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A Search Through Galaxies

by Paula about a year ago in extraterrestrial
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Altair has been searching for the way back to his planet. Will he find his home? (Pt. 1)

Image by: Lucas Pezeta

I’ve been alone since I was eight. I’m my only companion in this quest to find the place where I belonged. In this vast galaxy I can’t find my planet. I’ve been so many places that I can’t even remember my own parents. All the people on my planet have special abilities like flying, telekinesis, speed or super strength. Abilities like mind reading or teleportation are very rare, like only one a few thousand years rare. I don’t know how long I’ve been gone or even how old I am now. I’m somewhere in my mid-teens, I think? My clothes are tattered and I’m covered in dirt. Every so often I teleport to a planet with beings who resemble me. This is where I find safety, until I have to leave again. Sometimes I can finally find a change of clothes or scrub myself in a cold stream. It has been a while since I could safely roam.

Right now I’m on a strange planet where the beings are tall and slim, their skin is a reddish brown color with big red eyes, they walk on hind legs and their hands and feet are like claws. They wear no clothes at all and I can’t decipher what language they are speaking. If I were to come out of hiding they would more than likely kill me. I just have to rest and find food so I can leave again.

As I observe them they are wild beings and it seems they only eat animals. I saw one pick up what resembled a sheep and tear it in half with its sharp long teeth. My stomach turned as it crunched on the bones of the poor animal. I fought the urge to vomit as I scurried off into the darkness. I had found a place in the forest to rest. There were two fallen trees and underneath was a den I could hideout in. I haven’t heard the sounds of those creatures out here. My stomach rumbles loudly and it begins to clench giving me sharp pains. I know I have to eat soon because if I don’t I will die here. I make a plan to hunt in the morning, especially since a fire at night might attract those things to me. I curl into a ball and drift off to sleep.

When I awake it’s dawn and the pains from hunger are almost too much to bare. I muster up what energy I have and force myself to sit up. Still groggy, I look around and see what looks like a rabbit about 20 feet away. My heart aches but I have to eat... Silently I sneak closer, carefully stepping around twigs. Slowly I take off my shirt and watch the animal for a little longer. As quick as I can I pounce on the rabbit trapping it in my shirt. Yes! I can finally eat! Tears moisten my eyes and relief washes over me. I wait about two hours when the sun is shining bright to gather some sticks and begin to make a fire. Finally, I enjoy the meal and savor every last bite. After I’ve finished I crawl back into my den. I need to rest awhile longer before I make the next trip to a different world.

I wake up again and stretch my body before leaving. I close my eyes, count to 3 and focus my energy on teleporting. When I open my eyes I’m on a new planet but it’s nighttime here. I inhale a deep breath catching the smell of salt in the air. I must be near a beach, hopefully this planet is inhabited by humanoid aliens like me. Listening intently I hear the crash of waves and music to my left. Heading toward the noise I try to stay hidden in the shadows. Soon I feel sand under my feet and spot a soft glow in the distance. As I approach I realize it’s a fire, sitting around the fire are humanoids that resemble me. I’m very similar to them, two arms, two legs, no tails and no extra ears or eyes. I wonder if I’ve found my home planet! I just have to wait to see if they have any special abilities.

While watching them I see the group laughing and dancing to the music. I feel envious for what they have friendship or family whatever it is. An ache grows in my heart and the feeling of loneliness hits me like the waves of this sea. I look away to sulk, until I hear a scream. Looking over again a boy wraps his arms around a girls waist and she fights playfully trying to get away. I scowl but then next to the fire I see a beautiful girl sitting there. Her face illuminated by the glow and my heart skips a beat. I only wish I could go to her but one look at me and I’d be laughed at mercilessly. Her eyes glisten as she watches the fire dance in front of her. I spot a boy approaching her and feel jealousy build inside me. They start talking but I see she seems disinterested in what he’s saying and the jealousy I felt starts to fade. I haven’t seen them do anything extraordinary, so I gather that they are basic beings. A strange sensation hits me that compels me to walk in the opposite direction. I’m not sure where I’m going but the sensation I’m feeling grows stronger as I head on.

I’m standing in front of a house and the feeling here is so strong. It has brought me to this place, so I gather my courage and knock on the door. I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake when the door gently opens and someone peers at me through the crack. “What do you want?” States the stranger. “I- uh- I’m sorry, I think I’m in the wrong place.” I stammer. With that I begin to turn away but I’m stopped by the stranger. I’m turned around and he stares at me quizzically. “Where are you from?” He questions me. “Um, no where. Well I don’t have a home.” “That’s not what I mean, what planet are you from?” He asks. I let out a gasp as fear roots me to the ground. How does he know I’m not from here?


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I’m just a girl who likes to write for fun!

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