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Zhu Geliang Borrows the east wind

A fantasty story,can you borrow east wind for me?

By David cenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The story of "Zhuge Liang Borrows the East Wind" is a famous tale from Chinese history that tells the story of how the legendary strategist Zhuge Liang used his ingenuity and resourcefulness to win a decisive battle against the enemy forces of Cao Cao. Here is a retelling of the story, complete with dialogue:

During the Three Kingdoms period in China, the warlord Cao Cao was waging a campaign against his rival Liu Bei. Liu Bei's army was trapped on the south bank of the Yangtze River, unable to cross to the north bank where Cao Cao's army was waiting.

Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei's chief strategist, knew that they needed to find a way to cross the river if they were to have any chance of defeating Cao Cao. He came up with a plan to borrow the power of the East Wind, which would allow them to cross the river and attack Cao Cao's forces from the rear.

However, there was a problem. The East Wind only blew at a particular time of year, and it was currently the wrong season. Zhuge Liang knew that they needed to find a way to summon the East Wind if they were to have any chance of success.

He gathered his advisors and told them his plan.

"We must build a tall tower on the south bank of the river," he said. "Then, we will place a large banner on top of the tower that reads, 'I wish the East Wind would blow.'"

The advisors were skeptical. "But my lord," one of them said. "The East Wind only blows at a particular time of year. How can we summon it at will?"

Zhuge Liang smiled. "We will create the illusion of the East Wind," he said. "We will use our ingenuity and resourcefulness to fool Cao Cao's army into thinking that the East Wind has come."

And so, they began to prepare for the plan. They built a tall tower on the south bank of the river, and they placed a large banner on top of the tower that read, "I wish the East Wind would blow."

Zhuge Liang then ordered his soldiers to prepare thousands of straw figures, each one dressed in a military uniform and holding a weapon. He also ordered them to fill the straw figures with gunpowder and set them on fire.

The soldiers then lined up along the river bank, holding bamboo tubes that were filled with gunpowder. They waited for the signal from Zhuge Liang.

Finally, the day arrived. Zhuge Liang looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds were moving in the right direction.

"Now!" he shouted.

The soldiers lit the bamboo tubes, and the gunpowder exploded, sending the straw figures flying into the air. The soldiers then used fans to blow the smoke and dust from the explosions toward the north bank of the river.

Cao Cao's army saw the smoke and dust and thought that a great storm was approaching. They were terrified and fled in panic, leaving their positions on the north bank of the river undefended.

Zhuge Liang then ordered his troops to cross the river using boats and rafts. The East Wind, which had been summoned by the explosion of the gunpowder, blew steadily from the south, pushing the boats and rafts across the river and towards the enemy.

Cao Cao's army was caught off guard and was defeated by Liu Bei's forces, who had come at them from both the south and the north.

The story of "Zhuge Liang Borrows the East Wind" has become a symbol of the power of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and strategy in the face of adversity, and it continues to inspire people in China and beyond to this day.

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David cen

Share Chinese Sory,which you never heard before.China has 5000 years history and it is A kingdom of artifacts.Such as Chinese Kongfu,Qigong etc.

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