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What was, what is, and what is yet to be!

by Jordan Zuniga 5 months ago in Classical

There's more to you then people see, isn't there?

The early stages of childhood are a critical time frame for a child's long term development. The things that we experience, the music that we hear, the lessons that we learn from the stories that we have been told at bedtime. All of these things have an impact upon our mannerisms, our personalities, our openness when it comes to absorbing knowledge and expanding our creativity, and who we become over all. And yet, throughout our lives we will meet many intriguing and diverse characters with different desires, aspirations, and goals on how to pursue such things. With such desires and goals, there may also be quirky characters who, well, may be a bit odd or different! They may stand out from the crowd or may not fit quite into any particular part of society. Outcasts, nerdowells, people who are well, just different.

Not that different is necessarily a bad thing, or horrible! There are plenty of oddballs in society, and just being different isn’t evil or wrong unto itself. It is the better part of wisdom and understanding to recognize scenarios and stories for what they are, for what they show and what they bring, and to go in depth with individual characters as to who they are, what they stand for, and why they are inspired and motivated, to do what they do.

One of my favorite childhood stories that I didn’t really hear that often as a child but I learned more and then loved deeply was when I performed in the musical theater show, “Honk!” Honk, is a broadway interpretation of, “The ugly duckling.” The ugly duckling, is a story of how a swan hatchling is raised as a duckling, is bullied for being horrible and ugly, is forced out onto his own, and inevitably realizes one day that he is a swan, one of the most beautiful birds of them all! This story means so much to me, because it shows the undeveloped potential of what could be in every person, and how times and seasons in our lives come and go, we may have yet to realize the potential lying dormant within us! Even a diamond was nothing more than a lump of coal that stood firm under pressure and became one of the most priceless, beautiful gems and the hardest material we have on this earth! Sometimes as you waddle about the lake and riverside, you're thrown into the storms of life, and people mistreat you because of what they see. And yet, what has yet to be seen, the potential within us, is something that could change the very course of how the story is perceived to end. Sometimes, you have to endure a terrible storm in life before you can appreciate the brighter days shining all the clearer and truly become who you were called to be! And though times may become tough, and people may try to discourage you, there is one thing you must learn to do! Never give up! Eventually, you will find your place in the world!

In the beginning of the story, the ugly duckling is immediately noticed as being different from everyone else. He is verbally, emotionally, and physically abused, and forced to leave his family behind, waddling about from place to place, trying to find a place to call home. Through harsh scorn and criticism from other ganders, to being taunted by a cat, to being unable to fly away for being too young. Eventually, when he becomes older, he decides that he can’t be alone forever and wants to commit suicide. But then, he becomes surprised to notice that the swans eventually not only notice him, but even welcome him! But why? Why would the most beautiful birds in the world let an ugly little thing into their fold? To his surprise, he looks down and discovers something amazing! He was never an ugly little duckling, nor a goose, nor like any other farm animal. All this time, he wandered about hopeless and helpless, eventually deciding to kill himself only to discover something he never knew about himself. Something that was kept until the precise moment. He, the ugly little duckling, was actually a swan!

Harsh times come at the worst moments. Storms come upon us, and everything may seem to go wrong. We may very well be different, different from the rest of the world. Unable to find a place to stay, and wondering, why am I being treated this way? Why is this happening? And yet, perhaps throughout the storms and trials and tribulations we endure. Maybe, just maybe, it's just to reveal to you that there is more to you then what currently is seen with the naked eye. What was, has already taken place. What is, is only temporary. What could be, what should be, and what we believe that inevitably will be, is only achieved by the faith and the courage, to step forth and claim what is hoped for.

If you, reading this, are going through some harsh storm. If you’re enduring a difficult time that seems extremely hopeless. If you’re despairing, feeling hopeless and it feels like nothing could possibly go right, I have some wisdom for you. Never give up! Rejoice, rejoice evermore to endure for what inevitably will be! Perhaps all that you’re going through is just the build up, the groundwork, for the revelation that you may very well be, a swan! Besides, it will be easier when you’re dead! Head up, chin up, upright posture, and smile! Have a great day!


Jordan Zuniga

Aspiring christian creative writer creating pieces to provoke thought and give God and Lord Jesus Christ the glory! God bless and I hope you’re doing well!

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Jordan Zuniga
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