked anyway. Seriously, good changes can never happen here on earth unless these evil circles that have become the elite in this world are taken down. What else is there to count on?

The other is a revolution, but that is out of the question, or is it? Would enough people want to join the cause to make our world a better place to live? Sure, we are not living in such despair yet, but we are destroying the world. This has to stop! So, if you ever get encountered by aliens, just tell them you are the supreme leader. If they don’t believe you, just embellish your story.

Remember, we live in a world full of brainwashed idiots who follow a life program to establish happiness. This program has been designed by the elite who deter us from reaching their level of knowledge and success. They rule with a brutal force known by establishing what they think are the conventions of life, and it must stop. We must not be afraid and take this machine down.

It would not be bad if an alien army was around for us to use. The human race needs this badly! The ways of life have been diverged somehow a long time ago to fit the needs of those who rule. So, let’s be ready to take this shit down! Seriously people. Stop being cowards! Don’t forget to get aliens on your side!

Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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