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A Switch in Time!

A Journey into a Multiverse Portal

By Madhu Goteti Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 14 min read

A Switch in Time : A Journey into a Multiverse Portal!

We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin and a touch of felicity melted upon us, all of a sudden.

In that one moment,a boundless view opened and it invited us into something, unusual and totally unimaginable. There stood in front of us, a portal —an imagery before our eyes and the peculiarities of that vision made us swoon into deep sleep. Apparently, an unexpected happening came unsought and our souls picked up it’s quick conception.

Earlier , a few moments ago, we were just hoping to be swept away, momentarily; forsaking our former city life, to some adventure into the woods. Our longings were making us venture into some deep silence and solitude. And amidst those icy cliffs we were hoping to find a promising retreat. But, through those valleys and it’s onward sweepings, we were being taken elsewhere. We were on a road far more away; higher and higher, into an elevation, unknown to many,but by all means, slumbered into those fairest forms of nature, scattered within.

Speaking to our hearts was this mystery unfolding ; gradually and fully well, breathing over gales of unexpected things. Thunder fell as we exulted into the unknown void. Leaping milky waves of foam, far more than expected, spreading across our windshield. An orb of light moved into our senses. It felt as if the eternal gates had lifted and we were being induced into an apocalyptic splendor.

A land where mossy banks and blooms spangled in the spring, but now, to the eye, everything seemed suddenly hidden under the white carpeted surroundings.

As we observed the sublime beauty of nature , we soon realized how quickly it could change,and make us feel, just the opposite. All our great inclinations suddenly turned feeble as those quaint scenes switched into a thunderous storm with turrets uplifting us into quivering fields. Mountains seemed moving upwards into the clouds,as if, flinging foaming emptiness and void to sink into earth.

In a moment everything seemed blended into one . Light, simplicity, elevation and profundity, all merged and there was no horizon whispering either crimson shades or twilight tranquillity anywhere over the slumbering seas.

All of a sudden , we were held by this twosome toil of laboring along a prolonged run. Everything was unfolding into a winding path of no returns.In all of that, our twoness was vanishing vaguely—the sensation was merging into an amalgam of one.

The quasi in such a context was noticeable on every front. But, in some connected sense, history was leading us into it’s ghastliest personage of lineament. Our presence was ceasing into an absence—marked in a faceless countenance.Quite literally, the scene was breathtaking to discern.

Our paths were lain across in a grand repose, so much so, held over a headless void, and sallied forth.

On every turn, a miasmic glum was enveloping us. We were stuck together on this baffling road, where nothing c’d ever be held together as cogently close nor flung away as far thrown.

So on and so forth, totally engulfed, unsupported and magically suspended over this mysterious and luminous reality, we were emerging afloat over some distantly remote end.

Everything was gradually warping under this clunky iron-clad roof of our car that was slowly sailing off towards an eternal spin. Here, time had no meaning ! We were tunneling thro’ it .

There were lightening sweeps blasting right outside our window panes. And when looked upon, they were boundlessly scattering electricity and flashy currents in all directions.

Across those fields : apparently, many people were found to be paying premature tributes to this land of “oblivion.” Over those lucid moments, people were amassing so many joyless days and so many sleepless nights quite at once.

In succession, we were all passing thro’ the entry doors of a A-framed log-cabin at first , and then, climbing aboard unto an elusiveness that was heading towards some unknown direction. It was ,as though, all were crossing over to the other side of the living world; a new dimensional shift to face an ominous journey,’quite difficult to construe upfront.

But, in actuality, people were stepping into a place, marked by an “observers chimera,” wherein, experiencing everything was like tying sand-ropes down into seeping imagination.

It was an unexplainable phenomena which seemed like sensing paradise in everything,and then in continuation, faring thro’ wildernesses. It was like everyone was being led into an unexpected accession.

Dispatched so, from the ordinances of humanity and going into a passage where with, all were allied into one flowing stream of concatenation.

In another sense, everyone was being doled out whereby, none seemed real, yet, everything was common in terms of the chilling ways in which humanity was being casted off and burnt. A worst massacre had quite unimaginably befallen. It was year 10,191 AD

Luminously unbound, and invariably exuding smiles of that marvelous sun ; with each one jaw dropping to watch what they were to ultimately become ; a beam or a bubble, reared to perpetuate into ruins of that otherworldly shunt. Some said : “ we are headed to Mars.” But I, somehow felt that there was more to it than these after fields. A multiverse in accents of parting years was to follow as in successive appeals. And, all that everlasting mission,was happening in an orderly fashion and we were one among them; that colossal glum morphing into one ☝️

Our whole bodies—(souls , minds and spirits, ) from here as distinct matter, to there —in a fuliginous form ; dismally congregating into heaps of supposed junk, and then, disappearing into a “bleary gone.” We were much like instantly consumed in the locality of marginal things and vanishing into the perpetual extinction of no form. There was no return.

