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Wings of the World

A Fascinating Alternate Reality

By Dolvie N.Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Wings of the World
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In this alternate world, every other person is born with a pair of wings. These wings vary in size, shape, and color, but they all share one thing in common: they allow their owners to fly.

The history of this world is shrouded in myth and legend, but according to the most widely accepted story, the wings were a gift from the gods. Long ago, when humanity was still young, the gods took pity on the people, who were bound to the earth and could not reach the heavens.

So the gods created a magical race of winged beings and sent them down to Earth to live among the humans. These winged beings were known as the Aethereals, and they taught the humans how to fly using their wings.

Over time, some humans began to show signs of the Aethereal bloodline, and soon, a new generation was born with wings of their own. At first, these winged humans were revered and worshipped as demigods, but over time, they became more commonplace.

The world changed in many ways as a result of the appearance of the winged humans. Cities were redesigned with flying in mind, with tall buildings and skyscrapers reaching towards the sky. Transportation became more efficient and faster, with many people choosing to fly instead of drive or take public transportation.

Of course, not everything was perfect. Discrimination against non-winged humans became a major issue, with some winged humans believing themselves to be superior to their grounded counterparts. Wars were fought over resources, with winged factions often having the upper hand due to their ability to fly.

Despite these challenges, the world with winged humans continued to evolve and change. The Aethereals remained a mysterious and powerful force, and some winged humans devoted themselves to worshipping and serving them.

But for most people, having wings was simply a part of life, like having blue eyes or brown hair. Some chose to embrace their abilities and become pilots or adventurers, while others simply lived their lives like anyone else.

In the end, the world with winged humans was a strange and fascinating place, full of wonder and danger, but also full of hope and possibility.

As the centuries passed, the world of winged humans continued to evolve and adapt. New technologies were developed that allowed non-winged humans to fly as well, but the winged humans remained the masters of the skies.

The Aethereals, once revered as gods, became more distant and reclusive, rarely appearing in the world of humans. Some speculated that they were no longer interested in the affairs of mortals, while others believed that they were simply biding their time, waiting for the right moment to intervene.

Meanwhile, the world was changing in other ways as well. Climate change and other environmental factors began to take their toll, leading to new challenges and dangers. Some winged humans dedicated themselves to protecting the natural world, using their abilities to survey and study the planet from above.

Others, however, saw the changing world as an opportunity for profit and power. Corporate interests and political factions clashed over resources and territory, often with devastating consequences.

Despite these challenges, the world of winged humans remained a place of wonder and possibility. New discoveries were made, new frontiers explored, and new cultures emerged. Some winged humans even began to form their own societies and civilizations, separate from the non-winged humans.

And always, the skies remained open, beckoning to those with wings and daring enough to explore them. The world of winged humans was a place of mystery and magic, where anything was possible and nothing was certain.

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