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When World’s Collide 🌍

by Adrianonis McGinnis 5 months ago in Short Story
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The start of something new

I used to believe real love was something played on tv screen were movies showed that two complete strangers, just so happen to stumble across each other and fall in love on sight.

“That’s unbelievable “ Jane said.

“How can you feel something with a stranger you just met within that minute?” “Is it possible to find a connection with someone like that?”

I thought to myself, while laying in bed in the dark while playing with my hair and staring up at the ceiling fan.

You could only imagine the type of love and time that life will bring your way once you start to just live through it from day to day.

Hi 👋🏾, the name is Jane. Jane McCall and I am a freshman at Lincoln State College. I tend to be to myself from time to time, but that’s how I like it. While laying in bed, I find myself imagining and thinking 💭 to myself out loud a lot. Answering my own questions, and being in complete silence.

Yep, that’s how I like it. I’m an English Lit major you see, reading and studying 📚 the books of other people thoughts. Being able to learn and understand someone else’s thoughts and ideas 💡 are quite interesting. My love for books 📖 comes from me wanting to know more. Which causes me to spend time to myself a lot more than usual. Which brings me back to being alone in my room on a Friday evening.

“Agh, I need some air”, Jane said. “ I guess I’ll go to the library for a bit.”

As I get dressed and head out the door, I give my roommate, Kiyah, a text to let her know I’ll be out for a bit. Kiyah and I have been roommates since I got to Lincoln and we’ve been get along together quite well actually.

As I’m walking to the library, I stop and got something to drink from the vending machine outside.

“Beep, Beep” goes my phone. 📱 “What’s that?”

A text comes through from Kiyah informing me on the details about a music festival that’s suppose to be going on tonight.

“Sounds interesting “, Jane said.

Music 🎶 playing loud enough to overpower my thoughts, this could be fun.

“Eh, I might go, scratch that, I’ll see you there” Jane texted back to Kiyah.

Maybe this won’t be so bad . Something interested might even happen.

“Who Knows” Jane said, while getting her soda 🥤 out the vending machine and walking through the library’s doors.

You ever meet someone and something just clicks? It’s like a feeling, a spark, an instant connection; almost as if your souls recognize each other; but you’re meeting each other for the first time ever in your lives. What do you call that? I don’t know what it’s called, but that moment, I’ve met her, was the moment I felt it.

Hello there 👋🏾, the names Jay Mitchell and it’s nice to meet you. Oh, yeah I bet your wondering 💭 why I have a part in this story with Jane. Well, for some strange reason, we’ve linked together in a way. It’s hard to explain, so let me start from the beginning. Which was earlier this morning, when I’ve just transferred to Lincoln State.

I’m a music major from a small village called “MilField”, but I moved to Rome to travel and find my passion for a year and now I’m here at Lincoln. Earlier today I was moving my things into my room; which by then I’ve met my roommate Martin. Martin’s a tall and bright individual and he was very excited to see me and he wanted to take me out on campus to the music festival happening that night.

I said “sure” and finished gathering my things into the room.

“This should be fun” said Jay. A music festival with good music and good looking people; especially the women. “It would be nice to meet the one for me tonight. The one that can help me during my time here.” Said Jay, while taking a shower and getting dressed for the festival.

It’s getting closer to that time for me to mate. To be with the one to become one. Who will she be? When will that be? How would she be? Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, I’m also a werewolf. Yeah, it’s normal on this side of town and it’s kinda been in my family for generations. I shred a lot out of my clothes. That sucks, but aye, you get use to it. It’s in my blood 🩸so I’ve learned ways on how to manage it. And at this point in my life, I just want to be myself and be accepted for who I am. And all that wouldn’t matter once I find my mate.

“Aye, Jay you ready bro?” said Martin.

“Yeah man, let me put on my shoes.” said Jay.

As we headed to the festival, I couldn’t help but to look at all the beautiful women walking passed me.