Yet busily, with the hope of a new world to come, some of us had our senses fully turned on while some others, held their minds outstretched , as though to welcome every new person who was being befooled into such a situation. We were like beams running into cold darkness and then whisked into transparent lightness to be subjected into some sort of the “melancholic spun.” It was a providence, afloat, at first, over —riding spells of dungeons, but, ultimately, all was leading into a sober-ish sense of an alighted journey that was unbound over celestial turns.

And, in all this, unawares, we were perched upon some winged lunge; more so, like merely seated upon our bosoms, and twirling around in whirligigs, to humbly meet endearing heartiness, all at once.

And that was a hopeful retreat that was —‘somewhere to become our elemental ………sojourn !

But, on sight,meandering through such torrents, something was infecting every soul, very deep in succession. One by one, our seats spun around in nautical speeds and within minutes, everything was consumed in a blazoning crimson 🔥 burn.

“Swirly whip, Swoosh,” —Ah! I squelched, totally mystified by the wonder of not knowing what would happen next in the subsequent churn.

And within all this, from dawn to dusk, some people were gallantly grunting to seek their seats upon the adjacent fronts. Aligned to such single hyper-baronial journey that was disembarking none but was leading up to a different point on the other end of the universe. In ways, it was a contraption unraveling in mystical leads of a black hole 🕳 that we were about to confront. Yes, we were at the edge of an event horizon. A voyage —whereof, our car had overturned into that “other worldly,” visitation. Everything was descending into a peculiar inferno, seething and boiling from the bottom and we had fallen prey to this worst human experiment devised by the worst of men.

It was a sort of radical reductionism with large scale consequences of planetary evolution taking it’s effect. History was becoming indeterminate and people were offering themselves to preserve their casual status at quantum phenomena. A radical change had been mobilized where continuity of life forms and determinism of it’s existence was actually coming into question. The portal was a sort of transducer where connection with the alternate realities was actually possible. Perfect unity of experience was standing at the threshold of humanity’s evolution. Not so surprisingly, in parallel, the mind and it’s alternates were also superimposing over reality. Yet in a way it felt like earth was dropping itself into a black hole and consciously resurrecting itself to carve a niche in the cosmos.

Falling deeply into this paradigmatic shift a time or two, a lovable cherubic child w’d climb the path in an anticipation of a newly discovered opportunity to have fun. And forthwith, sometimes, patterns of families w’d hurdle together in turns; quickly making their way in and out, as though they were readily offering themselves to the glory of mankind’s evolution. Following which, a dead vast was about to be borne over those fleeting moments. An array of passing redundancies slowly crept into silence. Unyieldingly, a dingy darkness prevailed for a long long time and it showed no signs of halting until the next moment’s bleaker sun showed up to meet the horizon.

All in all, with all timelessness melded together, one beside the other, we were embodying sheer transcendence —that oneness of spirit completely slung over fortunes arrows, ‘totally outrunning us onto those higher grounds.

Strangely,as nothing like the image nor any estrangement could dictate, yet faintly, everything was exuding a thousand natural shocks, crossing over in electrical fleets, devoid of any voltaic thrills.

We were transformed! Our visages were consumed and perhaps, in such an antithesis that the surroundings suddenly turned swankily garish and somberly brilliant. Like geodesic domes spreading all across those glistening scenes, everything seemed mind bogglingly magnificent. There was a flashy spillage across the blazing skies with the hooded crests of the cosmic melds in a miasmic glum. Now, everything was finally bent wherein, all the three realms ( heaven , earth and skies) naturally merged and the roads took the ultimate avalanches to progression. Again , it was like a thought teased by a fuzzy emotion and roaming in those mansions of commotion and we were in another dimension!

But even though , the finality of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust , “ had just arrived and the scathe of total annulment was yet to return, people were watching,equally mesmerized as to what was left —out there, to see,feel , believe or even learn.

Gradually this predicament unleashed the mortal struggles of the brains and spiked it to a pretense which was headed in a totally different direction. A sort of a tangent to explore the sheer nature of relationships and existence ; one that was subjected to the circumstance of the concurrent (Current 🌎 World)

The scene was ,as though, a hurrying bustle of friends and families meeting after a long awaited time. And in those muffled conversations— duly devised, their voices were changing to something never heard of nor marked by anything concise in meaning. Doing more than usual and hanging in as deceased, their windpipe’s churned ,as though, our final demise was being run along a dirge-ridden grief, sung out loud in a rushed wrung.

Letting it all go and pricking away at the departing souls, the trampling rooftop hoofs the sleighing bells,all lay aside in heaps. The chiming bells 🔔borrowed most sorrows, and gravely rang —adieus and final goodbyes. The thief of time was exploding into this infinite voluminous blob of matter and dismissing all in a flippant bleak.

