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By NJPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Crashing Waves: Pastel Art by Nina Jatania

My eyes opened.

And I saw you

Warm waves were enveloping around me. As my frame sunk into the soft back sand.

"Can you raise your arms?" A hushed voice came out from you.

My hands pushed up towards the glaring sun. The features of your face blocked by this intense light.

You pulled me up before another wash of waves came forward.

"You must feel parched," the female stated. "Let's take you to the shade a few feet from the beach. Can you make it?" she asked.

My head somehow nodded in this daze. She gently sat me down on a smooth rock below a palm tree.

I looked up towards the blocked sun.

"You are safe." She squatted down beside me and passed a half-cut coconut shell filled with the most delicious beverage I had gulped in my entire life.

"Gentle, my dear. You have been in the sun far too long." And with that, she smoothed my hair, and tied a handkerchief atop. After that she applied a smooth cream to my blistered lips.

"Coconut balm." She beamed as she applied more to my arms.

"Who...? Who…..."

The waves continued to wash ashore I tried to ask who she was. She took such care of me.

Who was she? Where was I? And what was she going to do with me?

"Take a few more gradual sips, my dear."

Without hesitation, I acquiesced as she filled my coconut shell with more of that tasty water. Each sip of the sweet liquid invigorated my being. And gave me strength as she pulled me towards her.

"Okay, my dear. I think you have enough strength to walk back to my cabin."

I had no choice but let her hand wrap around to support my back. While my right arm was draped around her neck. And together we took tiny steps towards a worn-out path in the trees.

The palm trees masked the daylight. Though streams of light lit up the flora and fauna of what seemed to be a tropical destination.

"You are doing well, my dear. We are almost there." And with that, I glimpsed a small thatched cabin, the roof adorned with palms.

With each stride towards the tiny cottage, my strength seemed to suck into the ground. I was slowing down.

"A few more steps, my dear. And you can take a rest in my cabin by the sea."

My eyes opened larger as I saw the sea yet again. It created a stunning backdrop as light twinkled on specs of blue water. This was her backyard.

At last, I forced the final steps inside her cabin. It looked to be one large room. Though a few large palms tied together hung from the celling at the edge of a wall.

"Let's walk through these palms my dear. I will give you my bed to rest."

Carefully, she sat me on the soft bed, and lay me down. I did not struggle.

"My little one, my little one I know you have lots of questions."

These were the last words I heard before my head hit the pillow. I fell into a deep drugged sleep.


My eyes opened again.

I heard a rustling sound behind a set of palms. That must be a door I thought. I had no idea where I was, but the dream like memory of washing up on a beach and kind stranger giving me a sweet drink.

My throat felt parched yet again. To side of the bed, I glanced a pitcher. A covered coconut cup sat beside it.

My hand reached to uncover the cup. As I gathered strength to sit up, I brought the cup to my lips and tasted water. Plain refreshing water which I greedily drank.

My noise must have alerted the kind lady.

"My dear, you are up. You look well considering I found you washed up along the shore."

"Thank you for saving me from the waves."

She glanced at me and smiled.

"It was my pleasure dear. I am happy for the company on this tiny tropical island. And in some ways, I was expecting you, I think."

Her eyes glimmered with hope and lightness. Like an angel, I saw a sun halo appear above her head.

I smiled back and nodded. I had been searching for this woman for years.

She was my mother.


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