4 Stories of Time Travellers from the Future

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And you can time travel, too. Just check out your kitchen sink.

4 Stories of Time Travellers from the Future

John Titor

First appearing on internet forums in the year 2000, John Titor was a man who claimed to be a time traveller from the year 2036. He had travelled back in time to 1975 to collect an IBM 5100 computer, and made a stop in the year 2000 for "personal reasons."

To prove he was a real time traveller, John posted picture of his time machine which, when reverse searched, could not be found anywhere else on the internet, or anywhere in else in general for that matter.

John predicted that a civil war would begin in the US in 2004, which would evolve into a world war, killing millions. Of course this did not come true, but John did, however, correctly predict the Columbia space shuttle disaster, as well as predicting information about black holes that years later would be revealed true by none other than Stephen Hawking himself.

In 2001, John disappeared from the internet to return back to his own time of 2036, and was never heard of again.


Bella is an Albanian woman from the present who claims to have gone forward in time to the year 3800, and has evidence—a selfie which she supposedly took during her travels.

According to Bella, the process of time travel itself is not very pleasant, as the time machine would pass high voltage shots through her body, and everything in her vision would turn black while she travelled.

In the year 3800, robots apparently rule over humans. They are capable of talking and being able to make facial expressions. Bella had apparently encountered one of them herself—it asked her where she came from, but she didn't respond.

Despite the evidence, many people say that it is not enough. She was criticised for having perfectly applied lipstick in the photo, even though she was in the midst of a chaotic environment full of killer robots. Bella also apparently took several pictures in the future, so sceptics aren't satisfied that so far she has only presented one of them; and that the one she did choose to show, only pictures half her face.

Time traveller Hakan Nordkvist one-upped Bella with his photographic evidence of the future—not only did he take a selfie during his travels, but he took a selfie with himself.

One day in 2006, Hakan travelled to the future by mistake while trying to fix his leaking sink. When he reached into the cabinet under his sink to repair the leak, he suddenly found himself in the year 2042.

In 2042, Hakan met the future version of himself, who was now 72-years-old. They had the same tattoos, but for added confirmation that it was really him, Hakan asked his older self some personal questions which he managed to answer correctly. Hakan recorded this meeting, and the short 15-second video can be found on YouTube.

Bryant Johnson

In 2017, police officers in Wyoming were called to deal with a drunk man, who was roaming the streets and claiming to be a time traveller from 2048.

Bryant claimed that he had travelled back in time to warn the world of an alien invasion that he believed would happen in 2018. He was supposed to return to the year 2018 to warn the earth; however, he accidentally ended up in 2017 instead because the aliens got him drunk.

Bryant demanded to talk to "the president of the town" himself so he could personally warn him about the impending alien attack. Instead, of course, Bryant was arrested and given a public drunkenness charge.

But with 3 months still left in 2018, there is still a chance that Bryant was more than just a drunken man roaming the streets, and that maybe he was telling a true story after all...

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