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When No One Else Will

The Island

By Michele J.Published 2 years ago 17 min read
When No One Else Will
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Casey and her mom sat outside of the café holding their coffee cups; it was brisk this morning. Her mom telling her about some of the costumes the kiddos were wearing last night. She was supposed be there, but she canceled. It was not entirely a lie; feeling sick. She needed some download time. She remembered at one point; thinking about using the costume on Halloween night at her mom's. That was before the gravity of the situation set in, true she felt no remorse. The act itself did not bother her. The two things she had gnawing at her were; The trust she put in people; she did not know, blindly following instructions; this troubled her. This was out of character, since the mugging for sure. The other; She was lucky; Hank could have had a gun or a knife. In a life and death scenario, can she defend herself? These are the parts she needed to deal with. “Casey, Casey Earth to Casey.” her mom was saying with a smile.

Finishing the morning with her mom; She headed to the gym. Damian was back in town, his mother feeling better. She looked forward to a good workout and wondering if he knew who she killed. The news had reported that Hank Term’s plane crashed killing him instantly. Apparently, he was badly burned and they used his teeth to ID him. No pilot was found and the fight was not registered anywhere.

Arriving at the gym Damian is already there, talking to one of his “groupies” she teases him about. He sees her; excuses himself and walks to meet her. He is a good-looking man without a doubt. 38, 6”2” dark brown eyes, jet black hair. His body was lean, but had well defined muscles; in all the right places. His smile was one that touched his eyes somehow making you feel like the only person in the room. His 5 o’clock shadow enhancing the well etched features of his face.

After some small talk, he motions her to follow him. They go to the massage therapy room he shuts the door. This isn’t the usual routine; she stands there looking at him uncertain. “So, you good? "He asked, staring at her trying to read her. “Yeah, mostly” she replied. He tells her to get on the table and begins to massage her back asking her to explain the mostly part. Telling him about her thoughts, doubts; she still wasn’t sure how to describe them. As she spoke and he found every knot from her neck to her ass, tension fading, her mind clearing, that 4D feeling coming back. Realizing she needed someone to trust with certain information, making sure she arrives and departs safely. That would definitely help her to feel better. Improving her fitness, her self-defense skills. She rolls on her side, propping her head with her hand. “Want to do me a favor?” she asks him with a raised eyebrow aiming for a look of mischief. He laughs, he had already thought of offering his assistance in both areas. He said “Come on let's work more on offensive moves.” Jumping off the table smiling, satisfied with how things were moving along. Walking out the door she pauses, wondering am I really going to do this? She laughs to herself thinking mom did say I should pick a new career soon. He agreed to work her hard, and did not let her down. He also mentioned some target practice would be wise as well.

With the schedule set for the shooting rage and strategies discussed, they parted ways. Her mind wandered off while driving. Replaying the events at the hotel afterwards.

When they arrived back at the hotel, the driver parked under the canopy, opened her door and stated that he would be escorting her to her room. The lobby was completely empty, not even a desk attendant. They saw no one at all going to her room. Once inside, the driver gave her a bag to put her clothes in and told her to leave it in the tub when she was done showering. They are going to the airport; he would pack up her things in the meantime.

She remembered the feel of the knife slicing through his neck, the sound of him gurgling, his hand reaching in slow motion for his neck. The muscle under his thumb where she sliced him was cut in two, each half twitching in unison. She saw small deposits of whitish fatty tissue, and what was maybe a tendon. Recalling the warmth of his blood that got on her, she remembered the names she spoke. Feeling the power of them. Watching them drain away his life as she lowered him to the floor. She swore she saw dozens of small little lights leaving his body as he died. Spirits, of the children; her inner voice said. She felt oddly at peace at that time, her pulse had not quickened, nor was she out of breath. Who knows how long she would have sat there. She was thankful for Leatherface snapping her out of it. She wondered if he had seen the lights as well.

Over the next several weeks, her skills with a rifle made great strides. Her favorite a FNAR .308; hitting the bullseye at 1000 yards felt pretty good. There was also improvement with her 43, more accurate at 20 yards now. She is able to react faster to physical threats, learned a few more self-defense strategies. She noticed that 4D feeling more often when she was working-out with Damian. She could sense/see what moves he was going to make and counteract them quickly.

The day arrived; she came home and found a box on her table. She picked it up to examine it, no name or address, wasn't very heavy, she could feel and hear stuff moving around inside. Opening it, she finds; $40,000 dollars, a cellphone, 2 envelopes, a fob with a Chevy emblem on it and credit card. Opening the letter sized envelope she reads:

Thank you for attending our event. All of us here at Life Reset would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!! Your number was draw and we are proud to present you with A new Chevy Blazer. Just use the cell phone included in the package to request delivery. Once again, congratulations and we look forward to future endeavors. Please find attached title, all taxes are paid.

Looking at the title, the name said Beckey Keller. After rereading the note, still not sure what to think. She grabs the other and pulled out the file and pauses. She tosses the file on the table. Grabbing a glass, poured a generous shot of Crown Apple, lights a cigarette; she downs the shot and opens the folder.

