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All About Scorpios

by Anne & Anamesa 2 years ago in astronomy

The most intense sign of the zodiac

Scorpios are a water sign, ruled by Pluto and Mars. They are known to be assertive, dominant, and passionate people. Scorpios will search high and low to find the truth about things or to piece things together. They make great leaders, and are also extremely resourceful. Scorpios love to experience and express their emotions, but they manifest this much differently than the other water signs. Scorpios are also great secret keepers, and make for loyal partners and friends. They are known for being the most sensual sign, and often have a sultry aura to them. Because Pluto rules Scorpio, their demeanor is rather calm and collected. However, any Scorpio is also known to have a mysterious side to them.

Scorpios are brave, often mature beyond their age and are dedicated workers. They do have a jealous and possessive side, and tend to be weary of trusting people. Scorpios pride themselves in their respect for other people, but expect the same respect in return. Scorpios often transform themselves, and are always digging for the deeper meaning of things. This contributes to their already magnetic personality, which will keep anyone wondering about them.

Being the eighth sign in the zodiac, Scorpio rules over the Eighth House of Intimacy. This represents the things that Scorpios share deeply with others—secrets, values, beliefs, and even physical intimacy. Scorpios do not appreciate surface level relationships.

Scorpios born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp are known to be born on the cusp of drama and criticism. Ruled by Venus and Pluto, they are powerful, intellectual, flamboyant and sensual. Ego can be a problem for these Scorpios, mostly because they have cool judgement. They are big dreamers, but often carry an attitude of “my way or the highway.” It is recommended that these Scorpios work within fields with harness their passion and determination, and is recommending to work in health care, social work, or education. Libra-cusp Scorpios have big, dramatic personalities that not everyone can handle. Their greatest struggle is to balance their mental power and deeply emotional side. They have great insight, passion and strength that will take them far in life.

Scorpios born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp (November 18 to 24) are incredibly strong and powerful people by nature. This is considered the “Cusp of Revolution,” making them passionate, capable, and sturdy in their beliefs. They are influenced by Pluto and Jupiter, which allows these Scorpios to right their wrongs while embracing their personal power. The Jupiter ruling adds optimism to these Scorpios way of thinking. They exude compassion and kindness, and are incredibly generous to those they care about. They are action oriented people who are always willing to lead the pack. However, these Scorpios can be on the wild and rebellious side. This is a factor that contributes to the intimidating vibe Scorpios give off. These Scorpios aren’t afraid to speak their minds and stand their ground. They don’t hold great relationships (if any) with people who shy away from their personality. Sometimes they can mix up their ambition with aggression.

Overall, Scorpios have the strongest compatability with other Scorpios, Taurus, and Cancers.

Other facts about Scorpios:

  1. Scorpios consider bluntness an attractive attribute and find it a necessary component of trust.
  2. Scorpios will not change who they are or how they go about things for any reason.
  3. They can be very subtle and sneaky.
  4. They are very private people. It helps that they are amazing at keeping secrets. If there is something they don't want you to know about, you probably never will.
  5. Scorpios are extremely loyal, and are known to go out of their way to help people in need.
  6. They are extremely mysterious (mostly because they are so private) but this is what draws people to them. Scorpios are like magnets to everyone around them.
  7. Scorpios make strong leaders.
  8. They will give you everything they can and never expect anything in return. When they are the ones to receive, they are always appreciative and never forget what others do for them.
  9. Scorpios often enjoy the chase more than the conquest, and lose interest pretty quickly.
  10. They are known for their extremely sarcastic sense of humor


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