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Waste Summoner: The Rebellious Little Evil Consort

Chapter 2: Beaten to death

By XiaoZhiYuanChuangPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In the darkness of the night, a sinister light flickered in Yun Bei's eyes. "Yun Nan, you truly are my dear sister!" Today marked the thirteenth birthday of the twin sisters, and Yun Nan, breaking from tradition, brought over a bowl of longevity noodles, uttering a string of warm-hearted words. Yun Bei, moved to tears, consumed the noodles gratefully. Before she could finish, she passed out.

When she awoke, her clothes were disheveled, and she found herself lying next to Yun Nan's fiancé, Su Lin, without understanding how. Before she could grasp the situation, Yun Nan arrived with Yun Lei and others to "catch the adulterers" in the act. Yun Lei, in a fit of rage, ordered Yun Bei to be hung up and whipped to death for bringing shame upon the family. Unsatisfied, he decided to sacrifice her to the Yun family's guardian beast.

"Throw her down. Come morning, take her remaining bones to feed the dogs, so she doesn't defile the land of the Yun family." Bones fed to dogs? Yun Bei let out a cold laugh. "Yun Lei, one day, I will let you know what it feels like to be fed to dogs."

With a thud, the iron plate hit the ground and came to a halt, plunging the surroundings into silence. Moonlight filtered through the opening above, allowing Yun Bei to make out her environment vaguely. A damp breeze, carrying the scent of blood and decay, hit her face.

Yun Bei, leaning against the stone wall, watched the cave openings to her left and right warily. The cave on the left and the opening above her allowed for air circulation, the wind indicating a passage to the outside. If she could break the chains, she could climb out through that opening.

Thinking of unlocking the chains, Yun Bei frantically searched her person. As the ace assassin of the Mercenary Alliance, picking a lock was trivial, provided she had the tools—a small, sturdy hairpin or something similar.

Suddenly, her hand paused at her chest, slowly extracting a necklace pendant from her collar. It was a black, teardrop-shaped stone, the size of a thumb, uncarved and emitting a captivating glow under the cool moonlight.

"The Eye of Heaven?!" The Eye of Heaven was the only thing her missing mother had left her. Her mother had said it was like her own eyes, watching over her as she grew, staying by her side, protecting her for life. Unfortunately, the stone was just that—a stone—and it hadn't saved her life.

Under the moonlight, the Eye of Heaven's glow spun, sinister and enchanting. Yun Bei felt as if the stone had a pull, tugging at her soul.

A dull thud came from the left cave, followed by faint panting. This was the guardian beast of the Yun family, a third-tier divine beast with earth attributes, the Spiked Juggernaut. The Yun family, once a low-ranking clan in the Fengyun Empire, rose to prominence after a summoner emerged among them. Legend had it that this Spiked Juggernaut was the first beast contracted by the Yun family's ancestral summoner.

After its contract, the Yun family's fortunes soared. Thus, the Yun family's ancestor made it the guardian beast, to be worshipped and served. With a thought, Yun Bei quickly removed her earring, straightened the pin, and inserted it into the lock at her ankle. After a few manipulations, a soft "click" sounded.

The Spiked Juggernaut was approaching through the left passage, and the cave on the right was unknown and potentially dangerous. The best escape route was the opening she had come through. Yun Bei eyed the chains; although they had ridges for climbing, it wasn't the path she preferred, as climbing required significant strength, and she had already lost too much blood.


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