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What’s on the other side of a Black Hole?

The Black Hole

By Justice MomoduPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Black holes are terrifying and mysterious, devouring everything in their path, but could there be more to what would happen if you fell into one of these monstrosities? How would you get through the black hole itself, and what would happen when you came out the other side?

What would happen to you?

What would happen if you passed into a black hole is described in this what-if scenario.

Black holes aren't all that different from other objects in the universe with mass, aside from the fact that they are extremely dense at their center, which is a singularity, or an infinitely small point where all of their matter is compressed; the more matter that is packed into a black hole's singularity, the stronger its gravitational pull; and given that some black holes are the remains of stars with more than 10 times the mass of our sun, they have a lot of gravity and eve.

If there was a way out, you wouldn't just be entering the unknown depths of any ordinary black hole; instead, you'd be crossing the Event Horizon of a Charged black hole equipped with a one-way Wormhole that connects the black hole with a wormhole. We don't know exactly what happens to something Beyond The Event Horizon because once something is past it, there's no way of sending a message back. As opposed to black holes, which consume everything in their path, white holes simply spit matter back into space. Nothing can enter a white hole until you cross the Event Horizon and wind up being spit out on the other side. As you were getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime, you would witness stars coiled around a perfect circle of Darkness on the borders of the black hole. You'd better be prepared for one of the most mind-blowing experiences the cosmos has to offer. Unfortunately, you wouldn't have much time to take in the scenery before this gravitational monster began drawing you toward it. the gravitational force of a black hole is so powerful that it may convert you into spaghetti. It is getting stronger and stronger. Your body would be stretched into infinity if you fell feet first because your legs would be subjected to a gravitational pull that is substantially stronger than your head. We don't want that to happen to you yet, so let's pretend that just before the black hole rips you apart, you fall into a wormhole. Keep in mind that you would be traveling through a charged black hole, not just any black hole, The black circle in front of you would appear to grow larger and larger as you fell deeper into the black hole. If the black hole was as big as the one at the center of the Milky Way, this would take about 20 seconds and with all the painful acceleration would take about a minute. In addition to having a wormhole lurking inside it, this black hole would also have two event Horizons, You would feel as though those seconds would last forever, but as you got closer to the inner horizon, the black hole would seem to stop growing and then, surprisingly, it would seem to shrink almost as if you were falling away from it. However, this would only be an optical illusion, and you would still be in free fall. Relativistic beaming, which squeezes what you see in front of you to give the impression that the black hole is contracting, would cause the light from the rest of the universe outside the black hole to look brighter around its edges. You would be overcome by an energetic bright burst as you finally pass the inner Event Horizon, but it wouldn't be the only light you would see at this point. Instead, you would be witnessing a reflection of the entire history of our universe as seen through the singularity of the black hole within the inner Event Horizon.

As you crossed the second Event Horizon, you would now be careening through the wormhole that connected you to the white hole. If you thought being stretched was bad enough, think again because you would be trapped in an incredibly unstable phenomenon. The powerful gravitational pull of the black hole would constantly threaten to obliterate the wormhole. You would observe another energetic flash of light, but this time, rather than seeing a reflection of the entire past of the universe, you would see its future. Keep in mind that this would not be the future of the universe as you currently know it and that you would not simply be passing through the singularity of the black hole and emerging on the other side; rather, you would be about to be ejected by a white hole into a universe that is entirely distinct from your own. You might learn so many amazing things, find yourself in a parallel universe, or meet a version of yourself who is enjoying the life you've always wanted for yourself. After all, you just passed through a black hole, so how much better could it get? Unfortunately, not all of the news is positive. The building blocks of matter could be made of dark matter or antimatter, in which case your mind-blowing Joyride would be about to come to a deadly end. Antimatter and regular matter, like What You're Made Of, would annihilate each other upon contact. Worst of all, you wouldn't be able to just tuck away your mind in a box and go on with your life. I'm sorry, but I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Perhaps it would be good if you could glimpse inside a black hole before entering one.

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