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Voyages of the 997

Quest to Atlantis

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago Updated 2 months ago 5 min read
My first book I wrote at 8 years old available online and in Barnes & Noble.

It was a hot summer day, and two friends were on the beach. Kyle and Tina were bored and decided to go on a field trip together.

Hey Kyle, look at that. It looks like it's 100 years old, said Tina as she pointed to a large wooden boat drifting off the coast. Kyle had not noticed the large boat, and upon seeing it he said, "It looks like a pirate ship! Let's go check it out.

Once on the boat, Tina found and old map that only said Atlantis. "No way, this can't be. This is the map to the city of Atlantis, the treasure city!" screamed Kyle.

They named the boat the RED, WHITE, & BLUE 997 and set sail. On the back of the map was a code.....

Stormy seas, and whirlpools of black, if one cannot face the challenge, it be wise to turn back.

Just as Kyle read this aloud, the clouds turned dark, and waves began to form. "Uh-oh, this must be the stormy seas said Kyle. The waves were too strong, and Tina could not control the boat, as rain and lightning clouded the ship's path, and just when things were looking grim a large creature and a mermaid appeared beside the boat. Whoa an octopus and a mermaid! I think they are trying to help us!" yelled Kyle. You guys look like you could use some help, follow us!

After the storm the seas were calm again, but little did they know what lie ahead. Thanks for saving us from the hurricane, said Kyle. I'm Tina and this is Kyle, what's your name? Tina asked. No problem, my name is Scarlet, where are you two headed anyway?

We're following this treasure map to Atlantis, if wasn't for you and your octopus we would've been wiped out by the storm.

Tha.. that's the Majestic Map! Its magic leads to amazing treasure found in the most legendary locations around the world and you found it ?! Amazing treasure!

So, this map can take us anywhere? Tina asked. The next challenge is a black whirlpool. Yes, and you might need this, sisters! Scarlet's mermaid sisters appeared and formed a circle to materialize a pearl bracelet and gave it to Tina.

Tina, this is the Aqua Bracelet, it will allow you to turn into a mermaid and have all of our powers. Whoa, thanks!

I will use this with respect. We know you will take care. Later, said Kyle. Kyle and Tina looked at the map and while they were doing this, a large black whirlpool was forming, and they were headed straight for it.

It says that we are approaching the black whirlpools. Great so much for smooth sailing.

Hey, we made it through the hurricane so maybe we won't have to deal with the whirlpools.

Whoa! We gotta stop doing that! Kyle screamed.

We're being sucked in! I can't steer away! We're going down!

Now is better than never to use this. "Bracelet of seas. Mermaid from girl please"!

Cool, I'm really a mermaid! Hurry we're going underwater!

Whoa, I didn't know mermaids were this strong! I'm way better than Ariel from Disney. Just a little it!

Cough, cough, cough...that was close, I didn't plan on taking a bath this early, but great work Tina.

Out of nowhere, a huge pelican and seagull appeared and lead them to a secret passage through the whirlpool.

Ya need, any help lass? You and your friend almost became shark food. Yeah, can you lead us away from the whirlpool?

Thanks, for your help guys. You're welcome, just remember to steer clear from whirlpools.

Are you good Kyle? I'm soaked but still alive thanks to your mermaid powers. Hey, the map is glowing again! Well, what does it say?!

On the other side of the whirlpool, they found themselves in a strange land. Surrounded by old buildings and rocks, the octopus from the storm and a large porpoise appeared.

Kyle and Tina started to head north, and they found a dark spooky cave. Looks like Atlantis is our next stop, I wonder when we'll arrive. Sooner than you think Kyle!

The map says Atlantis is through this cave,

It's really dark, said Tina. Don't worry, I have a flashlight. Kyle replied. When he turned it on bats were flying out of the cave. Ahh, bats! Let's get outta here! Once the bats were gone, they entered the cave.

The duo docked the 997 and trekked through a treacherous jungle filled with snake pits and a raggedy bridge that hovered above a lake full of crocodiles.

Behind the cave was the city of Atlantis. That was close, so this is Atlantis? Incredible! Everyone back home will never believe this!

Look there's an island up ahead, said Kyle as he adjusted the sails and led them to shore. There's the treasure, yelled Kyle as they hit land. But they didn't know they were being watched by the owners of the 997....PIRATES!!

Aaargh, there's my ship. Those landlubbers are going to pay for stealing my ship! Said Captain Whitebeard as he watched.

Kyle was getting the treasure and Whitebeard and his first mate Raiker jumped off and took it. Yes, we got the treasure mate! See ya later losers! The two pirates took off with the treasure and the 997.

Kyle and Tina were really depressed that the pirates took the treasure and the 997. Hey, I just thought of something, said Kyle. What is it? I managed to stash some the treasure. Luckily, Kyle pulled out 100 pieces of gold in his pocket. Why don't we make a boat out of gold? How are we going to get off the island to the city? Well, we'll have to go through the tunnel it's a long swim but it's the only way. Are sure you can keep up with me in my mermaid form? Well, try not to swim to fast Tina.

The two swam their way through the tunnel and it led them to the city. From there they met blacksmith who used the gold to construct a new ship dubbed the Golden 997. Now they were able to continue their adventures and go after the sinister Captain Whitebeard.

(Read the sequel Showdown in Shangri-La to see what happens next).

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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