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Why put on a mask?

Not for viruses,but to show people?

By Vishnu PriyaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

A young employee named Michael with poor self-esteem was promoted. But the reality is he couldn't reconcile himself to the new office and position. So what he was doing on working hours is pretty bad attitude which is pretending as if he is working. Days goes on. One day when he is sitting on chair he heard a knock at him door.

Poor guy, doesn't know who is the person and started showing how important and busy he was, He just picked up the phone and then asked the visitor to come in. As the man waited for Michael inside of his cabin, even at that time Michael kept talking on the phone, nodding and saying, "No Problem! I can handle that"

After few minutes, he hung and asked the visitor what he could do for him. The man replied, " Sir ,I'm here to connect your phone”. Michael felt ashamed of himself that time and decided not to do therefore.

Here what's the message are you getting? Why pretending? What are we trying to prove about ourselves to others? What are we getting as by doing that? Why do we need to lie? Why are we looking for false importance. I know this sounds crazy, but we all are pretending in this world in one or some other way. I literally got that feeling that are we living in any drama world. These behavior is from insecurity and poor esteem, like Michael.

I believe that if person lives with conviction and cooperation, he can move others with his efforts. He is worthy of self respect. Its not that everyone pretends for good, so I'm just trying to portrait a stories with what people would do on some situations. Please share you thoughts.


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Vishnu Priya

I believe that words have the power to shape the world and inspire change.My name is Vishnu Priya and I am a writer with a focus on suspenseful thrillers and sci-fi, technologies.I'm excited to continue crafting stories

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