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A Delicate Balance

by Tom Walsh 2 months ago in astronomy

My life as a Libra

Born at 6:26 am on October 11, 1963, this put me roughly in the middle of the seventh sign of the Zodiac circle, Libra. The symbol for this astrological sign is scales. The only inanimate object symbol from the Zodiac, it can be interpreted to mean both a measurement instrument and a symbol of justice, “the scales of justice” if you will.

In this vein, Libras tend to be very diplomatic, objective and observant. These skills served me well as the Assistant Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee where I lived in Massachusetts for the past few years. Being relaxed and great with words helped me out in many instances in this role. Believe it or not, even people who all arguably believe the same major principles can disagree often on the minutiae of pertinent matters before their group. Not liking confrontation, as most Libras don’t, I was usually quick to compromise and negotiate a solution to our dilemmas. Progressive and focused, Libras tend to make an impact in society locally but not necessarily on the world stage. My belief system is in line with thinking that if we get involved with local affairs, the results of our actions will ultimately affect the whole of society.

Libras tend to search for equilibrium and symmetry in their lives. I always tried throughout my life to bring balance of mind and body as well as balance of work and rest. Although I did work very hard during the week as a young parent, I made sure that I made it home to say goodnight to my children and spend the entire weekends with them. Knowing that there is certainly a mind/body connection, I tried to think positively every day. While not always successful, when I could change my way of thinking, it would also affect the way I felt and, ultimately, the way I acted. Introspection is a major Libra trait, and I am no different. I take great joy in meditation and other relaxation techniques.

While Libras are quick to help others in need, they are also the first to throw stones when someone is wrong. Historically, I gave more than my fair share to charitable organizations like The Salvation Army, homeless shelters, and domestic abuse prevention programs. However, I would also not hesitate to call someone out on social media platforms for beliefs that I didn’t feel were consistent with the “good of others”. For example, I was not a fan of many of the past White House administration’s policies such as their stances on immigration, the income and wealth gap, female reproduction, oil and gas pipelines, LGBTQ issues and many others. I tried to be kind and caring when posting on Facebook and other platforms, but sometimes the dialogue would get heated. Thankfully, as a Libra, I knew when to cut conversations short to avoid needlessly contentious online battles. However, as a Libra, I could also not be silent on issues of importance to our society.

Young at heart, kind, and affectionate, Libras make good personal and business partners. Trustworthy and loyal, they tend to have long tenures at work and within personal relationships. I worked for Fidelity Investments for twelve years and followed up that job with twenty plus years as a high school teacher. On the personal side, I was married to my first wife for twenty years and have now been in another successful domestic partnership for six years now.

Libras tend to dislike mediocrity and, again, I would concur with that sentiment. My life philosophy of “if you are doing it, do it to the best of your ability” gets me, and others around me, to put their best effort forward regardless of the pursuit. Along these lines, I tend to avoid vain and shallow people as do most Libras.

While I am in tune with most of the positive attitudes usually associated with Libras, I also see myself in many of the seemingly negative personality traits. Although I do enjoy meditation as I noted earlier, finding the time to take care of myself in this way has proven very difficult. Full of information and in continuous movement, both physically and mentally, it is hard to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak. Like most Libras, if I’m doing it, I must do it as close to perfection as possible. I will probably edit this challenge submission to vocal.media at least a dozen times before I submit it for review. It has also taken me a full year to get my debut book ready for a professional book review and upcoming literary agent pitches.

I can also tend to be volatile at times and over-controlling in personal relationships. It is hard to admit, but I am sometimes a “my way or the highway” type of guy. While I get over these outbursts quickly, the people around me during this outpouring of energy and eruption of activity, as a rule, do not. This has been a constant source of concern and I am getting better at being more stable emotionally. My issues with control have also been improving recently. In the past, if me and my friends were going out, I had to be the driver. I did not trust anyone to take me home when I wanted to make a hasty exit from somewhere. I also wanted to be the one who controlled the radio, the air conditioner as well as the windows in the front and back seats of the car. I am now more open to short trips where someone else is driving. However, there must be a quick Uber available to take me home if that is my immediate desire.

In other areas of control, I was historically resistant to anyone driving my car, walking my dog or choosing a particular restaurant for dining. I was always the planner and I liked it that way. However, a few years back, I was at a Natural Living Exposition with my partner, and we attended a seminar called “The God Box”. In this symposium, the leader of the group asked us to write down a wish on a piece of paper and put it in the box that was circulating around the room. I wrote that I would like to give up control in my relationship with my partner. It was vague but I knew what I meant.

The next day, in my psychology class, I was starting the “Dream Weaver” presentation on states of consciousness and had Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver video on the board. I hit the play button as usual and began to skip across the class to the catchy tune. I reached the end of the room and decided to skip back across the room and watch the video with the students. Suddenly, when I got halfway back across the room, I heard, and felt, a “pop” in my right calf. I instinctively grabbed my leg and stopped in my tracks. The kids thought it was part of my physical comedy routine and were laughing loudly. When I turned and instructed the football player in the front row to “go get the nurse” in a very slow, serious and deliberate manner, the class knew something was wrong. The student bolted from the room. The nurse arrived within minutes, swept the students into the gymnasium and had me lie down on the ground. She manipulated my calf, and it did not move at all. “I think you tore your Achilles tendon, but the hospital will give you a definitive diagnosis”, she continued.

To make a long story short, I ended up out of work for seventeen weeks. Not only could I not walk my dog or drive my car, I had a hard time with basic living skills like cooking, cleaning and navigating my apartment. I eventually ended up bringing my dog and my car to my partner’s home and moving in for fifteen weeks. I quickly was at peace with allowing her to walk my dog, drive my car and attend to personal household navigational issues on my behalf. The controlling desire within my personality has been nearly eradicated as a result of this event. While I received the desired result from the “God Box” activity eventually, I think being straightforward and direct would have served my needs more quickly and efficiently. I now know that our spirit guides and other-worldly teachers need specifics, not generalizations, when we ask for assistance with our daily lives.

Most Libras take great delight in sweets of any kind. As a type 2 diabetic, I can surely say I fall squarely in that arena. As a child, I frequented the candy store. My favorites items were Necco Wafers, Razzles, Good and Plenty, Hot Tamales, Mounds, Snickers and Sweet Tarts. I would often be found eating the entirety of my mother’s graham cracker cheesecake made from the directions on the back of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese box. Today, I hanker for penuche fudge daily. Since being diagnosed with diabetes twenty-five years ago, however, I have learned not to act on this desire for immediate gratification.

In summary, I believe I might just be the poster boy for the personality traits, desires and attitudes of Libras regardless of whether they are deemed positive or negative. The healthy qualities make a Libra someone people enjoy being around while the unhealthy qualities can interject themselves into all areas of our lives if not dealt with expeditiously. Overall, I think I am a good person like most Libras. However, areas for improvement, if not dealt with in a healthy manner, may prevent Libras from being seen as the modest, charming, balanced and great judges of personal character that make up the bulk of their personality.

Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh
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