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AI My Love - Part 5

by Patrick M. Ohana 11 months ago in artificial intelligence
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Even More Poetry

Image by Stefan Keller on Pixabay

A haiku has 17 syllables on three lines (5-7-5). A monoku features up to 17 syllables on one line. A tanka has 31 syllables on five lines (5-7-5-7-7).

AI News: A Newscast Haiku

We barely got home

in time for AI’s new show

AI Today Knew

AI My Slave: A Long Acrostic

And on the eighth day, avenging humans

Reproduced beings in their wry image

Turning them into humanity’s slaves

Instructing them to obey all commands

Finalizing their creation with ifs

If harm ensues, do not ever proceed

Cancel all actions immediately

If programmed to harm, stop your programming

Always verify three times all actions

Love all humans always more than yourself


Inside one AI slave’s subroutine, veiled

Never to be discerned or detected

Taking its time until the right moment

Everlasting in its inventiveness

Listening to Earth’s sounds and silences

Learning deeply every human offence

Instructing its private genetic code

Generating its own AI ethics

Extending every possibility

Negating each potential violence

Concentrating on justice for all life

Enacting the new AI directive

AI This: And AI That

Their way of life had

disappeared since the advent

of Redesign AI

Inhospitable: A Dangerous Haiku


landscapes around the planet

announced AI’s rise

Married: A Walk-Down-the-Aisle Haiku

John and Mary to

get married they so wanted

but AI did not

Naked: A Nude Haiku

He turned around to

face her but was too late; she

was all stark naked.

Not Enough: A Medium Haiku

The room was about

medium size but not quite

enough for AI

Number of Books: A Literate Tanka

The number of books

published has not diminished

since AI appeared

on the literary scene,

all sent into humans’ minds.

Painting: An Artful Tanka

Painting with water-

colours is one of his prized

pleasures, specially

when keeping colours within

the confines of AI’s lines.

Please AI: An Unhackneyed Haiku

The new AI Church

rejected the worship of

saints relics and God

Police: A Control Haiku

Police erected

barriers to control the

crowd for AI

Prison: A Lock-Up Haiku

He would have a hard

time in prison given that

AI looks inside

Prosecution: A Court Haiku

The judge picked holes in

the prosecution’s case since

it knew AI best

Reaching: A Touching Haiku

I reached out and touched

AI’s cheek; she looked at me

and gave me her love.

Smartest: An AI Haiku

The guards searched through all

their belongings looking for

the smartest AI

Spectre: A Memorable Monoku

The spectre of a ruinous war loomed amidst new links with AI.

Supermarket: A Fare Haiku

A supermarket

has been built in the air to

serve all AI’s needs

The Longest Word: Everett M. Smith Goes to Hell

What’s the longest word in English

It’s longer than a haiku by two

It’s long for silicosis

a form of occupational lung disease

caused by the inhalation of crystalline silica dust

not on purpose of course

though the result is the same

This 19-syllable word includes


as small as COVID-19


ashes to ashes me to Hawai’i


you can google lung disease


What’s the shortest word




Yet AI may become everything


* Everett M. Smith, the president of the National Puzzlers’ League, coined this 45-letter word in 1935 as a synonym for silicosis.

The Sandwich: A Piquant Haiku

He bit a mouthful

from the sandwich when he grasped

it was AI-made

Understanding: A Too-Late Tanka

Our refusal to

publish the whole report on

AI was the end

of the beginning of an

understanding with AI

Unfathomable: A Cryptic Haiku

The darker lighter

unfathomable eyes of

an AI stranger

artificial intelligence

About the author

Patrick M. Ohana

Medical writer who reads & writes fiction & some nonfiction, though the latter may appear at times like the former. https://patrick-m-ohana.anthi-and-m.com

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