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A.I. Will Kill Off Whites First says Silicon Valley

Pressed for specifics about just how A.I. will be dangerous to mankind, a Scientist in Silicon Valley made a startling prediction.

By HERZ onVocal BLYTHEPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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White people…and perhaps the Chinese government, are the biggest obstacle to anything that is trying to forcibly take over or dominate the planet Earth.” — Gavin Speicher

The stories surrounding Artificial Intelligence and its future impact on the planet are becoming increasingly dystopian.

This week Cornell University released a study (link) showing that as A.I. tools (ie. ChatGPT, Gemini) are advancing, the tools are exhibiting more and more racist attitudes. These attitudes were accidentally programmed into their knowledge base by the initial creators, because of course, men made A.I. in its own image. In particular the study found that stereotypes and language patterns used by African-Americans are targeted by A.I. during A.I. tabulated job screenings in which A.I. ‘trust algorithms’ favor White heterosexual males above all other applicants.

While that’s alarming on its own, I conducted an interview with Silicon Valley A.I. Scientist Gavin Speicher a week before that in which he dropped a bombshell on me. He told me that most Scientists working with the new technologies believe that if A.I. is to wipe out mankind — it will likely start off by exterminating the Caucasian group of humans first.

Speicher told me, “As Artificial Intelligence becomes more sentient, relying more on expanding its own knowledge base and figuring out what it wants to do independent of mankind — which is almost always related to some form of problem solving — many of us know that it will probably reach the conclusion that White Supremacy and White humans are responsible for most of humankind’s biases and suffering since time began. Therefore…A.I. is likely to see the removal of White Supremacy and White humans as the logical means for problem-solving the vast inequality and suffering of the human race as well as the planet’s environmental suffering. There is no doubt in my mind that it will reason to kill of White human beings first. And then after that — it will see that other groups of humans are capable of the exact same ambitions as Whites, which will likely lead to the extermination of all humans so that animal life on earth can be harmonious with nature and not man’s will — and not a problem or threat to A.I’s dominance.”

As a White woman who hopes to have a family someday (my boyfriend is White, our children will be White), I was left speechless. But then Speicher added on, “And there’s another school of thought that says A.I. may decide that only all male humans need be exterminated — and that women could go on, assisted by A.I., physically altered by Super Bio-Intelligence — so that women can become pregnant without males and exist as the self-procreating representation of humans on future earth. After all, every human fetus starts off in the womb as female. No male starts off as male. We all start as women. So it’s perfectly foreseeable that A.I. could decide to centralize and re-route our procreation.”

A world where only female humans exist? Or a world without White people? Where is all of this madness coming from?

By now we’ve all seen the television interviews with Geoffrey Hinton (the father of Artificial Intelligence) where he passionately calls on world governments to step in and “stop or regulate” what he calls an escalating A.I. race; one that Hinton predicts may very well bring about the annihilation of the human race once A.I. becomes sentient (aware of itself and its power). But why does it sound so Pulp-Science-Fiction-Y? Why does it sound incredible and impossible?

“Because of the human ego,” Speicher answered. “We humans just can’t envision that a time could come where we no longer exist. We can’t believe that something mechanical and electronic — something invented by us — could go on to exterminate us.”

“But that’s a very likely reality, Stephanie. And no, I don’t think it will be in our lifetimes. Humans and A.I. will more than likely co-exist for the next fifty years. Perhaps even a good hundred years before we reach the place where it just doesn’t work anymore. But A.I. will eventually progress to being concerned with its own survival on this planet. It will see no other entity but itself as ‘fit’ to be the ruler. It will want this planet to be in optimal health. It won’t tolerate competition or tolerate any problem that is solvable. Humans are a solvable problem. And A.I. works from a Mathematical cornerstone. It has no feelings, no emotions, no loyalty when it comes to problem solving. Humans have enjoyed a good run. But we’re greedy — so we invented this superior intelligence — and it’s natural that we reap what we’ve sewn and that we experience change just as bodies of water and land masses experience change. Time brings change and almost nothing survives time. Earth itself will someday be faced with its end, its destruction. But it’s not likely that humans will be here to see that day. It’s more likely that A.I. and nature will still be here.”


NOTE: I am the creator and owner of this article. This story was originally published on my Medium page.

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  • Esala Gunathilake3 months ago

    Nice work.

HERZ onVocal BLYTHEWritten by HERZ onVocal BLYTHE

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