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10 Days Left 1-2

by Carlos Guerra 3 years ago in science fiction
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Week Prior (Part 2)

June 7th, 2020, 6:40 a.m.

The White-house, Washington D.C.

President Anderson had personally appointed Holiday to the Director of Secret Service. It was the least he could do for a man that had saved his life on more than one occasion. He enjoyed the small talks they had before attending these surprise meetings; they helped him stay calm.

"What do you think all the commotion's about this time Sir?" Jack asked as he walked with him towards the conference room.

"Not sure Holiday, although my gut tells me it's nothing good. I just wish we had time to get a bite to eat."

"We'll figure something out Sir," Jack replied reassuringly. He then reached for his com and called for Alex. "Can we get Eagle some breakfast?"

"Rodger that, I've already got Tadpole on it."

President Anderson let out a small chuckle at that. "Who the hell is Tadpole?"

"New guy Sir," Jack answered with a grin.

Up ahead the pair could see Vice President Oneal waiting for them outside the doors to the conference room. The man always had an enticing expression on his face and Holiday wasn't nearly as close to him as he was with the president.

"Anyone want to explain to me what this is about," Oneal asked, tone as serious as ever.

"Patience Howard, we're about to find out in a moment." Anderson reached for both of the doors to the conference room and flung them open. A room full of his advisers and staff sat spread out evenly among the conference table.

"Mr. President, there is an astrologist from one of our observatories in Hawaii waiting on the line for you.


"Your going to want to hear it from him," answered Vince Scott, Secretary of Defense.

"Alright, well then put them through."

Jack stood a few feet behind the president, arms crossed, facing the screen that appeared in the center of the room. The face of a woman who looked like she was in her 30's showed on screen.

"This is Sarah Carter, head astrologist at the observatory."

"How are you Sarah? What do you have for us today?"

The scientist was breaking in and out of the frame a bit but she got her notes together and greeted the room.

"Good morning Mr. President Sir. At 0200 hours last night, one of our team members was up late analyzing data. Upon scanning through the Taurus constellation, he encountered something." She then pulled up several photos, displaying them to the entire room. "Right now, this cluster of asteroids is on a direct course for Earth."

The room grew eerily quiet as everyone took in the information, uncomfortable expressions on all of them. Even Jack, who was rarely ever surprised, stood straight up, listening closely.

"How long do we have?" The President spoke up, breaking the silence.

"The first wave will enter the atmosphere somewhere in Europe in three days Sir, after that there will be three more impacts throughout a period of nine days, followed by the final impact on the tenth day."

"Do we have any idea on where these things are going to touch down? How much damage are we facing?" Those around the room asked their questions.

"We can determine an estimation of where they will enter the atmosphere, however anything can happen along the way. The first 4 events will completely destroy cities, the last one, however, will put our entire species at risk of extinction."

The room grew quiet again, the door behind Jack opened and a man walked in carrying a tray of food. Tadpole had brought the presidents breakfast. It was impossible for the young man not to notice the tension in the room.

He leaned in next to his boss and whispered, "What did I miss?"

9:00 a.m.

Bay-side, Miami, Florida

"Another beautiful morning in Miami..." Carlos said to himself, staring out across the ocean. His apartment balcony, up on the 20th floor, provided him with a view some people never get to see and Carlos Estrada made sure to never take it for granted.

"Que pasa Papi?" Last nights date managed to sneak up behind him,"Why did you get out of bed?"

The 24 year old cuban-american always had trouble remembering names. "Got a big day today gorgeous, sorry if I woke you. I gotta go take care of something in Little Havana but you got breakfast on the way."

"When are you going to tell me what it is you do exactly?"

"Haha," Carlos couldn't help but chuckle at the question. He gently grabbed his lady friends face and kissed her. "Never mami, so stop askin."

With that, he turned around and headed out the apartment and across the hallway to his neighbors. Using his entire fist, Carlos pounded on the door.

"Yo Ricky, you better be awake man, it's time to go to work." He waited two seconds for a response before he began pounding again, "Yo Ricky!"

"Sheeesh! Hold your fuckin horses Carlito's Way, I'm coming."

"Quit taking your sweet ass time, we're gonna be late."

Carlos and Ricky had been friends as long as either could remember. Eventually after high school, since neither one of them went to college, they decided to become business partners. The pair had been inseparable growing up and that bond turned out to make them both a ton of cash as they got older.

"So what if we are?" Ricky asked his partner, opening the door to let him in. "Lot of people making money today and none of it happens with out us."

"We gotta keep up appearances for our reputation, you know that.... Do I really have to explain this to you? Now move your ass so we can get rolling."

"I'm going I'm going, didn't you spend the night with that pretty seniorita? How can you be this annoying?" Ricky really enjoyed pushing his friends buttons and no one did it better.

"Cause I love money more than pussy wise ass, now let's go," Carlos answered while turning around and heading back out to the hallway.

"Your going to regret that if the world ends tomorrow," Ricky said back with a laugh.

11:14 a.m.

Hawking's Middle School, Catskill Mountains, New York State

There were only 6 minutes left until lunch and Riley could not take his eyes off of the clock above his teachers head. He hated math and always counted down the seconds till the bell rang. When he wasn't staring down the clock, he was day-dreaming about what he and his friends had planned after school.

"In a daze again Mr. Richards? Any chance it's because your trying to wrap your head around today's lesson or am I just suffering from wishful thinking?"

Mr. Slate always payed close attention to his students and Riley was hardly ever lucky enough to go unnoticed in his class.

"No Sir, I was just..."

"That's your seventh "I was just" this month Mr. Richards. I've told you before, in this room I deserve your full attention, I'm not going to say it again."

Riley wanted to answer back but Mr. Slate was already moving on to another student.

"Always the troublemaker huh?" Asked a voice from behind him.

Riley turned around to see Michelle Portman smiling at him. She was from the same neighborhood as he was and the two had pretty much grown up together. His buddies used to tease him about the two of them dating when they were in elementary school. However, things changed after the accident and now they rarely ever spoke to each other.

"I bet you didn't catch a single word of today's lesson. What were you thinking so hard about just now?" Her blue eyes were locked onto his and she wasn't going to let him brush off the question like he usually did.

"The guys and I have plans to go exploring the mountains behind my house today."

"Sounds like fun, mind if I tag along?"

Surprised by the question, Riley was tempted to say no but the way she stared at him made it impossible. Her long black hair, those sky blue eyes, he always hated how she used them every time she wanted something and it never failed to work.

"Yeah, sure thing, it would be awesome if you came with us." Before he could say anything else the bell rang.

"Okay class that's all for today. The test for chapter 6 is on Friday so make sure you study for it." Mr. Slate projected his voice above the noise of his students packing their things. "Homework is due tomorrow, I expect for your papers to be on my desk before the first bell."

Riley finished packing up his things and turned to Michelle's desk but she was already gone.

She must be hungrier than I am, he thought. Hopefully the guys won't give me too much shit for this.

science fiction

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