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What on earth

Is going on here?

By Acacia LawsonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

There he sat; a look of bewilderment on his face.

It was as if he had dreamt it all up. He had heard about this stuff. People went to certified hypnotherapists to do it correctly and to be able to snap out of it calmly and easily.

Instead, he had done it unwittingly on his own, in his own bed, right as he was about to go to sleep.

His entire world and everything he believed in had come crashing down in the matter of 30 minutes. No warning, no easing into it; simply a sudden jerking movement and a plethora of emotions raged through his body, sending his brain into panicked overload.

His survival instincts tried to kick in and his heart raced in fear. He had no idea what was happening, only that he had been sucked through a green light in the blink of an eye.

When he looked down at his hands, they were blue and the fingers were longer than his normal fingers. How on earth had he turned blue?

He could not see himself and only felt his body skimming over the surface of this strange place. All of the trees were glowing and the light was pulsating in a slow, heartbeat type of rhythm.

As he glanced up, he saw large mountains with glistening waterfalls cascading off of them into sapphire watering holes below.

There were no birds, no animals, and no other beings around. He saw nobody and that scared him even more than the flying.

Where were all of the people?

His mind wanted to figure it out but his gliding pace grew faster and he felt that he was being hurtled into another country like a Frisbee.

Then his body slammed into a standstill in front of a massive set of stone doors carved halfway up a mountain. The green light was pouring relentlessly out of the cracks around the door.

Staring at the carvings on the doors, he could not recognize the drawings or what they meant but he knew he had seen them before. He had stood in this exact place (or floated, to be more precise) awaiting entry into the hall inside of the mountain.

There was still no sound coming from anything. No sound from the waterfalls he had seen earlier, no sound from the green light, no sound from behind the closed doors.

He looked down at his blue feet and then beyond them. The trees below him still vibrated with their glowing lights. The waterfalls still gushed.

Looking back up towards the stone doors, he felt a movement. Considering that he was still flying halfway up a mountain, a movement was impossible.

Nonetheless, the stone doors opened internally and he smiled. “Now is the time,” a voice inside of his head said.

‘Now is the time for what?’ he thought frantically. What was going on here?!

His body propelled itself forward of its own accord while his mind was screaming at him to turn around and run.

But there was nowhere to run.

He glided by at least 200 statues carved into the tallest columns that he had ever seen. It was similar to nothing he had seen on earth. Each statue had a non-human face that was either a male or a female. All of them were holding something in their right hand: a book, a weapon, a candle, an apple, a bird, etc.

The green light grew stronger the further he progressed down the mountainous hallway.

As he approached what seemed to be the end of the room, there were six golden thrones raised upon a dais. Each throne had a small sphere rotating above the person sitting in it. The spheres were all different colors and glowing in those same colors. The people sitting in the thrones were definitely not humans. One was blue similar to his own weird hands currently, one was as white as a piece of paper, one could have been a human except for the overly large eyes, another was green, and the two on the furthest sides he could not tell due to the green light blinding him.

He shook his head in disbelief.

“It is time,” the blue man addressed him. The others nodded while they stared at him.

“You must take this back with you,” the white lady said to him with a melodic and accented voice. She handed him an orb that was glowing in the colors of the earth.

‘Stop wasting time!’ came a command so sharply inside of his head that he flinched. The one with the huge eyes was staring at him intently. ‘You have been woken up. Complete your mission.’

The others nodded their approval.

He didn’t know if he nodded or agreed to anything but the next thing he felt was his body being sucked back through the green light and then sitting on his bed, staring at his very human hands that were no longer blue.

Shock mingled with astonishment as he looked up.

The blue green orb was hovering over him, revolving soundlessly, urging him to complete his mission.

Short Story

About the Creator

Acacia Lawson

Writer and Oil Painter

Soul Transformation Mentor

Lover of all beings on this beautiful planet

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