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When it Rains it Heavy Rains

by jay catlett 5 months ago in Series
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by Jay Catlett

When It Rains, It Heavy Rains


The May night promised rain, but it lied. Dark ominous clouds sat in the sky watching as the wind mussed men's hair and peaked up women's dresses. Cat Jacklett decided to stay inside his cozy New York City apartment and play a video game. He remembered that he still hadn't finished "Heavy Rain." He was near the end of the game and very close to figuring out who the killer was, however it had been months since he had played. He guessed five or six. Cat also figured the games owner and all around suave artist type Jack McCoy would be wanting it back soon. Cat was a disheveled little man who never turned down a mystery or a beer. He sat at his gaming station in his room that smelled of M&Ms and farts. His gaming station was basically an old beat up black wooden computer desk with a 32-inch dusty monitor and a PS3 hooked up. There was also a PS2, but Cat couldn't tell you the last time it was turned on. DVD and game cases lay scattered; also discs sat scratched and dirty. Their cases were lost long ago. "Hulk", "Iron Man", "Fractured", and a "Worms" CD were just a few of the orphaned discs. Cat opened a cold PBR and powered on his machine. It hummed. The PS3 lit up green and his controller rumbled in his hand as he prepared to play. I guess this is the real beginning to the mystery. A fraction of a second goes by and time slows down as Cat sees that the game is not in the PS3. Instead it is a blu Ray copy of "The Raid." "How did this get in there?" As he wonders, he also remembers that he needs to return "The Raid" to his friend Petra Herena. Petra fancied himself a writer and cigarette smoker. Cat is sure that the last disc in the PS3 was "Heavy Rain." He decides that one of his lady roommates must have been watching movies in his room again. It had happened before so he reasonably deduces that it had happened again. He also figures that whoever watched "The Raid" put "Heavy Rain" back in it's case where it belonged. Boom! Case closed, or so Cat thinks. He opens the case to Heavy Rain only to find no game... Perplexed, the young gaming detective thinks maybe the game got put in the case for "The Raid." He looks there and it isn't there. "Where the crap could it be?" The anxiety starts to percolate within Cat. Tens of thoughts start to become hundreds. They all spin in his head like a Maytag going to work on a large load of dirty cloths. "Where is the game?" "Why was it moved?" "Who moved it?" "Was it him?" "The exterminator was here a few months ago." "Did he steal it?" Cat stands in silence for some minutes, scratching his head half the time and his butt the other half. "Let's just check every case in my room. It's here somewhere." Boom! His cool, aloof demeanor explodes into a frantic search for the game. He opens case after case mostly finding the discs that belong in them. Others are empty. Cat does not do this neatly. He is a hurricane flinging all objects in the air. It's up to them where they land. Every case is checked and still no "Heavy Rain". When Cat got perplexed and vexed he would twist strands of his hair 'tween his index finger and thumb. He's doing this now. Did his ex roommate steal it out of spite when she left on bad terms? He let's go of that cuz he knows she was not smart enough to pull this off. He had a girl over a few weeks ago. "Did she take it?" "I should call her." "The foot locker!" Cat snaps open the green foot locker his mom gave him for college. It has stickers all over it from his ska/punk days. The locker is full of old things Cat isn't ready to let go of; letters from ladies, instruction manuals for things he no longer has, books that he'd never read, and a box of his important papers. It also has a bunch of CDs that were thrown in just cuz they needed an out of the way home. Cat had cleaned his room about a month ago so maybe, just maybe he had tossed the game in there. He tries to search in an organized manner but in his excited state he ends up tossing the locker. He finds issues of "Y the Last Man." These were sitting on his desk while he was last playing "Heavy Rain." He must be close. A pile of discs next to the issues looks promising. One by one he flings away discs that are not the one he wants. He finds forgotten burnt music mixes and porn, but no game. Sitting in the destruction of his room Cat thinks of anyplace the game might be. He wonders if he had let a friend borrow it. "No." For an instant he gives into the idea of supernatural foul play. He smiles and hopes, but "No." He remembers a Christmas tin he keeps in the closet full of trinkets with sentimental value. "No?" "But a good detective follows up all hunches." He jumps to his feet with the cat like reflexes the old Cat Jacklett was famous for and runs to his closet. With frantic force he opens the door and dives to the bottom of his cluttered closet. He frees the tin from underneath a pile of clothes like the king of laundry mountain, as if he is saving it from drowning. He pulls off the lid and empties it onto his bed. He examines the content and finds junk. He wonders why he had kept half of the stuff. There is a small wooden box he had made from scrap wood. Pausing, he opens it and looks at the horseshoe earring with diamonds on it. The girl he should have been braver for gave it to him. He slows down and thinks about her for sometime. "She..." "The game!" In a moment, he deduces where it is... Like all the past puzzle memories coming together to solve the mystery; he figured it out. The DVD "Fracture" was case-less because he had watched it a few months ago. He must have put "Heavy Rain" into that case. Knowing that was where the game was he calmly walked into the living room and found the case for "Fracture." He opened it... Case closed.


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