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Zhane & Vitani Chapter 5

Gang War

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

Zhane came home and flopped down on his bed after a long day from school and overheard his mom talking to Vitani about the incident at the mall.

"Poor Vee. She may be annoying sometimes but there is no way she's a thief. I gotta help somehow."

Zhane's cell phone rang, and he saw his friend Tommy calling.


"Dude tell me it isn't true. Please tell me you did not join Roman's gang", pleaded Tommy.

"Where did you here that", asked Zhane.

"It's all over the school Z, just about everyone knows."

"I'm not in Roman's gang. Not exactly. He didn't give me much of a choice."

"Ugh, Zhane. Your dad died because of gang violence."

"I know that Tommy. But I'd be in stitches right now if wasn't for Roman. I have a serious Trayquel problem remember?"

"Yeah? Well, you're gonna have two thugs on your back if you don't back out of this."

"Okay, okay I'll squash this right now. Maybe I could just be a banger cheerleader or something".

Zhane received another phone call.

"Hold on Tommy someone else calling me".


"Yo, Zhane a big party at the construction lot. We're taking care your problem now", said Roman.

"Wait Roman I have to--".

Roman hung up.

"What did I get myself into", Zhane asked himself.

Zhane walked to the construction lot and saw Roman and his gang scoping the area.

"What's going on", asked Zhane.

"There's gonna be a major throwdown tonight between all the crews in Miami Zhane", said Roman.

"Hmm interesting party. But Rome we have to talk".

"Shh take a look".

Roman handed Zhane his binoculars and saw a rival gang led by Trayquel running towards the center of the lot.

"Trayquel. This isn't gonna be pretty".

"In more ways than one Zhane. Here you'll need this".

Roman gave Zhane something wrapped in cloth.

"It's showtime little bro. This way".

Zhane unwrapped the cloth and his jaw dropped when a pistol was revealed.

"Oh man. I stepped into it big this time".

Zhane ran to the riverbank and threw away the gun.

Zhane tried to run home but he got caught in the middle of a huge brawl between Roman and Trayquel's gang.

Trayquel knocked out one of Roman's thugs and saw a terrified Zhane.

"Zhane? This is gonna be fun."

Zhane backed away and struggled to figure out what he was going to do next. Then a light flashed in front of everyone.

"This is a restricted area, all of you are under arrest", yelled a police trooper.

"Dang MPD", someone screamed.

Everyone scattered as Miami cops stormed the construction area.

"Oh man, oh man. I gotta get out of here", said Zhane.

Zhane saw police officers tackle and arrest gang bangers one by one. Some were being tazed and pepper sprayed. He even heard a gunshot that made him trip.

"If I live through this, I will never deal with gangs again".

He heard footsteps heading in his direction.

"You! Stay where you are", a cop yelled.

Zhane didn't turn around because the police would learn and remember his face if he did. Instead, he ran through the heavy machinery with the cops in hot pursuit until he made to the riverbank.

"I didn't plan on going for a swim, but if I stop here, I'll be in the back of a police car."

Zhane took a deep breath and jumped in the water before the cops saw him.

"Did anyone see where he went", asked one cop.

"Nope look around he's hiding somewhere", said another cop.

Adrenaline ran through Zhane's body from head to toe as he rapidly swam through the deep water for 20 feet until he made it to land.

Zhane struggled to catch his breath and thought out loud.

"Man, that was close. That's it I'm dealing with gangs ever again! Forget Roman and forget Trayquel. I'll just have to figure out how to make Bull back off myself."

Zhane ran home in his wet clothes and sighed in relief when the house was quiet.

"Phew. I escaped thugs, cops and made it home in one piece", he thought himself.

"What do you mean you escaped thugs and cops?"

Zhane eyes stretched and turned around to see Vitani smugly staring at him with her arms folded.

"Oh Vitani. Well let's just say that I'm not cut out to be a gang banger".

"What?! You joined a gang? And you got in trouble with the cops", asked Vitani.

"Shh not so loud. No, I almost got maimed by Trayquel Thomas and the cops never saw my face. I was lucky to make it out safely. So, I'm not in trouble or anything".

"Well, you're gonna be. You know mama hates gangs. That's what killed daddy."

"Don't you do that to me Vitani. I don't know why I even thought about it, but I'm done with gangs".

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't", she asked.

Zhane paused for a minute.

"I'll help you clear your name at the mall. Remember mom is already crossed with you about that. Do you really think she wants to hear the gang incident too."

Vitani thought to herself.

"You really don't think I stole from Forever 21", she asked.

"Vee you may be annoying sometimes but I know you're not a thief."

Vitani smiled.

"Fine. If you can prove I'm innocent of stealing from the mall. I won't say a word about you being in a gang war".

"Deal", said Zhane.

The two of them shook hands sealing their deal.

"By the way bro. Take a shower you smell like fish".

Zhane frowned at his sister as she walked upstairs giggling.

"She always has to have the last laugh".

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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