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A Mirrors Story


By Ocusan MPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

The Mirror showed a reflection that wasn’t my own, oddly it was my reflection but somewhere beyond in the future. I could see I was dressed in what appeared to be a heavy veil revealing only my eyes. My double was sitting in a chair with candles burning in the background. The mirror was accumulated from a antique store I had bought years ago in a small village, standing now on my dresser. Unaware that it had special powers it started to show signs of mystery one night when it began to morph and ripple. I could hear voices from above when I gazed into it. Wondering if it had been owned by a sibyl since I had met one in the town square. The woman had a small owl resting on her shoulder that indicated she was one. I needed to meet her since I had a terrible affliction on my legs. She informed me of a certain bottle I needed to obtain at the pharmacy. The potion had worked, as the hospital had no idea what to prescribe. In the church the praying woman had feared I was possessed where I covered the strange bumps with a long skirt. The remedy reminded me of the calamine lotion I used for chicken pox as a child. Slowly my diseased legs healed from the advice of someone who seems like dust in the wind today. And then the mirror showed me the image, my distant face underneath the shroud of time, an older version of me as if existing in a dream. Where and how did I get there I thought as I watched in disbelief at the image. Moving in swift time rhythms she removed her veil having no hair, while placing her hands upon a holy book, reading the inscribed pages. I began to think she was not me, but a cloned version of me as many people have doubles. The first time I had seen someone who resembled me was in a theater, playing in a orchestra a mirrored replica of myself. Shockingly she was stark naked yet not offending, almost too beautiful. The mirrored image stared at me for awhile, then to my amazement she spoke. Be not afraid, I can see you too. She sat down in a steel chair where I could fully see her image, so real that I reached out my hand to touch. I felt it could be a portal, yet I felt only glass. It became dusty as if it were collecting dust from another dimension. Who are you? I asked. I am Called Tara Root, holy sister of the Order. She clutched her prayer beads that looked like tear shaped black glass. Where do you exist? She touched her tattooed forehead revealing many rings. I live on Beta Centaurus, I am too old to live on Alpha Centaurus. I knew of the galaxy as it had formed from the collision of two galaxies creating double worlds. It is very far away. Sitting in her chair she clicked on a switch that closed a dome of glass around her being. Stars beamed upon the glass of a inner lighted star chart of Constellations as she pointed to each star that she knew. Soft ambient music played that she must have used for meditation. I took a seat as well, opposite her as I began to feel the need to relax. I wondered what other inventions her world had. I asked her more about her world, as she became as interesting as a jewel box from the cosmic realms. She told a story of Spice worms that existed in the desert, monstrous with life and death abilities. Powerful creatures that could move beneath the sand, inflicting their electricity when they were near, Her blue eyes quivered. It’s their life ability we need from drinking the Water of Life that changes a nun into a Reverend Mother. Are you a Reverend Mother? I am, she smiled while pushing up her star chart up with the chair switch. Why do we look similar? Am I you in the future? I wanted to know as she walked up to the mirror to get closer. Her eyes were looking straight into mine. She said that she knew the world as it was in which I lived as it has a well kept secret. Please tell me the secret, I pleaded. Her eyes grew bigger as the mirror enlarged them like in a carnival house of mirrors.There exists a strange phenomenon of alternate time correlations of a mirror world that is interlocked with your planet. The wind outside began to howl. Two worlds existing as one, the invisible one is pulling your world with life threatening forces. A power of innumerable consequences. It was true that Winter was giving what seemed like double doses of wind, rain and snow. While the Earth rotated into superficial hot Summers. You can feel it can’t you dear? The conversation made me dizzy, as I must have passed out as my burning candles snuffed. The morning Sun streamed through the window, the image of the aspiration in my mirror had vanished. I etched my finger to the glass, dust dissolving into the sunlight. I could only wait until darkness to see if she would return.


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style & enjoy collage art

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