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A Complete Guide for the Baby Witch

Starting out as a witch can be hard. Here's a guide to make it a little easier.

By Lilli BehomPublished 6 years ago 11 min read

Witchcraft is hard if you're starting out, especially if you're a closet witch. So here is a little guide for all the baby witches out there. First, look at what kind of witch you want to be. There's a huge list out there and it's easy to get overwhelmed. But it's important to do your research to find the perfect kind of witchcraft for you. Then again, you can always have more than one form of craft. Here is a small list of the different types of witches.

  • Kitchen Witch- these witches take everyday tasks and make them spiritual. Taking a shower, cleaning the house, organizing everything, no matter what it is, it can be made sacred to these witches. Their name comes from brewing potions in the kitchen and incorporating magic into their food with the use of herbs and essential oils.
  • Hellenic Witch- a witch who worships Greek deities and follows some, if not all, Hellenic practices.
  • Roman Witch- similar to Hellenic, they worship Roman deities.
  • Norse Witch- follows Norse traditions and worships Norse deities.
  • Celtic Witch- follows Celtic traditions and worship Celtic deities.
  • Forest Witch- a practice biased on the forest and things found in it. They are often found living in or near forests and use things they find in that forest in their practice.
  • Water/Lake/Ocean Witch- similar to forest witch but for water or lakes. This is where you'll find sea/lake glass incorporated the most.
  • Weather Witch- focuses on the weather and weather patterns. They often worship deities who have abilities related to the weather and use materials that they can get from the weather in their practices.
  • Alexandrian Witch-Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine funded a movement in the 1960s biased on Gardnerian Wicca practices but that also incorporates elements of ceremonial magic and Qabalah. This came to be known as Alexandrian Wicca.
  • Augury Witch- similar to divination these witches look at omens and cosmic forces to guide someone on their spiritual quest.
  • Ceremonial Witch- as the name states it's a witch that holds ceremonies above all else. These witches mostly follow the oldest ceremonies.
  • Dianic Witch- this is a strictly female practice that worships the Roman Goddess Diana and is the ultimate form of feminism. Usually you can find these witches worshiping all three of Diana's aspects (the maiden, the crone, and the mother). This is biased off of the Dianic Wicca which came into being in the 1950's.
  • Druid-Many Druids meditation and ceremonies that mark important passages in nature engage in prayer, and worship nature. They follow a spiritual vision of life and don't follow any sacred texts.
  • Faery Witch- these witches are solitary and try to make contact with the fae and nature spirits.
  • Green Witch- another one that sounds exactly like it is. This witch works with Mother Earth and natural items. They mostly try to get closer to nature and it's energies through their practice.
  • Floral Witch- a type of Green Witch that uses mostly flowers and floral materials in their practices.
  • Herbal Witches- a type of Green Witch that uses mostly herbs and other types of plants in their practices.
  • Gardnerian Witch- a follower of Gardnerian Wicca stared by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's. These witches follow the strong beliefs of challenge religious and societal conventions, strong feelings for nature, and engage in colorful rituals. This kind of witchcraft needs an initiation from other members of Gardnerian Wicca and is not a solitary practice.
  • Hedge Witch- these witches are often powerful healers and midwives. They're symbolized by a bird (often a raven) and are very spiritual in Earth based practices. These witches are like shamans in the fact their connected to the spirit realm and messengers for the spirits and living alike.
  • Hereditary Witch- this is exactly what it sounds like. You become a hereditary witch if you're born into a family that practices witchcraft. However, witchcraft involves freedom of choice and you can choose to accept it or not.
  • Secular Witch- these witches don't believe in spirits or deities. They instead focus on the energies of nature. Usually these witches use stones, crystals, and herbs in their practices.
  • Shaman- these witches engage in shamanistic practices to reach altered states of conscientiousness. The point of this is to reach the spirit realm and communicate with good and evil spirits to channel their messages, performing divination, and healing.
  • Solitary Witch- this witch is exactly as the name suggests. They're completely solitary and legend has it they've practiced the craft over many lifetimes. When they hit puberty it is said their craft re-awakens and they are able to remember everything about their craft from their past lives.


Art belongs to Jaikyll on DeviantArt

Tools are an important part of a witch's practice. However, you don't need ALL of these tools. Just whatever feels right for you.

  • Incense- used to attract certain energies into your life, banish spirits, represents air on the altar.
  • Crystals/gemstones- used for spells, used to attract certain energies into your life, used to represent earth on your altar.
  • Essential oils- used in aroma therapy and healings. Some can be used for the skin to relieve headaches and other pains, some are only to be put in a diffuser to help with sleep/sickness, and some can be ingested.*
  • Candles- used in magic, for sigils, and to represent fire on the altar.
  • Goblet- used for offerings to deities/spirits, to represent water on the altar.
  • Pentagram- used in spells, worn as a symbol of the craft, used to represent spirit on the altar.
  • Herbs/plants- used for spells and cooking, used to represent earth on the altar.
  • Couldren- used for spells and ceremonial purposes
  • Wand- used as a ritual for Imbolc, good for visualization and ceremonial purposes.
  • Athame- a dagger used in the practice, mostly for ceremonial purposes.
  • Book of Shadows/Grimoire- a magic book where spells and magic knowledge are kept. Usually written by the witch themselves or the witch's family.

*Some of these essential oils can be dangerous to pets, so do your research. It is also very important to dilute certain oils before making skin contact. This can be done with water, olive oil, coconut oil, and or almond oil.


