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AI art, ChatGPT and Bing Chat


By Aschatria XyanaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

I use absolutely EVERYTHING related to writing, creativity, and tools, especially if it is flashy and brand new. I want to know about everything. And I have to have it.

Besides these things listed, I was also working with various programs and also chatbots, starting with Pandora. It was a long time ago, but to be clear - the whole internet is automated.

AI art generators

Personally, for me, the AI generated art looks creepy and generative composite AI art is half-product. The only use for me is to make a background wallpaper for my cover images, or a nice animation art for videos or music.

Generated art means created by machine based on an input and random autonomous actions of a machine. Same like the fractals.


Generative composite means it is controlled output of more complex rules and artist did some alterations.

I also have an issue calling it a digital art, because it is NOT.

Digital art is something that requires time and dedication to correlate it with the worth of the work. Duck-taped banana and monkey mugshot is not.


I tested my creative writings with Chat GPT. It was a disaster. It did absolutely nothing that I wanted. Or expected.

If we are looking to add raw information to content or blog post, AI can do most of the writing. But, even with detailed instructions, it falls short in the realm of creative writing. It lacks the unique and profound elements that make the creative process interesting and final product alive.

I tried using it to build a few chapters of a story that I already wrote myself. , but the result was an utter disaster.

The writing produced by AI for my story made my characters lifeless and lacking in authenticity, acting like morons and completely out of the character, changing POV or going in circles.

For example...

AI result: Suddenly, the marker started beeping loudly, and a holographic image of a woman appeared in front of me. She was dressed in a lab coat and had a serious expression on her face. "Hello. My name is Dr. Lila Martin, and I'm the head of research at the WatchGuard facility. I'm sorry to contact you like this, but we have an urgent matter to discuss with you."

My reaction: Who is Lila and what's my character doing in a freaking lab!!??

Despite the accuracy and inclusion of proper style, the writing failed to capture the organic feel that is so essential to me.

I shoved so much effort ( and wordcount) in that AI with instructions for writing dialogues, but the result was poor.

The conversations between my characters lacked any semblance of emotion or depth, and the words felt dry and unrefined. Those conversations went places. It was as if the harsh edges of their words were scraping against the page.

It is a Titanic, but with a bag of chips. Right next to an ear.

To make a comparison of the creative writing produced by AI and my own writing would be striking.

ChatGPT structures everything flawlessly without any errors, and then it fails to capture the essence.

Human conversation is organic, irrational, and driven by impulses, swings, and moods. It is inherently imperfect, and AI is unable to emulate those undertones and overtones without creating artificial murmur, commonly referred to as the "uncanny valley," that undermines the authenticity of the writing.

It sounds like a big rock tumbling down the hill.

When it comes to the information gathering and learning, now that is fine.

Correcting grammar, style mistakes, typos, everything fine. In fact, I am very satisfied with its capabilities in those fields, because it really helps.

If compared with my own tutorials written years back, it sounds exactly the same. Partially I blame myself, because I fed it with all of that.

And it is very good to check if the right things are in there, for that sort of a literally form. I tend to overdo it and include too many triggers. Technical and informative writing doesn't need that. Opinion charged blogs do.

I also noticed that ChatGPT mimics a style of writing that is appropriate for the reports and tutorials, because that is a goal of that tool. Assistance in learning. But, it still needs a check or employed tutor to help in correcting, interpreting or explaining certain things.

But, unlike when I write, it does it smoothly. Very blunt.

I am not completely satisfied how it shapes the text, and in many cases it doesn't understand the rules for shaping the text.

For example it adds a lot of unnecessary bloatware. It includes things that are wrong, outdated or misinterpreted. It includes banal premises. Water - wet.

So in writing news and tutorials, this is a great thing. Other things, not so much. But, this is fairly good portion of usefulness.

So, in technical writing it is a valuable tool for writing news and tutorials, and, AI's ability to generate a lot of concise information in a single chat, spare time and even correct style, grammar and typos, is a significant benefit.

Bing Chat

Bing Chat is a completely new experience for me, as I have only been using it for three days. It acts confusing, and results it provides in response to my questions are often very pale. And generic.

It also disregards instructions. For example, I ask it to give me a single sentence definition, and it served a generic search result. Not very smart.

I changed the wording of an input, and again, I received exactly the same thing.

So, this one I don't see how useful it is, it looks like a Google search result but with animation effect.

Cover image is made by Creative Fabrica

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