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Wisdom of the Walker Women

an Ascension tale of Agatha & Elizabeth.

By Danielle DsEnlightenedEditsPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

One frost filled January, a set of soft cries crackled out, piercing the blue velvet hue, where the night meets the morning. In this moment, two souls, one winged, one babe, both blessed, sprang to life.

Born between the moments of sleep and awake, these special spirits where chosen, destined to work together, to walk the paths between worlds. The winged one, was a heart faced barn owl, who would come to be known as Agatha. The babe, a speckled faced, smart pants, beauty, whom the matriarchs called Elizabeth.

A precocious and protean child, Elizabeth would grow to become what was known in her family as a Walker Woman; or one who walks the space between worlds, in order to heal and connect them. Every few generations, such a child would enter the family.

A Walker, walks for many reasons throughout their time. They are the wondered ones, not restricted by the laws of time or space. Able to inhabit different dimensional levels, they have an innate ability, to enter (or be called into) other realms at will.

Each one of their gifts and missions is unique; but all share an ability to enter, peer into, or bridge the gaps between dimensions. To a Walker, the pasts, parallels, and futures, are all part of one ever ascending web. He or She can walk this web; and learn from it, as its own living being, in order to weave, rewire, or retrieve with it. Some even take on the task of working with those within, who are ready to heal and be tangle free.

When a Walker is born a woman, she is both witch and woman.

She is animal and angel.

She is Earthen and Elemental.

Whether or not she bears a child, a Walker Woman, always births and creates. Her very being acts as a portal, a gateway between worlds. Together with her familiar, she will work to usher in healing, wisdom, and truth. Through a shared life, they will use their proficiencies as prophetess, to deliver messages and energies, help raise the collective consciousness, collect and connect new threads, within the space of sleep and wake.

Walkers you see, are a special species all their own. Being born in conjunction with their familiars, means that these children possess the powers of their animal, and their ancestors, while also having access to the magicks of the realms of Earth and Sky.

The last Walker Woman born before Elizabeth, was Sue Ellen Nickel, Elizabeth’s great aunt, thrice removed. Sue Ellen had walked the fields with her Frog familiar; and was said to have helped the soldiers of the Civil War overcome the difficulties and pain of loss of limb. She and her family were known to set up secret camps, where healing Union & Confederate soldiers, sat together with Slaves passing through their stop on the Railroad. Sharing food and drink, fire and friendship, these men (and occasional women), sat around fires stoked by Sue, being blessed with the energies of brotherhood and forgiveness. Imbued with the light of understanding that we were all one, and that one day, this war would be revealed as the ridiculous … the men and women who received regeneration and connection energy, from the light of those fires, went on to change their respective parts of the world.

Some say, that the ancestor of a King even saw Sue Ellen, and the light of those nights. Elizabeth liked to imagine that King was the one with whom she shared her birthday, who also spoke to the world of his dreams. This shared experience, also prompted Elizabeth’s middle name, Martin. Though it added yet another thing to the list of unusual traits about her, Elizabeth was always proud to tell people her name. For she was named after both a Queen and a King; and she couldn’t have been more proud. She would prove to wear the name well as one who walks, always reminding others to appreciate both the spirit, and the beautiful skin it happened be in.

Even though Walkers themselves were the most revered, it was important to remember, that between generations, all the women in the family were able possess power (should they choose it). They may have decided to use it as teachers, caretakers, kitchen witches, healers, or midwives; but each was able to engage with magick in her own way, as they worked and waited for the next one who would bridge the gap, and walk their family forward through the next age.

Elizabeth, was long awaited, born into the hands of her grandmother, one of the county’s most renowned midwives and wise women. With her parents passing not long after her birth, Elizabeth came to magick early, raised by her grandmother and maiden aunt Mary, to appreciate the magick in the mundane, and to make the mundane magick.

She learned from them well. From her grandmother, Elizabeth learned to cook, create, and birth new beings into the world. From her aunt, she learned of the past, of herbs, animals, and anthologies. It was through Mary, that Elizabeth first learned to see and appreciate the connections and patterns between all living things. It was also through Mary, that Elizabeth was first introduced to her familiar. Mary was in the barn reading and researching during Elizabeth’s birth. It was she, who was there as Agatha hatched into the world, screeching, to mirror her niece’s cry.