She vaguely recognizes the guy in the picture, the next page is a factsheet about him. Media mogul Jeffery Thorton, age 57, married, 2 girlfriends, 3 kids. Owner of Thorton Media Group Division; controls 15 broadcast television stations, 3 national cable channels, 120 newspapers worldwide, 5 Daily newspapers and 73 radio stations. Thorton’s net worth is $67.4 billion dollars.

The factsheet went on to explain his political affiliations and how he used Thorton Media to push social and political interests. According to this information; He was instrumental in burying the Hank Terms story about his 30 years of terror on children.

Casey's first thought was “ok. He can die.” Second thought she was dumbfounded; she had no idea one person was in control of so many media outlets. She could see how that could actually make an impact. Turn truths into lies and vice versa.

The following pages were her travel itinerary. After a flight and a sea shuttle she would arrive at someplace called Anguilla. If she understood correctly; she was staying at a private beach front resort. She jumped online, Curious as George about this. Looking at her screen, smiling from ear to ear. Checking her confirmation numbers. Yep, that shit is real she told her laptop. Reviewing the rest of her travel information; her flight out is next week. Plenty of time to prepare. The last sheet detailed the instructions for her part and a passport in Beckey’s name in the pocket of the folder.

The week went by like a weekend instead, the car was delivered the next day after she called. The person in the phone informed her it was imperative that she use the car, and the credit card on all official business. Damian had gone over everything with a fine-tooth comb. At times it was annoying; she knew it was probably the fact that she was so fucking excited about this private beach front thing on some posh island. She spent a good chunk of change on new clothes and pretty much new everything for the trip. Why not? She had the cash; her bills were paid. Her mom taken care of as well. She told her mom she won a trip from a radio station and would be going to Florida for 4 days.

She could barely contain herself on the flights, checking in with Damian as agreed upon. Boarding the sea shuttle her heart was pounding with excitement. The evening sky seeming to blend into the water on the horizon. The sun slowing descending, the breeze was warm and salty. Reminding her of her last trip and the task at hand.

Pulling up to the dock, it was not was she was expecting. It was poorly lit and looking haphazardly placed. She could see a silhouette of someone standing on the dock rising along with the waves. As they pull up to the dock the deck hands secure the boat to a dry rotted piece of railing. She was feeling uneasy something felt off. In a matter of seconds, she is on the dock with her luggage as the boat pulls away. The person on the dock walks towards her, he seems familiar. “Ms. Keller, pleasant to see you.” it was the driver from Hollywood. He hands her a lantern and grabs her luggage. “This way please.” she follows without a word. They begin down a winding path through the woods, after a few minutes of walking she can see light ahead. Upon reaching the clearing, she sees a gravel parking lot with a car. The driver puts her luggage in the trunk and takes the lantern and hangs it on the light pole.

When the driver gets in the car she says “That wasn’t what I was expecting.” The driver looks at her nodding his head saying “That is where the silent guests arrive. We will discuss that later. For now, we need to get you to your villa.”

The house was barely visible through the palm trees and bushes. Inside was elaborately decorated, with marble accents. A cathedral ceiling, with huge glass chandlers. Everything looked brand new and very expensive. The back of the house was glass, there was a private swimming pool, past that the ocean. She turns to the driver and says “I don’t know your name, “Hey you” just doesn’t seem right.” Laughing the driver said “You can call me Dave.” He tells her to get settled in and get some rest, he would be back tomorrow afternoon to go over some details. Until then stay here and enjoy yourself.

Like a kid in a candy store, she checks around the house. The kitchen was stocked also the liquor cabinet. Crown apple, a cigarette and beer sounded great. The bathroom was insane, it had a jacuzzi, a steam room, 2 bathtubs one indoor and one outdoors, she decided to take a bath in the outdoor tub hoping to relax for bed.

At noon the doorbell rang, “Good Afternoon Beckey” Dave said he was carrying a large briefcase. After the pleasantries were over, they got down to business. Dave told her that tomorrow would have to be the day, the following day girlfriend number 2 would arrive and that the personal residential assistant would be at the house 24/7. She asked about surveillance cameras, Dave said not to worry about them as he got up from the table and motioned for her to follow him. They went into the bathroom; Dave pushed in a tile above the toilet and a small section of the wall opened up with stairs leading down. Pushing the tile next to the first one, the wall shut. He explained that there was a tunnel system running underneath the villas. She was to use the tunnel. He gave her two keycards; one for Jeffery’s tunnel door and one for hers. Back at the table he opens the briefcase; inside- Walther P22, a magazine, and 2 bowie knives. Holster and sheaths included.

Nodding her head, she closes the briefcase. She offers Dave a beer and a seat. She questions about the dock. Dave sighs, and begins. The “back dock” is used for new staff coming or anyone that might not survive the island. “Meaning?” she says as she pulls the briefcase closer to her. Dave laughs, shaking his head, “No, no I am speaking generally. You are the first guest of this sort.” He told her about the children that are purchased by guests for their entertainment and how the staff are abducted children that are raised and conditioned on a different island. “Conditioned for what?” she replies as her face flushes with anger. Looking down at the table he said “Anything the guests want as long as they stay within the rules.” Shaking her head, she asks “rules?” her eyes burning holes into the top of his head. Her stomach is churning and her heart is pounding in her throat. She can feel tears readying themselves. Looking up and rubbing his forehead he states “Look I am not any happier about this than you are. I am a partner in this, I am part of the reason you are doing what you are.” Standing up, slamming her hands on the table she yells “WHAT ARE THE FUCKING RULES!” Taking a deep breath, he replies “No, broken bones. No removal of any appendages. No killing.” Everything just explodes into fire for her, 4D hell on earth.

