A Primer for Dark System

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A Primer for Dark System

Astronomy tells us that planets orbit stars, stars hang out in clusters and these clusters orbit the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, and the galaxy is zooming away from some center, some big bang. These same astronomers say that, at times, planets are kicked out of their family systems to travel the dark alone. What if some of these outcasts formed their own system? These dark systems would be near impossible to detect with our current tech, but we couldn’t travel there anyway…

In the future, a new method of faster than light travel could be discovered that would allow passage to new worlds of wonder, or darkness. Just as a new Planet nine, now called Apophis, is confirmed, new formulas are worked out that allow the launch of interstellar cargo and crews.

During the final phases of construction of the first experimental craft, a situation arises that sets into motion a chain of events that will alter the balance of the entire galaxy.

An accident sends a team of scientists to an unknown world outside the edge of known space. They learn that the planet they must now make home is a rogue planet, part of a system of rouge planets orbiting a super Jupiter, a dark system. As they struggle to survive, they learn they are not alone...

The ice ball, with a slightly higher mass than Earth, somehow supports life, in an underground network of caves that put Mammoth cave of Kentucky, USA to shame. Exploration of the caverns reveals marvels that would keep the best scientists busy for generations. They also find another motley crew of marooned aliens that don’t trust anyone.

It soon becomes clear that there is more to this system than meets the eye; it is a gargantuan testing center devoted to developing the systems and abilities to protect the galaxy from some un named enemy that the original inhabitants were certain would conquer the galaxy if they were ever able to pursue their goals.

I mean to make a thoroughly fleshed out narrative, where all the motivations are clear and the back stories not forced, this takes time but I have a day job and many other worlds in my head that each require attention. I will make this story as full and exciting as its potential demands, and I will take the time to do it justice.

Even sci-fi can fall in to the trap of plot holes that require paving over with asphalt, but instead of magic and mysticism, technobabble and hopes that the audience is ready with the I believe button takes its place. I try to avoid those traps, I strive to make the story the master, let the pen have its head so to speak. I feel this makes a much more satisfying narrative than forcing plot points just to meet a quota, to put checks in boxes. A great story cannot be forced, and if it is rammed down the audience’s throat, it is not enjoyable. There also has to be a balance between fan service and narrative service, some fall into that trap, and only wish to make money, that’s fine, but I have higher standards, I hope that I always put the story before pride, and keep true to the intent of the story.

In a dark void, the truth is you can never know everything, but so long as you keep your head, there is always more to discover and more to keep you going. Neflheim, and all her secrets await…

As with all my titles, more will be posted as it is complete.

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daniel morris
daniel morris
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