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You and Filipinos Since 1892

a book review by George Ryan Tabada

By George Ryan TabadaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Photo by: Patrick Josh Atayde

It was how a millennial met her Prince Charming in year 1892 that glittered our history as their fairytale began.

I Love You Since 1892, a famous book written by Binibining Mia or well known as UndeniablyGorgeous as her pen name conveyed a great kaleidoscope of unforgettable plot, crafted from twisted reality and numerous memories. It conveyed all the fading features from the past that nowadays people cannot be seen anymore. It dwelt into the abyss of history where treasures of our wonderful country used to lay. It tackled every inch of the addictive view of past's picturesque as if it was a time machine that could bring as back to a year we were not born.

Reading the strokes of its lust-forming ink will give us privilege to travel in battlefield where Dr. Jose Rizal and his comrades used to fight for our hidden freedom.

It emphasized the beauty of our very own history as it waded into the perpetual cultures of Filipinos. It settled in our lovely virtues like 'pagmamano' and the use 'po' and 'opo' when talking to elders, diving also into family values that we should not forget such as dinner with complete members, doing house chores even without command of seniors, and being decent and hospitable to visitors as they entered home.

However, as the story travelled with fulfilling glimpse of traditions and chivalrous culture inherited from the Spaniards, nothing but myriads of heartbreaks will clatter in our hearts. For this novel acted like a rollercoaster ride that could slam felicity making readers shed with beads of tears. Because it told a mind-blowing story about how a single mistake could ruin entire lifetime as if turning thousand dreams into on unfathomable horror of nightmare. In other words, it dug the deepest emotion that no one can resist for it was not all about indulging ourselves through the story; but through the characters as they suffered the silhouette of their tales. For they experienced betrayals, murders, injustice, discrimination, hatreds, and lies. They witnessed even the most horrific tales no one will dare to enter even up to this day.

But also, it showcased the way how the characters fell in love, the reason why as the story went on, the picture of courting a lady flaunted with romantic scenery such as a well-known harana and the use of literary pieces. It involved the obstacles that a man should overcome for claiming a heart of a princess was never easy. Unlike now that courting also happens in cyberspace, even unbelievable because a love formed in this kind of cyber realm is delicate where saying "I love you" is not accompanied by a word "Forever" . . . for next to the word "Online" is nothing but "Temporary".

History really repeats itself. This is one of the unforgettable thoughts laid in book that we can compare to the atmosphere of today's politics. For before, it is decorated with corrosive corrupt politicians that destroyed hopes entangled in our heroes and heroines' promises. Yet until now, we still see the claws of this dirty reality where lies and broken promises became the endless reason of these never-ending social conflicts.

I Love You Since 1892 is not just a book about love and history. It is all about unheard tragedies that talks about great love that knows no boundaries and the tragic history of our country that we cannot deny, still happens today.

It was how a millennial met her prince charming in year 1892 and their fairytale began to start ruining our hate for learning our very own Philippine history.

A book review by: George Ryan P. Tabada


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George Ryan Tabada

George Ryan Tabada is a fourth-year journalism student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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