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When No One Else Will

by Michele J. 7 months ago in Series
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The Red Door

When No One Else Will
Photo by Rei Yamazaki on Unsplash

She stands staring at the large envelope on her kitchen table. Everything just got more real to her. What started out as a joke is no longer funny. She reaches for the envelope, trying to convince herself this will turn out to be a joke and something to laugh about with Damian. Her gut is telling her otherwise, as she tears it open a driver's license slips out, it is her picture, a recent picture, but not her name. Beckey Keller, from Whitehouse, Kansas. She dumps out the envelope, there is a plane ticket to Hollywood Burbank Airport, a ticket to a Halloween Horror Night, a hotel reservation number, $10,000 dollars in $100.00 bills and a sticky note that reads Hank Terms, 10:00pm, The Exorcist, Red door. Damian said she would get her target and instructions; she stares at the money wondering if she can pull this off. Her anger reassures her, I can do this. The thought of what is happening and all that goes unchecked is to say the least.... infuriating. She told Damian if no one was going to stop these things from happening she would certainly try. So, here she is looking at her first opportunity.

The plane ticket is dated tomorrow, a red eye flight. The last-minute notice is fine, she thinks with mixed emotions. It has been almost a year since the day she was mugged and beaten in the parking lot of work. Which is what brought her to take self-defense classes. Looking at the ticket for the Halloween night, she decides to google that to get some information, it’s a haunted house in the Hollywood area. The website states that there can be unknown guest appearances from some of Hollywood elites. One of the haunted houses is called The Exorcist. She looks at the sticky note reading it again. She sees the picture coming together. She needs a costume; she grabs her purse and heads out.

At the store she finds what would seem to be the perfect costume, she even buys some fake blood and Halloween makeup. She giggled as she was walking out finding it fun to shop for a costume again.

Arriving home, she packs her bags and calls to verify the hotel reservations. Her feelings of uncertainty, nervousness, excitement and fear slowly begin to surface, she grabs a beer and pours herself a shot of Apple Crown Royal. She pours a second shot and lights a cigarette. That helps, she turns on the TV and low and behold there is the man himself, Hank Terms in a great movie he was in a while back. This just solidifies her commitment to her upcoming task. That sick fuck, all these years, all the fans and the money he earned from us. All while living this beautiful lie of a good wholesome life. She shuts off the Tv. Revenge will be extracted; her feelings of uncertainty didn’t overcome her willingness to try either way. Life in prison wouldn’t be so bad if she knew he died by her hands. Pouring another shot she thinks; how am I supposed to do this? What do I use? This gets her nerves going again, she hears Damian’s voice coaching her. It is comforting to her. “Be aware of your surroundings. Know what can be used as a weapon around you.” She can do that; they have practiced this very thing dozens of times. The surroundings will be a haunted house, should be easy to incorporate a weapon into her costume. She does have a Glock 43 she bought for protection after being mugged. A gun isn’t practical, it would be too loud and someone else could get hurt. Her bother had made her a karambit, the knife was small, easy to hide. She had asked Damian to teach her how to wield it. He showed her simple defense and attack strategies. She hoped that was enough. She turned on some music to calm her nerves, finished her beer and grabbed another, ran herself a nice hot bubble bath, that always helps to relax her.

After a restless sleep, a few cups of coffee she goes to the gym. Damian is not there today; he flew out 2 days ago to see his ailing mother. She jumps on the treadmill; her muscle memory takes over. Her mind travels far off, as it always does when it is running. Taking her through possible scenarios over the next few days. Her mind and her legs working unaware of each other. A loud noise brings her out of it, someone had dropped a weight. She checks the time, shocked to see it’s been 45 minutes, she previously could only go for 30 minutes. “Nice work bitch” she thinks with a smirk. She'll shower and go to her favorite place for soup and salad. She has plenty of time until her flight leaves. It’s a nice day the sun is out and she feels a lot better after the gym. She decides to enjoy the day to its fullest. The local fall festival had started, her mom called and asked for help putting up something new she bought for Halloween.

