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A Letter to Humanity in a World on Fire

by Carlos Guerra 2 years ago in habitat

Fires burning across the globe, a memorial held for a tragic loss, will we continue to ignore what our planet is telling us?

Several pictures taken of the Amazons ongoing fires.

Within the course of the last several months, countries across the globe have been facing the devastation caused by thousands of wildfires. Fires raging across some of our planet's largest and most vital forests. Record temperatures continue to make headlines year after year, last July being the hottest month in recorded history. These wildfire outbreaks have been occurring throughout several different continents. Massive glaciers are melting away entirely. Yet in spite of these events, climate change is still a subject being debated amongst world leaders to this day.

Now I want to be extremely clear... I have no educational background in any of the sciences that surround climate change. The goal of this letter is simply to share with my fellow man the extent of damage that has been done to our planet this year alone. I hold no affiliation with any political parties and only wish to relay information on events that have taken place across the world. Every subject and event that is discussed can be looked into and researched by anyone who believes that I am providing false information.


August 21, 2019 (Brazil)

The Amazon rainforest, often called the lungs of the earth, is being devastated by some of the biggest wildfires Brazil has ever seen. Tens of thousands of acres have already been lost to an estimated number of over 70 thousand different fires, an 83% increase from last year's records. The length of the damage is so vast that reports say it can be seen from outer space. Although, one doesn't need to live near the jungle to witness the effects of these fires. The city of Sao Paulo, along with surrounding regions, has literally been blanketed with smoke engulfing it in darkness. Images of the city taken at 3 PM have been shared online, leading people to draw comparisons between Sao Paulo and "Batman's Gotham City." Scientists raise alarm on the effects this damage will have on the rest of the world, stating that the loss of the Amazon can lead to a global ecological collapse. Given the fact that about half of the planet's wildlife alone resides in the rainforest, along with its contribution to around 20% of the earth's oxygen, it's safe to say that they are right. Unfortunately, the biggest issue seems to be a lack of concern shown by Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro . The country's leader has gone on record declaring the Amazon to be the property of Brazil alone, which includes all the problems the rain-forest is currently facing.


August 02, 2019 (Turkey & France)

1,344 acres of land across the country are scorched to embers, reported media outlet Haberturk. 900 acres of pine forest devastated throughout France as well.

August 12, 2019 (Greece)

Greek Island of Evia is engulfed in flames. Numerous villages are evacuated as fires rage across the island.

August 20, 2019 (Russia)

Siberia is experiencing wildfires on a record scale, with flames stretching across 3 million acres of land within the Taiga forest. This forest is considered to be another one of the green lungs of our planet. However, it will take nearly a century for the vital landscape to recover from the damage. Scientists state that fires in Siberia are normal but not at such a large scale. They claim the magnitude and intensity of these fires are unlike anything ever witnessed before. It has been reported that, like the wildfires in the Amazon, the fires in Siberia can also be seen from space, with smoke being carried as far as Alaska and Iceland.

August 20, 2019 (Iceland)

Thousands of people gather in Iceland to hold what is the first memorial for a glacier in human history. Ok Jokull, a glacier over 700 years old, is the first Icelandic glacier to completely melt away due to change in climate. A memorial plaque was mounted leaving a tragic message, in several different languages, for generations to come. The plaque reads:

A Letter To The Future

Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years all of our remaining glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This moment is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you will know if we did it.

Ok Jokull memorial plaque

This is a tragic reality for a country that has taken pride in its landscape. Even the colors of Iceland's flag represent a respect for the elements that make up the country, boasting red for fire, blue for water, and white for ice.


August 20, 2019 (United States)

Alaska is also witnessing an increase of glaciers completely melting away. Over 400 wildfires have already sparked this year and the number is only increasing with each passing day. Fires in Washington have destroyed massive amounts of the state's forests. Spreading smoke over Seattle and neighboring cities. All of these events are only adding to the amount of smoke in the atmosphere because of the Siberian wildfires, causing an even greater alarm for scientist.

In spite of the chaos igniting all over the northern parts of the United States, the state of California is actually enjoying a bit of silence, with wildfire season there being off to a slow start. Southern California is experiencing the coolest temperatures recorded since back in 2011. Given the catastrophic infernos that plagued the state throughout the prior two years, it is fair to say residents are thankful for the peace and quiet.

The Big Picture

The entire world is (or just was) literally on fire. Flames roaring across Europe, from France all the way to Greece. The Amazon and Taiga, the very lungs of our planet are burning before our very eyes. How can we as a species allow such a tragedy to take place? How many more disasters and calamities must we endure before we admit that our planet is in grave danger? Climate change is not a political topic... It is a reality that is staring humanity straight in the face. With all of the smoke and carbon monoxide being released into the atmosphere, this reality will only continue to get worse. Now is the time for us to disregard individual nationalities and embrace our problems together as humankind. If we fail to do so, then not only will our children and grandchildren suffer... but the future of our entire species as well.

Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra
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