There are eight Sabbats that witches adhere to. These are major holidays and usually last a few days with lots of traditions and a rich history. Here's a quick list of Sabbats and a brief overview of what they're about.

  • Imbolc- (February 2) The return of spring. Corn husk dolls called Brid'o'gas are made.
  • Ostara- (March 19-22) The Spring Equinox, a time where we celebrate fertility and rebirth. Plant seeds/tend to your garden and take walks looking for signs of spring.
  • Beltane- (May 1) Fertility. Many people choose to try and have a baby at this time or just have a lot of sex. Also celebrated with bonfires and dancing.
  • Litha- (June 19-23) The Summer Solstice, celebrates the longest day of the year. People often light candles and have bonfires to represent the sun.
  • Lughnasadh- (August 1) The first of the fall harvests, gingerbread are often made at this time.
  • Mabon- (September 21-24) The Fall Equinox and second of the fall harvests.
  • Samhain- (November 1) The third and final fall harvest, celebration of the dead. A huge feast is made and extra place setting are set for your ancestors, the altar is decorated in memorabilia or trinkets from your ancestors.
  • Yule- (December 20-23) The Winter Solstice, rebirth. This is celebrated like Christmas.


An altar to Artemis for the Super Blue Blood Moon January 2018

Everyone has their own individual altars that represent their beliefs. You can have altars for the Sabbats, for a particular deity that you worship, an altar for the elements, or one specific to your type of craft. You can put anything on it that you wish. Personally, I put tarot cards, crystals, a goblet, and a statue of my deity on my altar. You don't have to use things specific to witchcraft or the altar. For example, my altar cloth is a scarf and I use LED candles instead of real ones.

For the closeted witch your altar can be a shelf in your room or part of your dresser or bedside tables. Organize it in a way that it looks like you've just set things there. For instance, one of my friends kept a small statue of Aphrodite on a shelf with sea shells and candles. It looked like another decoration when actually it was her altar.


The internet has made it so much easier for witches to share their craft and information with everyone else, making it even easier for baby witches to start their journey. However, this also makes it easier for misinformation to spread. Always fact check before you take something as true. In a book, on the internet, chances are if at least three people are saying the same thing, it's true.

Tumblr is also a great resource and has a very strong community of witches of all kinds who share helpful hints and spells. Here you can find shops that sell everything from crystals to divination readings, spells, potions, witch hacks, tutorials, and art. Some people have even started to put pages from their Book of Shadows or mood boards online.

Indigo sells books on witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism. They have a wide selection of tarot cards/runes, spell books, religious texts, and books on crystals. No matter what you need, it's a safe bet a bookstore near you has something on it. Don't want to buy? Check out your local libraries and see what they have in.

Companies like Amazon and Wish also keep a large store on all things witchy. There are also large amounts of information on personal websites such as the Raven and Crone. I'd highly suggest Raven and Crone as it is also a shop full of all things witchcraft.

Book of Shadows

Due to the digital age, many people are keeping their Book of Shadows/Grimour online. Some still prefer to write it in a book. You can use anything you want, but if you're a closeted witch, I would suggest keeping it in a secure file on your computer. Here's some things to start you out.


Your practice doesn’t have to be expensive. With the online world it’s easy to get quality products for a discount and don’t be afraid to shop around. The Dollar Store/Dollar Tree is also very good at having plastic bottles, craft supplies, and things to go on your altar for sabbaths for very cheap. Buying spices and other things in bulk help too and don’t forget there is always leaves, rocks, branches, flowers, water, etc outside. Water from a rushing river is very effective and good to use in spells as it is rich with energy.

If you have been abused there is no need to turn to black magic or negative deities/entities. Do a spell that causes karma to hurry it up, pray to deities like Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter, Nemesis, the universe, or the Triple Goddess and tell them that your abuser is a piece of shit and ask for something to be done about it. Light candles while you pray. Ask karma to help you.

To create sage incense when on a budget mix sage (from any grocery store) and water together in a bowl. Roll until it becomes a paste and make into a cone or place on stick. Leave the paste until it is completely dry which usually takes a week or two then burn at your leisure.

Healing Spell

By Earth and Air

By Fire and Water

So shall you hear my call

Power of birth and rebirth

Powers of silence and peace

Heal my body and mind

So mote it be

Sachet Spell for Anxiety

Ingredients: Smokey quartz, rose quartz, lavender, peppermint, “I move from within, my shine makes me free, I can let go and just be”

Place all the ingredients in a sachet including the spell. You can change the spell and add a sigil if you would like. Carry it around with you or leave it on your altar.

The Witching Hour

3-4 AM is thought to be a time called The Witching Hour, where demons, spirits, witches, and magic is most powerful. Out of everything, it is thought that black magic and negative entities are thought to be the strongest. The odd thing about this hour falls under two things. One, it is the time in which the human body is reported to be the weakest and is when most natural deaths occur. Two, it is when most people randomly wake up in the night. Often if a person wakes up in the night and is not too hot/cold, have to pee, and or too uncomfortable, then it is generally because your brain registers you are being watched or there is someone close to you.

Banishing Spell

“Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust,

May the wind blow you, wandering ghost

And clear the world of the living,

Turn you to where you belong,

And may you disappear without a trace.”

Karma Spell

"See the cruelty and the pain that you have caused once again

I turn the tables three times three

Bring light to your actions I will be free

When light fades and dusk comes through the pain you caused will come back to you I say this spell to Karma tonight.

I am witch; I stand and fight."



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