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You are a shoe.

Can a shoe fall in love with its owner? What happens if it happens? Who would interfere with this? Yes, you have many questions in your mind. We must look for answers to these..

By ~ Mikail ~ Published 5 months ago 3 min read
like a cinderella..

Once upon a time, there was an elegant evening shoe that was the silent witness of crowded city streets. This shoe, which has never seen the light of day and shines only in the silver light of the moon, has a striking beauty with its pearl-like lace and shiny black leather, and was the partner of its owner's most special moments. Its owner was a young woman who brought him to life at every step with her gentle and elegant movements. The shoe was always eager to take him to the top.ovements. The shoe was always eager to take him to the top.

Every night, when he returned to his place in the shoe closet, he missed the woman's soft touches and found peace with the dream of hugging her feet. That woman was more valuable than all the riches in the world for her shoes. The shoe would go to any lengths for the woman's happiness, he wanted to lighten her tired steps and add joy to her joy. However, the shoe experienced the bittersweet reality of existing silently with the sadness of not being able to express its feelings.

One day, the woman put on the shoes and blended into the lights of the city. The shoe took in every moment she danced, every laugh, every happy moment. And when the night was over, the woman took off the shoe and left him in the dark again. Remembering that night, the shoe waited impatiently for its owner's return.

As time passed, the only thing accompanying the loneliness of the shoe was his endless hope for the woman's return and his endless love for her. It was just a night shoe, but its love for its owner was a story as deep and pure as the greatest loves.

And so it was that tonight the heart of his shoe was overflowing with the woman who owned it. During nights filled with deep longing, he would burn with a warm longing in the cold arms of loneliness. He always dreamed of reaching the woman's feet and dreamed of a life that found meaning with her presence.

Every time the woman went out, the shoe followed her steps, and at every turn it seemed like she could hear the echo of her smile. When its owner wore it, the shoe felt as if it had found its own purpose; Those moments were the most precious moments of the shoe's life. The only desire of the shoe was to hug the woman's elegant feet and make her dance all night long.

This silent love was embroidered in every stitch and sole of the shoe. The night shoe shines with the joy of its owner and fades with the sadness. Every moment they spent together was a unique treasure for him. The shoe was a loyal friend that supported the woman in every step, offered her comfort in her tired moments, and shared her happiness in her happy moments.

And every night, while waiting for the woman's return under the stars, the shoe whispered that it was a work that fit her feet perfectly, and that it only gained meaning with the woman's presence. The woman, perhaps unknowingly, carried the loyalty and silent love of the shoe with her every step. This must be the deepest love that can be felt for a shoe; A love felt for its owner, offered without expecting anything in return and lasting beyond time...

A dark curtain of the night fell over the night shoe whispering its own story under the stars. The shoes were now worn out and out of fashion; Only faded memories remained from the days when he cheerfully accompanied his master's feet. It lay forgotten and abandoned in the darkest corner of the closet. However, he still maintained his love for his owner, remembering those good old days every night.

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~ Mikail ~

My name is Mikail, I am reaching you from Türkiye. My articles will generally continue as fiction and fantasy, and I will do my best to make you, my readers, enjoy them.

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