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5 Significance of Kundli Matching for Marriage

by swamya myastron 3 months ago in astronomy

kundli matching for marriage

If you are in India and want to arrange marriage then 'Yes', never comes first in the marriage proposal. Here primary importance is given to the Kundli matching service. Kundli matching for marriage has been considered as one of the most important aspects of Indian marriages for ages. Modern-day people do not believe in the importance of rituals. However, from an astrological point, it has lots of significance.

In arranging a marriage it takes lots of time for both the couple to know each other. Therefore the first two to three years were like Rose day every day. However, it won't stay more than that. After that when all the arguments, conflicts start arising between couples then the role of matchmaking for marriages proves its value.

Here we are discussing 5 reasons why matching making by date of birth is important for marriage:

Compatibility that matters

Compatibility is the most important factor for marriage. According to astrology, there are 36 guns in total available to decide whether both are compatible or not. If they are compatible then how much?. How prosperous will their relationship be? These are the queries that can meet your answers with the calculation of 36 guns. Each guna has different points and similarly, each point describes a different factor of life.

The Guna Milan theory also indicates how couples' star and destiny is going to influence and affect each other. The Conjugal harmony can be seen while matching Kundli. Minimum 18 Gunas need to match to consider the marriage an auspicious one. If 26 Gunas match then it is considered as the best match. Therefore the more matches rise the high spirits of the couple.

All these things combined create the important 36 Gunas, those are taken into consideration.

Financial Stability and Career Matching

The sacred relationship of marriage is not only the conjunction of two bodies or two souls only. It connects two families and their social and financial status also. The movement of the bride and groom's planets are also going to affect each other's lives. Bhakoot the seventh guna shows the effects. Nowadays both want to be financially independent. As women are also earning they are also looking for financial stability. Therefore the online Kundli making helps them to find out whether both are matching for financial stability or not. Both should support each other's career. One should not dominate others financially or career-wise. It is mandatory for today's generation as everybody wants their space and even financial independence.

Physical and Psychological compatibility

physical and psychological compatibility is essential. As a result, it will improve the couple's understanding level. Partners' interests, behaviour, attitude, temper and above all mindset matters a lot. Kundli making also evaluates the health and wellbeing of both partners. Because it helps to look into the future of their married life. Healthy couples have good chances of starting a family or not. In Kundli matching, chances of childbirth are also counted for analysis. Whether it will be normal or go through rough stages. Every marriage achieves success when it goes to the next level and starts the family life. In conclusion, physical attraction ensures whether both have an adequate level of desirability between a male and female.

Malefic Planet effects

The position of stars and planets decides a person's destiny after his/her birth. Sometimes these positions create problems in a birth chart. The wrong planet at the wrong house creates malefic effects, those we name as Dasha problem in Kundli. During Kundli matching by date of birth, the astrologers can find out Dasha problems, which are creating problems in marriage. For instance, Mangal Dasha, Sani dasha etc. Therefore consulting with an expert astrologer proves to be a significant one. It helps to find out the success or failure of the marriage.

Astrological remedies for matching

Some couples want to stick with each other though they find some issues in their birth chart. This mostly happens with love marriages. Therefore in such Kundli matching for marriage, couples are searching for solutions. They want solutions for the malefic effects, and want to get rid of dasha problems. Certain solutions help to reduce the negative and ill effects of dashes and yogas in the horoscope of the couple. Here astrology has a solution to tie the knot with a particular person even if the Kundli is not matching with each other.

Along with astrological solutions, there are various types of poojas, havans are available. It helps to please certain planets and Lords of houses are available within astrological solutions. Most of the pooja advised a detailed analysis of the stars of the bride and groom for a successful and problem-free marriage.

Kundli matching for marriage is part of Vedic Astrology. All of these reasons are the only way to make a couple maintain a happy and prosperous life together. Though two persons connect to each other however they cannot say they are going to have a fruitful relationship. Therefore it is suggested to take the help of an expert matching making service or Kundli making app to do a compatible test before starting another great life.

When you are talking about online Kundli making then myastron.com seems to be the best solution for you. Give your Kundli details and get accurate information about your life prediction. You can include your favourite language for the Kundli for instance Kundli making in Hindi, Odia, Kannada, Panjabi, Marathi etc. So join us as soon as possible to know about your future and know about your partner.


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