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10 Unpopular 'Star Wars' Opinions, According To Reddit

by Culture Slate 8 months ago in star wars

Do You Agree With Any Of These?

Star Wars and opinions. Name a more iconic duo. People's thoughts on certain aspects of the franchise are all over the board. Sure, there are some things that people generally agree on (such as the original trilogy being the best trilogy overall), but there have been some really wild and unexpected opinions over the years. In this list, we will go over ten unpopular Star Wars opinions from a Reddit thread about five or so years ago. I have listed these more or less in order from least unexpected to most unexpected.

10. Han Shooting Second Is Fine

People debate the whole "Han Shot First" thing, but over time, people have pretty much gotten used to it and not been as loud about it. Still, it is rare for one to elaborate on why they are okay with Han shooting second while also adding some nuance. Here's what Reddit user Kylon1138 had to say:

"I don't hate the idea of Han shooting second.

"What I do hate is the execution of how they did it. If it was shot on set with Greedo pulling & firing first and then Han quick drawing & firing I think it could have worked...but digitally adding it in 20 years later does not. I'd imagine it similar to this Greedo visibly trying to fire first but Han being waayyy quicker and more skillful."

Han shooting second is not the worst thing in the world, but the way it has been edited in the Special Edition and further versions where they shoot simultaneously looks too clunky. (I know. "Maclunkey!")

9. Midi-chlorians Are Fine

This one is perhaps a bit more surprising. Midi-chlorians are arguably more controversial than Han not shooting first, as they seemed to demystify the Force by adding a more sci-fi element. Quite simply, DinoPilot64 said,

"I don't think midi-chlorians are stupid."

To be fair, some viewers seem to misunderstand that midi-chlorians are not the Force itself. Or they may simply dislike that there is a limit to who can access Force powers. People seem to have mellowed out about this over the last few years, though it probably helps that midi-chlorians have not been mentioned onscreen since The Clone Wars season 6 in 2014, though last season of The Mandalorian flirted with the concept by including the term "M-count."

8. AT-AT Design Bad

Recently, I've been wondering why there are no flying AT-AT's. After all, they move pretty slowly. When you really stop to think about it, their design is kinda silly, as they look like giant four-legged animals. PetevonPete was certainly not having it.

"The AT-ATs might be the dumbest design in the history of science fiction."

All of science fiction? That is quite a hot take.

7. Grievous Should Have Been Main Villain

This is an idea that never really crossed my mind until I read noblespaceplatypus' claim:

"I think General Grievous should have been the primary villain for the prequel trilogy."

Generally (no pun intended), I'm used to hearing people say that Darth Maul should have been the main villain of the whole prequel trilogy. I never hear people say that Dooku should have been the main villain, though some have said that he should have been included in Jedi Temple scenes in Episode I. But Grievous being the main villain for the entire trilogy is a wild idea. It would have been hard to pull off with technology at the time that the first two prequels were made. If it could have been pulled off, however, maybe Grievous would not have felt like such an afterthought in Episode III.

6. Yoda Should Not Have Fought The Clone Wars

This comes from someone who deleted their Reddit account at some point:

"Yoda should not have been in the Clone Wars. He should have gone to Dagobah as a conscientious objector. It's the only logical reason for why he was there instead of out kicking butt trying to save the galaxy."

While many love Yoda and get a kick out of seeing him in action, there are some who feel that he is so wise and powerful that he should be above common lightsaber tricks. Going to Dagobah as a way of peaceful protest against the Jedi Order is not something I really considered, though it is a creative idea.

5. Jedi vs. Sith Boring

Much of the saga involves conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. It is a staple, and some fans would love to see hundreds of Jedi fighting hundreds of Sith onscreen. However, ThaBenMan could not care less, it seems:

"I find the conflict between the Sith and the Jedi kind of boring - I'm way more interested in the criminal underworld of the galaxy, stuff with smugglers, bounty hunters, and Hutts."

To be fair, the underworld can get pretty complex. Maybe The Mandalorian ended up being more this person's speed.

4. Tired Of Vader

This one is arguably very surprising because many people cannot get enough of Vader. Despite Rogue One having so many great moments, lots of viewers rave about the hallway scene above anything else. Darth Vader comics simply will not stop because people keep on buying them. Some people want him to have his own movie, despite him already being heavily featured in the saga films. Many are excited to see Hayden Christensen return to the role in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries, which could end up being controversial as it will involve a rematch of sorts between the two in the time between trilogies. Admittedly, I actually feel Vader fatigue sometimes, and so did javelinnl:

"I'm getting kind of tired of Vader because of the way he eclipses the rest of the characters. I also liked it better when he was a henchman."

The second sentence is actually more surprising. If you think back to the original Star Wars, Vader is pretty much just Tarkin's henchman. It's not until The Empire Strikes Back that he gets more fleshed out and becomes more of a main character. It's hard to imagine him remaining just a henchman, given everything that has come out since.

3. Qui-Gon Is On The Dark Side

This one is more of a theory put forth by skallah:

"Qui-Gon Gin was from the dark side. He was tasked to have Anakin join and bring down the Jedi order. He did this, while dying, by using Force persuasion to convince Obi-Wan that he was the chosen one."

Could Dooku actually have been on to something when he suggested to Obi-Wan that Qui-Gon would have joined him? (Probably not.)

2. Not Liking Chewbacca

Chewbacca is such a lovable character. When I went to Galaxy's Edge over a year ago, I knew I needed to get a hug from Chewie, and it did not disappoint. So it kind of hurts to hear that Arknell actually is not a fan:

"my most unpopular Star Wars-sin: I've never actually "loved" Chewbacca. Come on then, thread, give it to me! [bares chest] (http://animatedviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/12/rare52.jpg)

"I think Chewie's screams sometimes border on [annoying] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wstIBq2H0z8) when the sound designer overuses his "protest-wail" sound ("Grrruuuaaaah-WAH-WAH") (like R2-D2 overuses his [WOOOAAAAAOOOH!-beep). Chewbacca is certainly a useful crew member but his piloting skills, marksmanship, and engineering skills are all on par with humans. He is exceptionally strong, but Lucas only has him use his superhuman strength once in the entire movie trilogy (lifting the AT-ST pilot out of his seat). He was in cuffs for almost the whole fight on Jabba's Sail Barge, where he otherwise could've pulled a good twenty arms out of their sockets (would've been grand to see!)

"I'm not saying Chewbacca is not a well-made, original, or entertaining character; his mask, stature, and Ben Burtt's sound effects are very unique and truly iconic of the franchise, I just think he's underutilized and given too little work and times to shine."

I cannot help but wonder whether this person enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story when it eventually came out.

1. Attack of the Clones > The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back is generally regarded to be the best Star Wars film, and Attack of the Clones has long been generally regarded to be the worst Star Wars film. However, SithLord13 admitted to preferring the prequel film:

"I prefer AotC over ESB. My favorite parts of Star Wars have always been the space battles, and I much prefer the dogfight over the Falcon chase. The Yoda v Dooku match was also more fun than Luke v Vader, even if it wasn't as earth shattering. Last but not least, I prefer the color pallet of AotC over ESB, being brighter and easier to see."

To be honest, Attack of the Clones was what got me really into Star Wars when I watched it at age seven and a half. So it was my favorite for a time, until Revenge of the Sith came around. As I grew older, however, The Empire Strikes Back became my favorite. (Not because everyone else said it's the best; I naturally believe it is.) I am sure that this particular opinion will be very surprising to many.

Written By Steven Shinder

Source(s): Reddit

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