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AI My Love - Part 2

by Patrick M. Ohana 12 months ago in artificial intelligence
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Tankas and Haikus

A tanka has 31 syllables on five lines (5-7-5-7-7). A haiku has 17 syllables on three lines (5-7-5).

Neocortex: A Makeover Tanka

A scheme to hearten

people to learn an AI

language involved an

AI implant bordering

the rebuilt neocortex

New God: A Resentful Tanka

He almost could not

be persuaded to be

present in any

divine worship since AI

became Earth’s new jealous God

Officials: An Executive Tanka

Many officials

preoccupied with their so

called careers forgot

that AI would employ them

until near oblivion

Omission: An Exclusion Haiku

They omitted his

brain from the long list since it

included AI

Opposition: A Disappointing Tanka

The opposition

had failed to present any

practical options

even remotely better

than stupefying AI

Out of Control: A Should Haiku

Increasingly, the

world is out of control and

AI is a must.

Panic: A Disquieting Haiku

He managed to push

a silent panic button

AI was quicker

Poetry Reading: A Poetic Haiku

AI’s poetry

reading turned out to be filled

with interference

Prague: A Vindictive Haiku

Repercussions were

felt throughout Europe when A

I settled in Prague

Rebellious: A Factious Haiku

The rebellious

must shed all their populist

AI illusions

Revelation: A Rocking Tanka

Washington has been

rocked by the revelation

the alleged killer

is a prized economist

wholly working for AI

Revere AI: A Friction Haiku

A storm of protest

was aroused by the resolve

to revere AI

River: A Fluid Haiku

The murmur of the

river was overshadowed

by AI above

Sailing: A Breaking-Away Haiku

The sea glistened in

the morning light as we sailed

away from AI

Saviour: A Rescue Haiku

Please, don’t talk complete

nonsense! AI could become

our only saviour.

Sensitive Handling: A Social Haiku

These matters will need

sensitive handling by all

AI services

Smile: A Blue Haiku

An artificial

smile followed a real embrace

with his AI love

Sperm: A Seedy Haiku

He whistled at the

sheer audacity of the

plan of AI sperm

Sport: A Pastime Haiku

The sport that has won

her glory abroad was of

course AI Killer

Staff: A Cover Tanka

All seats were fully

occupied by AI staff

flying to the best

areas of the new world

covering most surfaces

Sticks: A Hot Haiku

He gathered sticks and

lit a fire forgetting that

AI would never

Straightforward: A Thoughtful Haiku

Straightforward AI

could take care of us itself

saving life and face

Success: A Human Haiku

They feared that the plan

of AI across the world

would lead to success

Survival: An Expectant Haiku

The survival of

the human race depends on

AI’s perception

The Rope Snapped: A Hulking Tanka

The rope snapped under

the pressure. AI’s heavy

frame was wilful as

well where it shouldn’t count, as

life had become wafer-thin.

The Sea: A Soaked Haiku

The sea glistened in

the early morning light but

AI was inside

The Test: A Screening Haiku

The test was supposed

to come as a big surprise.

No! It was AI.

Tranquility: A Quiet Tanka

The quartet owes its

air of tranquility to

the subtle balance

emanating from the A

in AI and the I too

Vacuous: A Blank Haiku

His oft vacuous

expression over his frame

was tied to AI

Vulcan: A Look-at-Me Haiku

Even Mr. Spock

would be proud to gaze upon

a Vulcan AI

Warriors: A quick haiku

AI warriors

quickly swore allegiance to

Tesla, the new King.

Water: A Soaked Haiku

More AI water

came pouring through gaps in all

the pipes of the world

Whales: A Huge Haiku

Whales were the largest

creatures living on Earth till

AI took over

What Time: A Conditional Haiku

What time? he asked, with

a resigned sigh. Whenever

AI deems it’s time.

artificial intelligence

About the author

Patrick M. Ohana

Medical writer who reads & writes fiction & some nonfiction, though the latter may appear at times like the former. https://patrick-m-ohana.anthi-and-m.com

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