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By Shelby Hagood Published 8 months ago 3 min read

Draya was a word weaver. She was responsible for many of the books that had become popular to date. What made words tick? The way they caught people’s attention and made them say WOW.

Draya was due with her coven to create another bestseller. She was blocked on her word magic and wanted a story to help inspire her magic for a creation of a story. She went to her sister Kira. Kira was a ginger witch. Her latest take on the herb was baking gingerbread cookies that looked like people. The person that eats the cookie has control over the other person for a bit of time.

“Got any fun drama to tell me about who you have given cookies to?” She asked her.

“Ah, there was quite the interesting one lately where a man wanted his high school obsession to come back from her big city job so he ate the cookie to control her on back,” she told me.

“Did he get that idea from a hallmark movie?” I asked and laughed.

“Everyone loves a cute love story until they learn what went behind it was a bit of control,” she smirked and sipped her ginger tea.

“It maybe would be nice for my next book to be Christmas based. People love Christmas,” Draya thought aloud.

“Christmas with a twist,” Kira cackled, “make a love story magical and then reveal it was all someone eating my cookies all along.”

“People wouldn’t trust their sudden urges ever again. Maybe sit with a decision to make sure it is their own first,” Draya took out strips of paper while words suddenly starting appearing on paper and then morphing into one another until she had a full manuscript for a book.

“Just think, it takes other writers sitting at a computer breaking their necks just to get this,” Kira smiled while she took some cookies out of the oven and worked her magic to make them look just like the people that others wanted to buy from her.

“They have AI writing now you know. Never know when science will finally catch up with magic,” Draya answered her.

“Oh please, I’d like to see it remotely do what you can. Well, what happens at the end in that book? Does the woman who the man ate a cookie of choose to stay with him or dump him because of what he has done?” Kira rubs her hands together.

“Stay with him,” Draya responded.

“Huh, well she better use that as leverage later on in the relationship then,” Kira rolled her eyes.

“You would never trust real love, huh?” Draya asked her.

“What is there to trust when I can just eat my man,” Kira snapped a cookie between her teeth and crunched.

“You just might some day find a man you don’t have to use a cookie on my dear sister,” Draya teased.

“If it isn’t a cookie then it’s my magic tea they will drink,” she took a sip from the steaming cup.

“Maybe you will finally just use ginger on a partner to cure a stomach ache instead of popping your magic in there too,” Draya cooed.

“Don’t look at me for being the sappy type. The only sap I like is the honey I drizzle in my tea,” she held up the honey bottle.

“Having a honey always does make things better,” Draya giggled as she mailed the manuscript.

“That book has now rubbed off on you too much as always. The after magic shall wear out and you will end your silly talk. Just let your coven know to thank me for the inspiration,” Kira waved Draya goodbye before starting on her next batch of cookies for the oven.


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