As Elizabeth grew, Agatha also transformed … growing with her, under Mary’s tutelage, from a “standard” owlet, into a powerful protectress.

Familiars of Walkers are not limited by their species. They use it as form; but always they are more. Though a typical barn owl may grow to live only a decade or more, Agatha would share her life-force with Elizabeth, exiting the world as they entered it … together.

Motivated by the spirits that called them, Agatha and Elizabeth deepened their bond through the years, blending both their gifts and spirits. By establishing their telepathic connection, the two were able to share information and abilities, and remain in contact as they journeyed.

Of all Agatha’s beauties, her glorious eyes and the speckles on her chest, were Elizabeth’s favorite. To her, the spots appeared as stars, as maps and mirrors of the constellations that the two had traveled, through alternate lives and astral ascensions. These marks perfectly matched, with the beauty marks and freckles Elizabeth had modeled since birth. She remembered naming each one over the years, carefully assigning them titles based on their transient travels, and the mythologies they had loved and studied.

Of all their travels, trips to the stars and to the lands of the Fae, were Elizabeth’s favorites. Being a Walker was most certainly a gift, she would never want to class it as a burden; but the one who walks, who can see the possibilities of all things, can sometimes find it very heavy to return to (or remain grounded in) this earthly plane.

Elizabeth’s life was magickal; but rarely felt like her own. Bouncing around between realms and timelines, she helped so many; yet few seemed to understand or be able to maintain wavelength with her. Being loved for what you do, rather than for who you are, always felt a very real possibility. Even the family who loved her, couldn’t help but to see her at times as their beacon, healer, or teacher.

Over time, the one who operated outside of it, would learn how to set boundaries, and find balance between her earthly and extra dimensional realities. Through helping others, she learned how to also help herself. She learned how much stronger her collective works could be, when she had the courage to enjoy her life as hers.

Her connection with Agatha was at times her one constant, her anchor in a sea of Source. Through the eyes of Agatha, she rose to new heights; and together, they took nightly flights, through the dreamtime.

Agatha reminded Elizabeth how very vast their spirits were, that they were always looked over, and never alone. Most of all, Agatha’s ability to share shape and consciousness with her, reminded Elizabeth how very temporary this human form is. Their travels to other times and transits, reminded her that reality is more malleable than most people like to believe.

For it could be fleeting or infinite, gorgeous or grotesque; but for all its beauties and it faults, the world’s one constant was its ability to change. Though she and her gifts certainly helped, she found that the world was increasingly adaptable, and didn’t need her in order to survive (as she’d always been pressured to believe, by those who had pinned their hopes and dreams upon her).

Being one with a Nature Spirit, Elizabeth knew that Mother Nature would always find a way; it was only her people who were stubborn, forever tangling the cosmic web.

And so, she thought, she found the root of her truest mission … helping people to release themselves from the knots they had created, in order to use the threads to create a new web, better suited to their wants, needs, hopes, and dreams.

It would not be the easiest of tasks. Tangles of the karmic web, coiled around many souls and nations, even around Elizabeth herself. In truth, the more she looked, the more she worried. ‘How would she do this?’ she thought. Just then, she heard Agatha’s voice loud and strong “We do it together; and its not all your responsibility” nodded Agatha, pressing her head to Elizabeth’s third eye with a nuzzle and a sigh.

As they embraced, Elizabeth received a vision. She saw and felt the love, the support, of a thousand other selves … plopped throughout the galaxy, all interconnected, sharing wisdom and light. She knew these were other versions of herSelf, her Soul, stations of Source. She even felt the presence of her contemporaries on the journey, calling out and making themselves known. ‘So she was not alone’, she thought, ‘not really’. This was her station, but it wasn’t her only one, she wasn’t the only one. There were any number like her out there, all walking and weaving. Her purpose wasn’t only to walk, weave, heal, or disentangle … it was this, it was to connect. The ‘right connection’, could disengage any number of negative webs or karmas; and she had thousands of connections, all there at the ready.

Through these, a new web was forming, a new world was birthing. Elizabeth finally got to be a part of it; because she chose to stop focusing on the tangle, and start appreciating the web for what it was … points of connection, which were ready to be used, any way we choose.

A story by 𓌂©♡~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®~☆🌈𓌂 of, All Rights Reserved. Written January of 2022, based on my own spiritual gifts, practice, and travels.


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