5 Must Read Dystopian Novels!

by Amanda Rose 11 months ago in book review

The Survival Novels You Need to Read

5 Must Read Dystopian Novels!

Dystopian novels pique our interest and spark our imagination about the 'what if's' on society and survival. I love nothing more than a good dystopian novel to drift into.

Dystopian novels have the opportunity to explore so many different facets, from societal and political, to post-apocalyptic survival, and really...any reality with a less than desirable way of life.

These books can help us reflect on our own humanity, morality, and also explore our baser instincts. There's nothing like being faced with a dire survival situation to make you examine just how far you'd go to stay alive.

With more and more dystopian novels coming out, knowing which ones are worth our while is important - as much as we'd love to read 'em all, there's just not enough time in the world.

These five books stand above the rest, offering unique world building, characters, and immersive storytelling.

1. 'The One'

If your a fan of The Matrix you had to have a giggle when you first read the title. But unlike The Matrix, this story takes a very different look at society.

This is all about genetics; in this reality your DNA is used to link you up to your soulmate. Your compatibility is judged down to the cellular level.

Overall, these matches are a major success, and it's creating marital paradise...for most.

But DNA alone doesn't define us. And as you'll discover in this immersive story, discovering the dark secrets of a strange can have complicated consequences.

Check out The One

2. 'The Wolves of Winter'

This story has a very human element to it. In a world now in the midst of nuclear winter, survival is the name of the game. our female protagonist now lives in upper Canada, In the Yukon, surviving the harsh conditions, and learning to fend for herself.

Amidst trying to survive the difficult conditions, an enigmatic character comes along with secrets that start a chain of events that lead our main character down a path she'd never imagined...

Check out The Wolves of Winter

3. 'Fire Fury Freedom'

Set on a different planet, Fire Fury Freedom, follows Mack, an ex-soldier, and his mercenaries, as they set out on a quest to save the planet, all while trying to bring down the mega-corporation C.D.F.P..

The C.D.F.P. is the cause of the devastation. Their arrogant disregard for life, and inherent corruption, has left devastation in their wake. Their dark secrets could mean the end of the world.

Heightened global warming has placed all life on the brink of destruction. Plant and animal life are all but non-existent, and humans survive the lethal radiation of the sun by living under shielding domes.

The world building and character development are phenomenal.

If you're up for an epic journey filled with gun-fights, magick, survival, devastating climate change, and nail-biting adventure, this is the one.

Check out Fire Fury Freedom

4. 'Land of The Free'

Strong female characters, badass fight scenes, and a solid story.

Land of the free takes us into the future 1000 years in the USA, where robots, AI, and corporations rule. Those in power rule supreme, with no one to stand up to them.

The USA is in need of a real life superhero, but there isn't one...

A brave sisterhood of women, the Mystical Slayers, are the only hope for freedom in a land plagued by corruption.

Check out Land of The Free

5. 'Never Let Me Go'

Never Let Me Go pulls on the heartstrings.

It's a mystery and a love story.

As we unravel this lovely human tale, we see the brutal truth of abuse of power on the weak and vulnerable.

This book explores memories and how the past can affect us as human beings.

Check out Never Let Me Go

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