What a great day she had, one of the best in a long time. She showers and gets ready to leave for the airport. Feeling awake and alive, waiting to board. Sitting there looking out the window at the tarmac she realizes that her surroundings look more vivid, colors look brighter, sounds clearer. Things feel 4D is the only way her mind could explain it. She enjoyed the feeling she was getting in her chest, a lightness, her eyes seeing things for the first time. It was quite exhilarating. They called for her flight to board and poof the feeling was gone. First class section, window seat....Nice! Looking out the window listening to the passing conversations, trying to get her “4D” vision back. Nothing, she grew tired. Thank goodness for the little puffy pillows.

Baggage collected, coffee in hand she heads toward the doors for a cab. She sees a sign being held up with Beckey Blake written on it, I guess that is me now, she thinks.

The driver takes her to a nondescript black car, she pauses looking in the car. Not sure she is doing a smart thing. The driver must have seen her hesitation. He said” here, will this make you feel better?”

Handing her a box, she opens it. Not sure what is going on, it was a set of beautiful damascus karambit with a red handle. With a slight nod she moves to get into the car. The driver puts her bags in the trunk, he doesn’t say a word as he drives off. Parking in front of the hotel, the driver gets out and someone opens the car door for her. The room is amazing; a view of the ocean, a bathroom the size of her kitchen, mints on the pillows and an envelope at the foot of the bed. This one has several papers in it. She calls for room service; something to eat while reading sounded like a good plan. Meanwhile, she gets settled into the room and finds the remote for some useless TV noise in the room. Looking at the ticket for the Haunted house tomorrow night, she remembers the costume, the knives and the red door. Her heart starts to pump faster, her nerves are tingling, she feels panic setting in. Breath quickening, her hands start to shake. Fight or flight: she was gearing up for flight mode. The knock on her door and voice calling “room service” brought her back with a grumbling stomach. “There’s a steak out there with my name on it.” she thinks.

Grabbing the papers, cutting a bite of steak she starts to read. Top sheet, nothing but the word CONFIDENIAL in big red letters. Flipping to the next page a picture of Hank walking to a car.

Staring at him with loathing and hate while she eats, there is no forgiveness for what he has done. The next 5 pages caused her to lose her appetite. Sitting back pushing her plate away she stares out at the ocean, all though her mind was a swirling mess of emotions her determination to prevent him from hurting anyone else hardened her resolve.

Feeling wound to tight to stay in the room she feels she needs to burn some energy, looking out the window she realizes she’s never swam in the ocean and she didn’t bring a bathing suit so she plans her day accordingly.

Arriving back at the room, there is a note someone slipped under the door. Your car will be waiting for you at 8:00pm tonight. Three hours from now, better shower and get my costume ready. As she is getting ready that “4D” feeling started coming back. It calmed her nerves, slowed her breathing and a feeling of calm confidence comes over her. For fun she made a bloody scar on her face, it ended up looking very realistic. With this 4D vision she can really see more detail in everything. She stays in her room until 7:55pm. Walking to the elevator and through the lobby many people were dressed up. She was happy not to be the only one. The same black car was sitting out front with the same man waiting, “Miss Blake, good evening, I do hope you have a successful night.” Thanks, she replies. They drive silently, it did not feel like awkward silence.

Pulling in the drive she sees a huge complex not many people yet. The driver punches in a number code at the gate, parks in front of the building with The Exorcist banner hanging on it. The driver honks the horn and Freddy Krueger comes out and opens her door. The driver said “go with him, I know when to come back” without turning his head. Following Freddy, she takes note of where she is being led. They go in the main door where they are greeted by Michael Myers. Freddy shows Michael something. He looks at her Beckey Blake, she nods. “Come on” Freddy says. Walking through the haunted house with its twists and turns, she admires the horror, the dummies looked so real. Hollywood, she guessed.

Freddy took her to the back of the building and outside to a small garage behind them. Using a keycard to open the door. He said “stay here, Donna will be here to fix your costume”. Her reply “ok” comes out sounding unsure of itself. She looked around the room there were several different weapons hanging on the wall an old-fashioned looking make-up table and mirror with supplies. Next to that was a small rack of assorted dresses. The door shuts and locks, trying the door it does not open. She does not feel scared, she looks at the stuff hanging on the walls. Axes, knives, swords and a chainsaw. Smiling she pick up the chainsaw, it was a real one. She goes to the axes; some are very ornate. One looked like the ax a famous dwarf carried. She tried one out, she liked the weight and balance of it. Next section knives, everything from a kitchen knife to a machete. No, karambits.

