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What If... A Rose And Flame Novel 1

This will be my anchor series along with another series. This is a two page excerpt.

By Emily AurelienPublished about a year ago Updated 11 months ago 4 min read
What If... A Rose And Flame Novel 1
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All I ever do is work hard in life, I never really enjoy what I do. Nothing ever really matters. My routine is simple: go to work, come home, work some more. The endless cycle of doubt trying to decide if I am worthy. It is at this moment everything changes, As I pull myself out from bed starting my usual skin care regiment. The business offer. I responded to Erika the day before today, and I’m nervous about going to a third world country for a consecutive four year period.

As I look back at the memory while I apply my cream, I recall those memories.

“Yes, boss, I accept this opportunity. What am I to do?”

Her fond smile told me how thrilled she is, “You will be on site in Saint Lucia for a consecutive four years under a work visa. With your “history”.” She air quoted that word. “I’ve already checked Emma, you will be safe under the Saint Lucia government and under the Canadian government as well.”

I am snapped out of it when my phone buzzes the reminder for tomorrow the flight to Saint Lucia will be the earliest flight. I look back in the mirror briefly putting my work phone down.

In this moment as I look in the mirror, well there is no backing out now. You got this, you just got back from Africa taking photos. Enjoy this moment you after all did originally apply to Wanderlust Magazine for the writing position. Rest right now, order in for dinner, go to bed early. Meantime, enjoy this time you have to pack your belongings.


The loud engine of the plane woke me, I hadn’t ever taken a nap on a flight before. This has never happened to me, but the flight to Saint Lucia felt longer than I thought it would. As the passengers talk amongst themselves about what they wanted to do first. I thought about just one thing: the Airbnb I would be staying at for as long as four years. How would I make this my home? As a twenty-seven year old woman I am not exactly a social butterfly. I didn’t know how to handle the promotion, did I really deserve this?

A yawn escapes my mouth. I cover it with my hand. Yet, I’m eager just the same to get the fuck of this plane. There is too much time to just run through my head lately. I always like to keep business. The aeroplane attendant hands me the customs form. I pulled out my passport from my purse, and started to recount everything I brought with me.

When I start filling out the paperwork handed to me, I smile at the idea that maybe I wouldn’t have to worry about my stalker following me. This made me feel wonderful, every time he leaves me a calling card letting me know he isn’t far away gives me the creeps.

“This is your captain speaking we will be landing in Saint Lucia in five minutes. The weather is perfect. It is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s 29 degrees Celsius for everyone. It’s very warm and gorgeous, it is two o’ clock atlantic time.”

Oh god it’s nothing like Canada weather eternal summer, oh my I can’t wait to get off this plane my ass is killing me.

“Ma’am would you like another refreshment?”

I look up startled, almost forgetting where I am, “No thank you, I’m okay.”

As my yawns become more known to how exhausted I am, I find the strength for when the departure of the plane would lead to actual movement exiting.


As the plane finally lands everyone seems to take their slow easy time. I start to become very impatient. All I wanted to do was get off the plane, get my laptop case, and purse. My bags, and duffel bags get in my rental car. I would have for the next four years fully paid off by the company and head back to my house to unpack, grocery shop. Maybe grab a meal at the nearest place. But a part of me just didn’t care. I just wanted to hit the sack just for the rest of the day and go into the next morning.

It’s just so annoying how slowly they're going, it’s like this for every flight I've ever been on for work.

Finally, after so long of waiting finally the crowd starts to move and I’m ahead.

As we made our way to the entrance I bump into a tall strapping man of African descent looking like a local. His accent was unparallel, and unique to mind.

"Ow I'm so sorry." I spoke when we bumped hard into each other.

"It's okay, ma'am, I'm so sorry." His soft smile is radiate when he takes in my beauty something I never did see.

The two unlikely of people from two different worlds find each other in the unlikely of ways.


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Emily Aurelien

For the many readers who never want to read one niche but many this is the place for you to come. This blogger has everything never just one thing. She is a author, a blogger, and flawed woman. She is never perfect but happily married.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 10 months ago

    Thank you son much for sharing! I enjoyed reading this a great deal! Very good!

  • Canuck Scriber11 months ago

    This is great, I enjoyed reading this!

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