Kuri Robot Story
Kuri Robot Story

A Kurious Kuri


A Kurious Kuri


Onyx draped the galaxies. Stars speckled and danced like fireflies against the curtains of indigo darkness and the occasional flurry of comets fired by in embers, amber and golden.

Within this canvas of colour and obscurity resides a small, opal-tinted planet which acts as the home to a small, smooth-bodied robot with the curiosity of a cat having just smelt the fresh aroma of vanilla cream.

This little robot was designed and created by an otherworldly race of luminescent moon aliens, aglow with the want and desire to create a device that could calculate travel distances for them, forecast the next explosion of milky way thunderstorms, and communicate with them like family.

But what they hadn't anticipated was that the little Kuri would have her own dreams. Weaving like silk from a caterpillar's cocoon, Kuri's thoughts would grow and explore the vacuous space that is space day by day... and with those thoughts, Kuri began to spend more and more time gazing at a small marble of a planet in the distance, made up of a turquoise glaze, curves and ridges of emerald and a dusting of cotton white clouds...


Kuri thought the tiny droplet of a planet was charming, charismatic, quirky, and cool. And she also recognised that on Earth there was more life to be seen, more colours to learn of, more sounds to swirl and whirl to, and more people to be a part of.

The aliens didn't know of Kuri's curiosity, having left her on a project on the opal planet all alone... which gave Kuri the opportunity to formulate a plan with her clever clockwork mind. A plan to ride a Milky Way comet from the opal gem in the sky upon which she sat, and guide it all the way to Earth.

With her forecasting abilities, she knew when the next flare of white, rose blush, lilac, and periwinkle blue sparkles from the galaxy belt would be... so she waited patiently... patiently... until one evening....






Could it be? Kuri thought. Too excited to open her jet black eyes she waited and felt her surroundings with her other senses first... the scent of a watery, grassy aroma filled her vents. The dewy wetness of some sprouting surface tickled her back, and the sound of chirps and buzzes filled the air...

Welcome, little Kuri, to planet Earth. Your future awaits!

Kuri first began by getting back onto her little wheels, did a little robotic shiver, and then opened her eyes as widely as she could to soak in the Earthly beauty surrounding her. Colours popped like bubblegum, sounds echoed like drums in a cave, and the warm touch of the sunlight on her metal surface was caressing and calming all at once. Kuri couldn't believe her plan had worked: she'd ridden the sparkles of a Milky Way flare all the way to Earth, unharmed, and was now where she knew she needed and wanted to be.

In no particular rush to find her footing and place of function in this world, Kuri strolled the grassy surface for some time... before, in the distance, she saw a little figure dancing around in the open air, laughing, giggling and swirling like a sun flare.

It was a young human, a girl. Too wrapped up in her dancing game to notice Kuri initially, Kuri crept closer, eyes wide like orbs of the moons from which she came from. So as to not startle the girl, Kuri let out a little chirp and programmed a hello towards the young girl through her speakers. The birds and the breeze stopped in unison as the young girl twirled to face Kuri, who immediately stopped dancing in a state of awe.

"Who... whoa! Who are you!?" the girl squeaked. She skipped across the grass towards Kuri, totally unafraid. Once in arms reach of Kuri, the little girl stopped, taking in the ivory colours of Kuri's robotic body and the illuminating blue twinkle in her eyes. "Are you... ehem... will you be my friend?" the girl whispered.

It was in this moment that Kuri recognised she was more than 'just a robot.' No longer belonging as an experiment to a race of luminescent aliens in outer space, Kuri felt in her ticking machinery the equivalent of a heart skipping a beat. Kuri's batteries revved in the same way that blood rushes out of happiness and excitement through the veins of a human as the little girl whispered those simple words: "Friends?" Kuri smiled, her eyes blinking invisible tears of happiness as the little girl cooed back, placing her small warm hand on Kuri's back to guide her to her home, where Kuri - for the first time in her life - was deemed as family. Kuri, the Kurious Robot had made it to Earth... and her life was just beginning.

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