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15 Date Ideas to Impress a Scorpio

Taking Your Scorpio on a Date

By lupu alexandraPublished 10 months ago 10 min read

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a solid date idea. If you’re wanting to impress a Scorpio, there are certain dates that tend to work better than others.

Scorpios like intrigue, passion, seriousness, and creativity. They’re drawn to magic and the spooky. Scorpios are born from October 23rd to November 21st. They rule Halloween. They’re born at the time when people say the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

Not all Scorpios are so macabre. Some don’t have a gothic streak. All of them do have some intense creative streak hiding inside them. They like to explore their inner creativity with a partner.

1.) A Stroll through a Cemetery

Let’s get this out of the way. It’s obvious, but if you’re with a Scorpio who likes history, respects the dead, and has a tinge of Halloween to their spirit, a trip to the local graveyard might be the right bonding experience for the two of you.

Graveyards offer perfect material for talking points. There are interesting names on stones, conversations naturally come up about philosophy, and often there are pretty flowers or other landscaping features.

Don’t make it weird. Just naturally say, “Hey, do you want to check out that one cemetery? I’ve been wanting to explore it with someone.”

2.) Zoos, Animal Sanctuaries, Places with Snakes

Scorpios tend to be animal lovers. They especially like the more ferocious predators from venomous snakes to roaring lions. A good day for a Scorpio is to see an animal happy in its surroundings, so you should take them to a place that takes good care of animals.

Scorpios tend to like snakes. Their sign is actually dedicated to three symbols: the scorpion, the snake, and the eagle/phoenix. No other sign has so many animals connected to it.

They like to think about the different species of the planet. They like to be around animals that can scare them just a little.

Just be careful: they could get empathetic and try to break out the animals.

3.) Old Victorian Buildings

If you live in a town that’s had a long history, then you likely have some buildings to explore. Scorpios tend to have an appreciation for history. They like older buildings, especially ones with ornate and unusual designs. They’re up for exploring places that may have been forgotten, that could be haunted, or that would make for stunning settings in movies.

The Scorpio is drawn to the strangeness of the Victorian Era. They find the inventions and innovations of the time very curious and romantic. Some of these older buildings have the right spooky lore to attract the Scorpio’s mind. These are also good dates because you get to walk around, have plenty of talking points, and it can usually be done in a decent amount of time. It’s easy to plan a lunch or dinner after exploring an old mansion.

Scorpios are born close to the date of Halloween, some born exactly on October 31. This sign loves a good masquerade. They like the seriousness, the elegance, the raw attraction. It’s the perfect time for a costume. Masks speak to their hearts. | Source: Created using Canva.

4.) Haunted Walking Tours

Obviously, Scorpio will like these. It’s a nice way to walk around your town or to take a drive to somewhere close to learn about some lore. Tours usually last an hour or two. The information learned can make for great talking points over dinner or before bed.

Some haunted walking tours go more into history. Others go into legends attached to the area.

Your Scorpio may enjoy exploring caves, going through catacombs, walking in the underground of downtown areas, or climbing up tall staircases to learn about the creatures that go bump in the night.

5.) Masquerades, Themed Parties

This literally has everything a Scorpio has ever wanted. Masks, seriousness, showing off a hot date, and mysteriousness. Sometimes Scorpio just wants to dress up and impress, and throwing in a mask makes it easier to get into character.

The Scorpio wants an attractive, mesmerizing setting. If they have dance moves, they’re even more likely to want to be in the spotlight.

Masquerades are even better at extravagant locations: castles, old properties, giant ballrooms, historic churches, and forgotten ruins.

What makes this date so special? The mystery, getting to wear a costume, the elegance, the raw attraction, and the people watching.

6.) Sitting on the Couch With You

Okay, I know it isn’t as striking as the other dates, but in all honesty, when a Scorpio likes someone all they want is to be with them. Their ultimate goal is to get you alone.

The Scorpio may slyly get you into their home to sit on a couch and watch TV for hours, so they can study you like an artist does their model.

The couch is one of Scorpio’s greatest tools for creating a bond with you. They get you to sit on the couch, maybe feed you, watch some movies, and see if you’ll fall asleep. They’re studying you. So if you find they keep bringing you to the couch, they more than likely are trying to see if there is a spark.

Scorpios are like Hades: they’re actively looking to kidnap, I mean rescue, Persephone.

What Scorpio doesn’t like wine? An easy way to spend a Saturday with a Scorpio is to head to the nearest vineyard and enjoy some wine, good conversation, and good weather. | Source: Created using Canva.

7.) Exploring a Vineyard

I know several Scorpios that are wine lovers. They have a far more expansive knowledge of wine than I ever will. They want to cultivate fine taste. They enjoy trying new wines and are in search of the perfect wine. Alcohol is romantic to them. They like it for the perfect moonlit, starry night. They see wine as a way to commune and draw closer to you.

Head to a vineyard on a Saturday afternoon. Do some research in your area to find the best one. A vineyard that does acoustic shows or has some haunted past would be preferred. The vineyard has the flora to enchant the Scorpio and get them on the right wavelength.

8.) A Trip to the Symphony

Scorpio wants to come off classy. They usually have an ear for good music. Pay attention to what the Scorpio says: do they have a favorite band, or do they follow a composer? If your friend/date likes to talk about composers, then a trip to see the symphony or another classical music venue is likely in order.

