Aliens or Future Humans?

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Aliens are our future.

Aliens or Future Humans?

For centuries, man has wondered about life on other planets and beyond our solar system. Maybe the life on other planets is not the issue but the life on our own is.

Theory: What we deem aliens are merely humans from the future of Earth.

Basis: Spaceships as we know them are actually time machines. The creatures contained within them are scientists sent back to study us as anthropological specimens.


  1. The only contact has been with select individuals, not large groups. Physical exams are performed. There is no real harm done. Our present world is not altered so there are no repercussions on the future.
  2. There are limited numbers of ships and beings. This supports the idea that they are elite scientists (much like our astronauts). They do not arrive in large numbers or in highly populated areas as to not arouse too much curiosity. In this way, their research may be completed and the information taken back to study without much disturbance.
  3. In much the same manner as we excavate bones of cavemen, these scientists of the future have found a means to study their own past through looking at the people who were here before them.
  4. At the rate of development of mankind, from cavemen to Middle Ages to present day, we have seen the human form change in size and stature. With the current rate of interracial marriages and multiethnic births, it is conceivable that in the future, humans will be of a neutral color (i.e. grey).
  5. A being from another planet would not likely be able to breathe in our atmosphere. Reports of sightings do not include any sort of breathing equipment. There also seems to be little or no fear of germs or disease. It is almost as if they know that they have developed an immunity or cure to combat any of our harmful diseases. Being futuristic humans, this is likely as the same rate of progression much like present day humans have developed to a level where we no longer die in mass numbers from basic illnesses. We have also found ways to combat polio, measles, and tuberculosis. The flu no longer kills in the numbers it did in the past.
  6. If there is any sort of technical malfunction of the machine, illness, or death of a scientist during one of these research trips, it has been prearranged that the equipment and personnel may retreat to one of several military compounds. This provides them with a secluded and protected area in which to repair and recover. Our current government denies any of this as an easier way to deter discovery. If we learned that there was a way to access the future, there is the risk of terrorism, high-jacking, or anything else that may alter our present world and thus alter the future, perhaps with dire consequences.
  7. These research trips must be secretive in order to maintain our present society. Many religious beliefs could seriously be affected if we learn of ourselves in the future. This could be detrimental to a society that is socially structured upon a religious basis.


The space time continuum has fascinated mankind for centuries. H.G. Wells wrote of time machines. (He also wrote of submarines before their time suggesting he knew of time travel personally). Other predictions have been made. Many scientists have studied how time exists and how to surpass those barriers. At the current rate of study, we will be able to time travel in the future. Then, we will be able to look at ourselves. It is only a matter of time.

Traci E.
Traci E.
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