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Waste Summoner: The Rebellious Little Evil Consort

Chapter 1: The Sacrificed Useless Miss

By XiaoZhiYuanChuangPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Pain is the only sensation Yun Bei can currently feel. Her skin is torn, her flesh lacerated, causing her agony so intense it feels as if her heart and lungs are being ripped apart. She attempts to move slightly, only to be greeted by the clinking sound of chains.

"Eh... She's not dead yet?"

"It's impossible... Look at her, covered in blood and wounds. How could she possibly still be alive?"

Yun Bei tries to open her eyes, but the effort is hampered by the blood pooled in them. Additionally, it's nighttime, making the figures before her appear even more indistinct. She can barely make out their clothing, which feels unfamiliar to her.

"She's really not dead! What do we do now?" one of them asks, a hint of hesitation in his voice.

"Even if she's not dead, she won't last long. The family head's order was to sacrifice her directly. Let's just do as we're told and not worry too much..." Another decisively picks her up and throws her onto a large iron plate, already occupied by a wild ox drained of its blood.

"Pfft..." The impact forces a clot of blood that had been choking her to dislodge, and Yun Bei finally feels like she can breathe a bit easier.

The iron plate, secured by thick chains at each corner, slowly descends into a pitch-black well. The conversation of the two men becomes a distant echo amidst the sound of the chains.

"Our family head is really ruthless, sacrificing his own granddaughter..."

"You know nothing. Yun Bei was born a waste, a disgrace to the Yun family. Now that she's caused trouble, the head of the family is using her for a sacrifice. It solves the problem of family honor and earns him a reputation for being just and impartial..."

"I get it, killing two birds with one stone..."

As the iron plate lowers, Yun Bei feels the temperature around her becoming increasingly cold. She tries to sit up and discovers her ankles are chained, connected to the plate. Her ankles seem too thin, her feet too small.

Suddenly... A flood of memories rushes in like a tidal wave, causing her head to ache with the influx. Despite the chaos of these memories, Yun Bei, leveraging her assassin's ability to remain calm in chaos, manages to focus on the key memories.

This place is not the world she knows but a land called Cangyun Continent, within the Fengyun Empire, a world that venerates martial prowess, where magical beasts roam freely. Here, individuals choose their paths based on their talents: becoming a martial artist by cultivating Qi, an elementalist by sensing elements, or a summoner by calling upon beasts.

Yun Bei, the ninth young lady of the pure-blooded Yun family, does not fit into any of these categories. When tested for talent, the stone showed no reaction, indicating she lacks the Qi meridians necessary for martial artists, the spiritual perception for elementalists, and the mental power for summoners. In Cangyun Continent, she is one in a million, a true waste.

Ironically, Yun Bei, the object of everyone's ridicule, has a twin sister, Yun Nan, a prodigy with thirty Qi meridians fully opened. Born together, one a genius, the other a waste, their treatment couldn't be more different.

Yun Nan, as the future pillar of the Yun family, was raised by the family head, Yun Lei, spoiled and arrogant. Yun Bei, on the other hand, was relegated to a separate residence to fend for herself, living a life of humiliation. If not for the protection of Yun Jinglei, the second elder of the Yun family, she might have already vanished or died.

Such a waste, a disgrace to the Yun family, not even her twin sister wanted her alive.


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