“Ooooweee, this could be my lucky 🍀 night” Jay said.

“Slow your roll, cowboy” said Martin. “Music first, then the ladies, think about your future.”

“Ok, ok but the ladies are apart of my future,” laughed Jay.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the festival. It was so breathe taking. Colorful flashing lights of blue, green, and purple bouncing from every area of the place. Bubbles and big gigantic balloons flowing and being toss off of many people’s hands. An upbeat dance music being played by Deadmau5 was filling the area with heavy bass and define instrumentals. Having the whole crowd up on their feet’s 👣 dancing and having a great time.

“What a wonderful sight”, said Jay.

“This could be you bro,” said Martin. “Take it all in; and embrace it.

“ I am,” said Jay. “ This starting to feel like home. 🏠

After Deadmau5 played his set, a new comer came on the stage name 10toes. Once he started playing, all eyes were on him. He started his set with this amazing dramatic effect, causing people to stop 🛑 dead in their track and placed their gaze onto him. Then came along this beautiful melody, with a guitar and piano harmonizing together. With such peacefulness and tranquility. I’ve closed my eyes while continuing listening 👂 to the music. Next thing I know, I felt a wave 🌊 of warmth coming from my chest leading up to my eyes.

“What is happening,” Jay said. “What’s going on.”

As I open my eyes, I met the gaze of this beautiful woman. Her eyes are stunning and bright and they were glowing purple!

“Oh my God”, was the only thing that came out of my mouth. She turned away quickly and ran out of the crowd. “Who was that”, said Jay.

“Who bro, what your talking about- ummm Jay your eyes are glowing blue!” Martin said.

“Really?! Holy Sh** they are!” said Jay as he rubs his eyes several time to see if they would change.

“What happened dude?” “Are you ok?” said Martin.

“I’m fine, but who was she?” said Jay. “Where did she go, I have to find her.”

“I don’t know, bro but we need to make sure you alright, let’s go to the sitting area.” said Martin. And that was the beginning of my search for the woman with the purple eyes.

“Sh**, shi**, shi**!” Jane said.

I thought I had it under control, why is this happening now?! I knew once I let my guard down that something was going to come along and reveal my identity. Once I allowed the music to take over me, I felt my body changing and feeling warmth all over my body. Then, it happened. I open my eyes to this gorgeous, handsome man and my eyes were glowing. Right in front of him! Like WTF.🤦🏾‍♀️ I wasn’t ready to tell others about my powers. I wasn’t ready to deal with the gossip and rumors throughout the campus. I just want to be normal for once, is that so hard.

Well, since the cat 🐈‍⬛ out of the bag, I’ll tell you guys. I’m a witch. I inherited the traits of my mother and it is alot to deal with. I have a long line of witches in my family and obviously I don’t like to talk about it. Sometimes I am unable to control my powers and it gets overwhelming. I finally thought I was in control of it, but tonight it clearly shows I am not.

“What should I do?” said Jane. “Should I go back to hiding in my room or pack up my things and go live with my mom?”

“No, maybe he didn’t see my eyes”, said Jane. “Well of course he saw my eyes, I was right in front of him!” “Aaaaaaahhhhh!”

“Calm down, calm down. You’ll figure this out. You always does” said Jane, to herself while looking in the mirror.

“Just Breathe”

Knock, knock, knock. ✊🏾 There’s a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” said Jane. Without even noticing it I’ve open the door 🚪 and there he was. Standing before me.

“It’s you!” “ What are you doing at my room?” “ How did you find me?” said Jane.

“Hi, umm I don’t know what lead me here or how I got here, but I’m glad I found you.” said Jay. Nice to meet you.

The two extended their hands to shake and once they touched, again both of their eyes began to glow.

“Woah” They both said.

“This have indeed been a very interested night for me” said Jane to herself.

“You and me both” said Jay.

What, you can read my mind?! Holy Crap!

To Be Continued…….

Short Story

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