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10 Things You Don't Know About The Mandalorian

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Ever since the first season of The Mandalorian was released on Disney+ in November of 2019, fans have been very curious to know more about the mysterious bounty hunter, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). Din Djarin is at first sent to kill “Baby Yoda” (whose real name was revealed in season 2 to be Grogu), but then ends up rescuing him and protecting him from Moff Gideon. One of the major points of curiosity, especially in the first season, was: what does Din Djarin look like under the helmet? We finally found out, but he is still a mysterious character. Here are ten things that you may not know about Din Djarin, his reactions to the Mandalorian Code, and The Mandalorian series.

10. The Bounty Hunters' Guild Code

This is brought up multiple times throughout the show in many different ways. It is not the same as the Mandalorian code that Din Djarin follows, but since he is a bounty hunter, he has to follow this code as well. We are introduced to the code in the first episode, "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian." The main rule is that hunters must not ask about their bounties after the job is completed, and must forget them immediately. Hunters also must not kill another guild member (which has been broken a few times) or steal another hunter’s bounty. For government bounties, only one hunter is assigned to go after that particular acquisition. This is also shown in The Mandalorian as well.

9. Din Forced His Covert To Find A New Place To Live

When Din breaks the Bounty Hunters’ Guild Code to retrieve Grogu, the Empire fights back, which forces the Mandalorians to come to Din’s aid. However, because of his actions, the Mandalorian Covert need to find a new base since it is not allowed that any more than one Mandalorian be seen at one time. This is to help them hide their numbers.

8. “With No Honor One May As Well Be Dead.”

One of the main tenets of the Mandalorian Code explains that “with no honor one may as well be dead.” This tenet is illustrated in “Chapter 2: The Child.” Din Djarin says that the death of the Mudhorn attacking him wasn’t honorable because Grogu helped him. He feels he should have been the one to kill the Mudhorn, even if it meant his death because he was following The Way. However, with Grogu’s interference, he did not kill the Mudhorn by himself, and therefore, the aspect of the Code's not observed.

7. Taking Imperial Beskar

In “Chapter 3: The Sin,” Din Djarin successfully delivers Grogu to the Client, who is working for the Empire. He is paid with a camtono of beskar, which does eventually get him new armor forged by the Armorer and help provide for the foundlings of the Tribe, but it isn’t viewed as good at first by the other Mandalorians. Since he takes the beskar from the Empire, several members of the covert become upset at him because it breaks the Code of Honor. Paz Vizsla calls him a coward, and the two ended up fighting.

6. Din Doubts Bo-Katan’s Right To Rule

In “Chapter 11: The Heiress,” Din Djarin meets Bo-Katan Kryze when she saves him from pirates. She is from an old and established house from Mandalore. Din Djarin, who was a foundling and not actually from Mandalore, is ignorant of the ways of the Mandalorians. He doubts Bo-Katan’s right to rule. One of the tenets of the Mandalorian code is “the strong have the right to rule.” When she chastises his adherence to The Way followed by the Children of the Watch and how he does not remove his helmet, he does not take seriously what she says about having a claim to rule Mandalore.

5. Din Doubts Boba Fett’s Claim To The Mandalorian Armor

When Boba Fett (played by Temuera Morrison) meets Din Djarin, Din has Boba’s armor. He refuses to give it back to him because he doesn’t believe he is a true Mandalorian since he is not by blood. However, Boba Fett’s father, Jango, was a foundling and fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars. One of the tenets of the Mandalorian Code is devoting oneself to the welfare of the clan and honoring other Mandalorians and their sacrifices. When Din doesn’t believe Boba and refuses to give him the armor, he rebukes this tenet and discredits Boba’s clan initially.

4. Din Resisted Bo-Katan’s Call To Action

The Resol’nare, or Six Actions, are part of the Mandalorian Code from Star Wars Legends and from which the Mandalorian Code of Honor is transcribed. An important part of this is answering a Mandalorian leader’s call to action. Din Djarin ignores this when Bo-Katan gives him direct orders to seize an Imperial cruiser for her war effort. He doesn’t really care for the societal workings of Mandalore, but he should have helped her if he was to follow the code, and not just because he wanted to get Grogu back.

3. Din Doesn’t Use Mandalorian Language To Prove His Heritage

A component of the Resol’nare or Six Actions is speaking the Mandalorian language. Din Djarin doesn’t seem to do this, even among other Mandalorians. It would seem like the perfect way to make sure that other Mandalorians he meets are in fact Mandalorians. He can clearly speak other languages, such as Jawaese and Tusken sign language, but he never uses Mandalorian, which is odd.

2. Din Removes His Helmet For IG-11

Since the beginning of the show, we have known that Din needs to keep his helmet on at all times around anyone to preserve The Way according to his covert the Children of the Watch. If he removes his helmet, he will never be able to put it back on. Bo-Katan calls him crazy for this ideal, since it is not the normal rule for Mandalorians. However, at the end of season 1, Din receives life-threatening injuries, and he has to take his helmet off (much to the excitement of the fans who had been waiting for this all season). Even though IG-11, who's taking care of him, isn’t alive, he is still breaking the Code of Honor. However, he is willing to suffer the consequences to protect Grogu.

1. Din Removes His Helmet To Help Mayfield

Din and Migs Mayfeld successfully infiltrate the Morak Imperial refinery for information. They are nearly able to complete their mission. However, since Mayfeld could possibly be detected as a deserter from the Empire, Din has to access the secret files to Moff Gideon’s ship. And to do so, he has to remove his helmet to allow the Imperial facial scanner to read his face. This is the first time he has removes his helmet in front of anyone other than IG-11. And it is a huge breach in his Code of Honor. However, he is willing to do it to save Grogu.

Written By Elizabeth Dresdow

Source(s): Screen Rant [1][2]

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