Dave left the island that day knowing that “Beckey” was perfect for the tasks ahead. Her primal self had broken loose. It took a 6pk of beer, several shots, few cigarettes and a lot of cussing, but he was able to talk her down. He got to know her a little bit. He liked that.

Back on an even keel, with a decent buzz and her emotions quiet. Casey sits on the patio looking out at the ocean. No longer wanting to enjoy anything about this place. Somehow, she would be contributing to this nightmare. Knowing that they have a fully staffed underground hospital for them, sort of just made it worse. Fucking insane shit. She made it clear to Dave that she will do what it takes to make a difference.

She walks over to the pool and sits to put her feet in. The water felt so good, she just slid right in clothes and all. Slowly she let herself sink down, eyes closed, the feeling of weightlessness is comforting to her. She stayed like that as long as she could hold her breath. Getting out she notices the sun is beginning to set. Inspired by her new knowledge; a job well done tomorrow is a must.

She takes off her clothes and grabs one of the fluffy white robes hanging by the pool. She grabs a bag of chips and a glass of water, turns of the TV. If anyone was to ask her what she watched, she would have had no idea. Water gone she brushes her teeth and goes to bed, falling asleep thinking about killing tomorrow.

She woke up to the sound of thunder, it was pouring down rain. It made everything look less inviting and she was glad about it. Coffee in had she watches the rain, thinking about Jeffery. Dave told her after she was done losing her shit that Jeffery has a video conference this morning and would be back at the villa to call his wife. She has three hours. After contacting Damian, she showers and gets dressed. Looking in the mirror her sense of humor tells her “Your dressed to kill.” smirking at herself.

She puts her keycard in her right back pocket and his in the left. Gun holstered on her right, one knife on her left and the second she would carry. Pushing in the tile the wall slides open, the stairway is narrow and looks like its carved from rock. The string of lights running along the ceiling looked like something that would be in a mine back in the 50’s. Following Dave's instructions she goes right. There were small puddles of water here and there, even though she was quiet there was still an echoing sound.

She found his door, swiped the card. The lock disengaged. Slowly she opens the door, peeking around as she pushes it open. She could see light coming from the stairs, cautiously she arrives at the top. She saw an exact copy of her bathroom. She hears the TV, she walks to the doorway looking out into the main room. Not seeing anyone she moves in to the room. 4D sense on high volume, she can hear the floor squeaking under her feet, her breath loud in her ears. Checking the entire house, she finds nothing. Walking into the kitchen, Jeffery is standing there. Seeing her and her knife he grabs a pan off the stove. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” She stands there in shock. How did she miss him? He advances towards her swinging the pan. Knocking the knife out of her hand. This gets her moving, as he raises the pan again, she pulls out the second knife. Ducking the pan, she stabs him in his thigh. He yells in pain and swings around and kicks her in the back as he falls to his knees. Her forehead connecting with cabinets. She sees stars for split a second, he grabs her leg and starts pulling her towards him. She kicks him with her free foot in his face, blood explodes from his nose. Crying out in pain he lets her go and she scrabbles to reach the knife. “No way you bitch!” he says, grabbing the knife first. She quickly gets to her feet and backs out into the main room. He picks up the second knife and limps towards her smiling an awful smile full of blood from his nose. He throws one knife missing her by inches as it stuck in the wall. He lunges at her as she tries to grab the knife. Knocking her to the floor again. He’s on top of her fast, instantly she digs her fingers into the wound on his thigh. He screams out and she is able to get the knife out of his hand. She slices at his face cutting him across his forehead, as the blood runs into his eyes, she stabs him in the gut. He recoils and she takes the opportunity to thrust her pelvis up and bucks him off her. Standing up, backing away from him. The knife still firmly planted in his gut He asks “Who sent you here?” having a chance to center herself she replies “Hank Kerns” a look of confusion washes over his face. “But He’s Dead” Jeffery said. Pulling the gun out she replies “I know, I killed the fucking pig.” She pulls the trigger as his eyes widen and his brains become part of the décor. She uses her shirt to wipe the prints from the gun, and the knives then setting them on the table as she heads for the tunnel entrance.

Back at her villa, she calls Dave and leaves a message the job is done and she would like to leave as soon as possible. She does not want to stay the rest of the time. She changed her clothes and burns what she wore in the fire pit. Watching her clothes burn and having a shot and a smoke. She replays what happened in her mind. The phone rings; Dave said I can get you on a private jet in an hour. Someone will pick you up to take you. He asked if she was ok, she replied dryly yeah.

Looking down at the island, thinking of all the people that must work there and the things that happen to them. She knew she would not, could not stop now.

The end.


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