This is another place where the Scorpio can dress up and impress. They want to be one of the most interesting guests in the audience. The Scorpio will like noting the nuances of the musicians sitting before them. For some Scorpios, music is a drug.

9.) Heavy Metal Music Show

For some Scorpios, classical music isn’t their jam. They may instead enjoy a drunken heavy metal festival. They’ll enjoy head banging, holding a beer, and letting out some rage. The Scorpio tends to have some pent-up energy. They’re looking for a place that can be authentic, scintillating, and a tad extreme. (Keep in mind: Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, the warring planet.)

Know your Scorpio: some like chaos and shouting obscene lyrics. Some like beauty and a perfect film score.

The old saying is true: the quickest way to the heart is the stomach. Invest in some good cooking practices, and you’ll surely win over a Scorpio. | Source: Created using Canva.

10.) The Quickest Way to the Heart Is the Stomach

Scorpios can’t help it if they like food. They might not crave and place food on as high of a pedestal as some signs, but if you want to impress them in a single night: cook a fantastic meal.

Scorpios want someone who will nourish them. They like partners that prove themselves to be comforting, loyal, and won’t get scared too easily. Bring out the candles. Sit outside when the cold wind blows. Cook a divine meal, make sure to bring out the wine, and dessert is a must. You could lose 1,000 points without the cake.

11.) Take Them to A High-End Restaurant

Did you get reservations at one of the most sought-after dinner spots in town? Scorpio will be impressed if you take them to the Gordon Ramsey of your city.

Scorpios like to be treated like kings and queens. Save up some money, and show them that you have good taste. Picking a place is all the better if it has unusual foods, perfected meats, and eye-catching scenery.

The Scorpio wants to impress. They know one day they’re going to die, so they have an immediacy to enjoy the pleasures of life now. This is why food is a priority. Forget the cardboard box pizza: bring on the filet mignon.

12.) Take Them to That Trendy Ice Cream Shop

You don’t always have to impress with steak. If there is a trendy dessert shop, this can work magic on your Scorpio. They can’t resist the smell of a good cookie shop. Scorpio can’t take their eyes off a piece of dark chocolate cake. The fixed water sign wants to consume beautiful treats.

Pay attention to their cues. Do they want sugar, or are they on a diet? Ask some questions here and there to figure out what they like.

Take your Scorpio to a place that inspires his or her creativity. Art museums will inspire bold conversations. The Scorpio is always looking for the next idea to inspire their next project. They want a partner with a creative spirit. | Source: Created using Canva.

13.) Inspire the Mind: Go to an Art Museum

The Scorpio has an eye for creativity. If you live in an area with a free museum, then this might be the perfect place to go. A Scorpio will be consumed by the images on paintings and the crevices of sculptures.

Scorpio may tell you insightful information about the art. Your date could also feel inspired and want to create their own art, so they may pull out a pad of paper and start drawing.

Art museum trips are another great date for moving your legs, and they’re easy to set up around breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is one of the best options for first dates.

14.) Waterfalls

Take the Scorpio to water: it is their element. The Scorpio will be intrigued by the motion of water. They’ll want to study it and draw closer. If there are any water-related gatherings in your town or nearby, then take the Scorpio to see them whether hot springs, rivers, or beaches.

Water helps them to remember themselves, and to be thankful for emotions.

Ice sculpting events are another plus. Ice figurines can be mysterious and magical. Scorpio likes snow and fog, so don’t be afraid to take them to colder locales.

15.) A Wild Night Downtown

Scorpio wants to chase after what’s wild and free. They may like a trip to a speakeasy, a drag show, and eating in some fancy sushi bar. The Scorpio has a strong desire to be entertained, to be inspired, and to have you all to themselves.

Scorpio gets up close and personal to the fire. They follow the smoke and the action. Scorpio wants to embrace their wild and competitive sides. Take them on a journey that embraces the night, and then come back to where they have that all-important couch.


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  • Sue Torres6 months ago

    As a Scorpio, I really like to soak in hot springs.

  • Ebony Dominguez7 months ago

    My ex-boyfriend is a scorpio. I don't want anything more to do with this zodiac sign

  • Gene Lass10 months ago

    The subject of this is actually Astrology, not Astronomy. Sorry, I'm an editor That said I'm a Scorpio, and most of these work for me. One that's way off is the love of snakes. I do love scorpions and other edgy animals like elephants. I don't have much interest in animals that are just cute. But I really hate snakes. I don't care if they're poisonous or not, they're horrifying. They have no legs yet they can go anywhere. In the water, up stairs, in trees, underground, anywhere except the Arctic. Whenever I mow the lawn I hope to hit a nest of them and make snake sushi. Also, wine, yes, vineyards no. That's outside. Similarly, eating outside with the cool wind in my hair, not so much. There are bugs and things outside, I don't want anything blowing into my food, don't want my napkin blown away, just no. But feed me and bring me interesting and delicious, alcohol, yes. Finally, the couch point is a good one. Hours of movies and watching you, are good things. I like and need to be active and interested. Don't bore me. However, the other point of the couch is the key point about Scorpios you missed: Scorpios are the most sexual sign. Other Astrology articles point out what dominates what sign - Mind, Heart, etc. Scorpios are all about makeout time. We may go to the couch to cuddle and watch movies, but if we're into you we're into you and that means we're going to want to get physical. A lot.

  • Stephen Barrett10 months ago

    Speaking as a Scorpio, all those dates would work with me :)

  • As a Scorpio, at least 11 of these hit the mark. Lol. Including sitting on the couch!

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