The enveloping sound of silence was remarkable. No man —could have nearly imagined that every turn w’d lead into such a miasmic trifle of a matter in minutes . It was, as though, mankind was facing a striking novelty which essentially felt startlingly wrong outright. Deceitfully , going forth was this frolicking fun shunted to the feet of a distant run ,and eventually, it’s countenance ,came forth, in a dungeon. Yet it was a siege that was burning that phenomenal world ,and if , the right implications c’d be applied to the ‘wistful words— everything was creaking to an elegiac poise…whereupon, clustered congeries, fumbled in frenzies, were about to get destroyed in the ferocious furies of infernal burns.Seemingly, the uses of the usual world was passing alive in some tangential territories of sepulcher, lodged away in tarriance.

——The grandeurs ingrained in such surroundings were unbelievable.

Looming larger and bigger was this whizzy light, encircling and emptying all the passengers into it’s morphing clump.. Curiously though, everybody was making space for the next one joining in this journey of paradigmatic solipsism. A dollop sight!

Now, at this conjunction another extrapolated jolt, and we could actually head towards another intra-terrestrial world.

And then, he held me from swerving and simply caved in to that fulcrum point where all was forging in an amalgam.So intuitively cognizant,and so duly contrived, we had no significance to relish this life of receding redemption. Reduced to a nothingness in the midst of a life, loaded onto a presence so threateningly wild ; all too —soon — to put a sudden end to our so called “journeying joys.”

Merrily wonderful in all it’s intricacies .. a beating swiftness of sensation spread to confront me on all sides. Preferring to be a toothless ril-lette , I so remained behind every other sunset to begin, and hoped for a new sunrise to set in, otherwise.

In any case, squished and squelched, yielding to be embarked upon, to berth every new reason in season, it was a new place to meld in, quite upfront, to live in nor die.

For me, it was like —making a motion akin to a circuitous crest within; to follow on, and thereof, seem in concordance with the rest —unidentified — and therein, to be throng in deference so unrecognized. Where is my voice , I thought 💭 to myself?!

Those revolutions, with head chasing tails, it felt ,as though, I was in a sort of regimental test run —huh —‘seemingly in repetitions of left-right-left treads; but all bestially allied and aligned to take one step after the next , to many a mappings over that inter galactic runs.

Everything was being tied down to a timeless aspect of some military regime. That, which was seemingly lasting longer than a parade, and that to which, the pointless term of human strife was getting marked down to one clear milestone of a motionless strike. Technically, it c’d be seen as a “verbless,” passage of no returns ; solipsistically pushing us into a view of quiescence which followed nothingness in that ultimate silence of plight. Everything was being called up to that poignant point.

Yes, precisely in circumlocution—stretching headlong and speeding forth in quest ,but as if, everything was called upon in the midst of a commotion, leading me to catch endless breaths. —-mouthing in air -twice , thrice and moving in small spaces, interchangeably,’midst those restless roofs of living, marked down by the winds’ white lines. Phoof ..a swift heart of a child, in a joint effect, diminished into mine, as if engulfed in the spire spreading fires on all sides.

And doggedly though, that advance was to begin with our heads falling out to catch that perfection; rounded in faith; with our lives tailed to that never ending chase of locomotion, beating to see who first burns in sight. We were now like shooting stars .

That said, it was an illusory vision of a graceful tottery held over a fiercest fight of imagination. A sort of futuristic operation, distinguishable as a project consigned to be —so trite and so forthcoming in it’s formulations.

Yes, a sudden quiet operation,leading us into the universe in which energy was 💥 Mobile. And that kinetic energy in turn was reeling us into another dimension —wherein months,weeks and days were all blown away and quite literally overturned to sight.

Sometimes dark seclusions trampled us all night.

In meaning, what it would mean —a grand ousting offered; classifying us in felicities for a while, but later making us quickly unrestrained to all who held us to their chests tight. As a memory so blatantly burnished in flames for the other life.

Induced in such spinning on dials, our car had actually met with a sudden explosion 💥 ; beneath it lay the expansive tranquil ,endless to those pineal eyes.

That was ,indeed, a frantic race caught up in statued stillness where all logics were found running into intuition and finally escaping into the unknown light….

Yes, we were the chosen ones and that was our journey to the mountains where our essence in presence c’d never hide in absence!

The End! 💫✨ 🧡🦢🦢🦢🧡 ✨💫

© December 1st , 2022 ✍️ Madhu Goteti

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About the Creator

Madhu Goteti

The thrums in the strums and the delights in the humdrum of life have always fascinated me. It’s that feast of reason and flow of soul; in all that I see and all that I shall behold!

I am an avid lover of art and philosophy!

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