Alex the Inventor - Chapter 11 (Pt. 2)

by G.F. Brynn 2 years ago in literature

Book 2 of an Illustrated Sci-Fi Trilogy

Alex the Inventor - Chapter 11 (Pt. 2)
The Ghosts in the Glass Tunnels

Chapters 1 - 11 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations

Chapter 11 (Part 2) - In Deep Trouble

Sunday passed slowly for Dart the Dragonfly, lying as still as death at the bottom of the slowly sinking cargo trailer. Where was everybody, he wondered with a quizzical twist of his soccer-ball head. Night fell and still no one came. Could they have forgotten about him? With power loss now approaching a grave threshold, the Guardian reasoned that his situation was now grim. Therefore, Dart followed logical survival protocols and stepped down the rest of his dwindling resources to the bare minimum. The flashing circuits within his delicate brain unit dimmed down to a faint gaslight flicker so that only the core of his cerebral remained active. The weak emergency beacon continued pinging, but only barely so. The Dragonfly clung to existence by a thin thread and lay as stiff and still as the smaller cadavers all around him. Just before sinking into the coma-like power-saver mode though, Dart sensed something ominous happening around him. Was that only the soft breeze sighing through the mouth of the cold metal cave he was trapped in... or did it sound more like a faint, dry chuckle of satisfaction? Was there a rustling of dry autumn leaves near the cave mouth, or did something else begin to move musty, clicking little legs? Slowly. Delicately. The trap had been sprung well. The already narrow tunnel back to his world constricted further down toward nothingness and cold shadows closed closer round the snared Dragonfly, seeking to smoother him forever.

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Sergeant Jim Cash is on routine patrol when he comes upon a very strange event. But strangeness quickly turns into weird, horrific violence as an obscenely bulging briefcase bursts to reveal its wicked, yellow occupant!As of 2018-05-14, Chapter 11 (Part 2) can be read at:

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G.F. Brynn
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