Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12 (Pt.2)

Book 1 of an Illustrated Sci-Fi Trilogy

Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12 (Pt.2)
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Chapter 12 (Part 2) The Secret Nobility of Miss Vee...

"Dart...oh, Dart", Alex breathed and his heart went out to the poor injured creature. Dart stopped where he was and cocked his head up at Alex as if to say, "I've got a little problem here, do you think you can help me out, kid?"Alex knelt down and patted his ever-present companion on his soccer-ball head which now had a horrible black burn mark slashing up and down on one side and some damage to his right eye. Part of his right foreleg was missing too and his usually bright chrome skin was pock-marked with the black soot of laser burns. The long, elegant rainbow wings had sustained several holes and tears as well and Dart looked like an over-sized moth that had flown too close to a fire. The pounding he took to defend Alex back at his house must have been terrible.

"He is not very smart or careful sometimes", said Rainah quietly as she caught up with him. There was an affectionate tone in her voice though, which Alex felt good about.

"Well, I'm glad he's not so smart or I wouldn't be here right now", he answered as he felt over the robots blackened body for more damage. Dart tensed or shied away sometimes, when a tender spot was touched.As he leaned in closer, Alex felt the now familiar warmth of the shape-changing Luss in his faded coverall pocket as it seemed to anticipate that its help was needed again. The desire to care for Dart's wounds took Alex's mind off his own anxieties and the need to be doing something healing with his hands was a blessed distraction for him.He set to work on Dart's head and eyes which seemed to need the most attention. Dart flinched as Alex held his head and brought the amazing little device up close to his injured eye.Without prompting, a needle-thin replicating tool slid out of the shaft and performed delicate repairs on the robot's compound eye. By analyzing and then replicating the undamaged lenses of Dart’s insect eye, the amazing tool was able to replace the damaged lenses, one-by-one.A relaxed pinkish glow returned to the Dragonfly’s eyes and he chirruped gratefully to the boy. After that, Rainah helped him bring Dart back into the comforting surroundings of the, "Bubble Room", as she liked to call it, and guided the accident-prone Dragonfly over to a repair bench that he seemed very familiar with.Dart shied away from it at first and hid behind Alex's legs like a dog that sensed that a bath was imminent. "It won't hurt him, will it”, Alex asked as he eyed the intimidating robot repair station with concern.

"Trust me, he won't feel a thing", Rainah answered with a trace of dark humor in her voice. Both children took hold of Dart and carefully lifted him up. The bench was actually part of the curved wall and folded down from a hollow recess to the left of the main doorway, between it and the large sphere that Alex had been wondering about earlier.As it turned out, the workbench, itself was a wonder of the latest Nano-robotic technology as sensors on its surface recognized Dart's physical form then suddenly took hold of the little robot in a rather undignified manner.

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G.F. Brynn
G.F. Brynn
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