The door opens suddenly, a woman walks in. “Hey, I’m Donna. That’s a great costume, nice work on that scar. I need to get you tramped up, or so I call it.” She laughs, “Becky, that look on your face is priceless.” Donna continues “If you want to get close to him, it makes it a lot easier. Donna gives her instructions; unbutton your blouse some and hike up those boobs. Donna hands her some padding to put in her bra. Listening to Donna while she put make-up here and there on her; watching her face and body movements, she would have you believe she was perfectly happy. If you see her, actually see her, you can tell she is not. There is a toll or a sadness behind that smile. When Donna said there, go look at yourself. Walking over to the mirror, she laughs. Her slightly sexy Raggedy Anne, costume has turned into a cross of a China doll and Hee Haw does Dallas. Donna seem pleased with the outcome, “what’s your weapon of choice?” she lifts up her apron showing Donna the Karambits. Donna said “NO, never use your own equipment so to speak” pick one of these and leave it lay wherever you use it. She picks up a hunting knife about 6” long, feels its weight, swings it like Damian showed her. “Ok, got one.” Donna looks at her watch; “He’ll be here soon. Let’s go”

They walk back to the haunted house. Into what looks like a breakroom, then she uses a keycard on a door across the room. They go into a room full of monitors. Donna unplugs 3 monitors, “ok, through here” leaving out another door. Her cubicle of horror is a nursery, go figure she thinks. Little severed arms and legs, one hand randomly twitches on a changing table, the bassinets each had a child in some form of torturous bindings, with random cuts and bruises, baby bottles full of blood. Donna said “Stay here until you are done then leave by that red door. Walk straight down the hall then go right, the door at the end of the hallway will take you to your car.” as Donna walks away the lights shut off and the black lights come on. From a speaker somewhere plays sound of children crying and screaming, calling for help and their parents.

She hears people coming, laughing and screaming, as they head her way her, she uses her knife to pretends to cut the children. When the group gets to her, she pretends to lunge at them with her knife, keeping with the theme she decides to have a little fun and picks up and bloody body part and tosses it towards the group and in a monotone voice with a blank stare she says “would you like to come play with me”, with a loud bang Freddy jumps out and chases them down the hall. The door opens behind her. It’s him, her heart jumps to her throat. She gasps without realizing it. He is dressed as a doctor. Holding a life like doll of a toddler. He laughs, “I get that reaction all the time.” walking over to her he gets close to her looking at her breasts. She can smell alcohol on his breath, he put the doll in between them facing her and squeezes its stomach. Blood squirts out of it mouth on to her breasts. She jumps back, he laughs and reaches for her chest. A crowd had gathered and she was not aware. As his hand moves closer, she brings up the knife and slashes his palm. He screams and so does the crowd, clapping and cheering. Real blood this time pooling on the floor. He yells” You bitch!” and lunges for her, she steps aside and moves behind him and brings the knife to his throat. The crowd has grown, they assume this is acting and all fake. They cheer, someone starts chanting “Cut his throat, cut his throat.” the crowd goes with it. Hank is yelling as the blade presses harder on his neck. “Help me you stupid fucks, this is not a game!” He is still holding on to the doll, blood starts coming out of its mouth again and the crowd cheers again.

She whispers in his ear; “I know what you do”. He struggles but she presses the knife deeper with every movement or breath he takes. She starts saying names and ages on the list she had gotten. She feels his body stiffen with realization. Quietly he says “no”, as she then draws the blade across his throat feeling it sink in with little resistance. She continues to say the names and ages of the kids on that list, as she lowers both of them to the ground. She can hear him gurgling, gasping while reaching for his throat. She does not stop saying the names until he is dead. The hidden door burst open and Leatherface with a running chainsaw comes out, the crowd seems to scream and run like a flock of birds in unison.

Leatherface looks at her and says “Go, now.” in a calm voice. She drops the knife and pushes Hank off her. Walking out the door following Donna’s directions. The car is there, the driver standing there waiting for her. No one else in sight. She had quite a lot of blood on her whether it was fake or real she did not know. He opens the car door; she motions with her hand at herself. “No, matter, well done by the way “he replies. She gets in, the car door shuts.

The End


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Michele J.

Hello! Thanks for stopping in. My writing has appeared in notebooks, forgotten scraps of papers and a box in the attic for years. I enjoy reading, writing, crafting, gardening and being a Patriot. Feedback welcome & appreciated.

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