Alex The Inventor-Chapter 14 (Pt. 2)

Book 1 of an Illustrated Sci-Fi Trilogy

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 14 (Pt. 2)

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Chapter 14 (Part 2) - Time Fizz and Miss Vee...

Teresa Vasquez waited for as long as she dared, allowing John Faraway time to tell Alex his story and pass on to him everything that had happened to him all those years. Time was running out though and she gave him fair warning.John finished, then said farewell to her and wished her good luck. He, of all people, knew how uncertain the future was going to be. Teresa wished John all the best wherever he was , then took the archive-disc and hurried away.A particularly hard jolt from the twelve tunneling Flies rocked the floor and caused Teresa to stumble against the safety rail which circled a small area in the center of the bubble-room. It was the area where the State-Shift Coils spiraled down from the ceiling, to a point three feet above the floor.Teresa picked herself up with a scared little cry, staring up at the coils and recalling as though it was just yesterday, that terrible night twelve years ago. The night of the lift-off with John, when their spaceship also trembled as the Flies attacked and Teresa stumbled and fell into the energized mist of the "Time-Fizz" cloud.When that happened, Teresa was dealt an unfair hand by fate and the exotic physics of state-shifted space-time.

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G.F. Brynn

G. F. Brynn is a self-taught writer & illustrator whose sci-fi stories weave a rich blend of youthful adventurism with ancient myth-fantasy. The characters move in a world in which the divide between dream and reality is thinly shaded.

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