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Victorian House

Knowing it's Condemnations

By Srini VPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Victorian House: Knowing it's Condemnations

As the sun set behind the old Victorian house, the air developed cold and the breeze got. Local people murmured that the spot was spooky, and that anybody who thought for even a second to enter could stay away forever. Yet, Claire and her companions, excited for a rush, didn't put stock in phantoms. They had chosen to go through the night in the chateau, to demonstrate for the last time that the bits of hearsay were only that, reports.

As they entered the manor, the entryways squeaked uproariously, creeping them out. The inside was dim and stale smelling, however they had come arranged with electric lamps and hiking beds. They investigated the primary floor, with its stupendous flight of stairs and void rooms, prior to settling down in the parlor.

As the night wore on, unusual commotions could be heard from higher up. Claire and her companions excused it as the breeze or a creature, yet the commotions became stronger and more relentless. Ultimately, interest got the better of them, and they chose to examine.

They advanced higher up, and as they arrived at the highest point of the flight of stairs, they saw a shadowy figure toward the finish of the corridor. It was too dim to even consider making out any elements, however the figure appeared to be alluring them closer. Claire and her companions delayed, yet their interest got the better of them, and they circumspectly advanced towards the figure.

As they drew nearer, they could see that the figure was that of a lady, wearing an outdated outfit. She gave off an impression of being sobbing, and her cries reverberated through the corridor. They moved toward her mindfully, and inquired as to whether she was OK.

The lady went to confront them, and her face was distorted with misery and outrage. She started to shout, and her voice appeared to resound through the house. Claire and her companions were panicked, and they went to run down the steps, however the entryway toward the finish of the corridor closed, catching them in.

They were encircled by haziness, and they could hear the lady's shouts becoming stronger and more constant. They could feel her breath on the rear of their necks, and they could hear her murmured dangers.

Out of nowhere, the lights came on, and they ended up in a sufficiently bright room. The lady had vanished, and they were distant from everyone else indeed. However, something had changed. They could feel a presence in the room with them, and they realize that they were in good company.

As the night wore on, the presence developed further, and Claire and her companions started to see looks at the lady in each room they entered. She was by all accounts following them, tormenting them, and they realize that they could always be unable to leave the chateau.

Days transformed into weeks, and they stayed caught in the manor. The lady's presence developed further and more vindictive, and they realize that they could always be unable to leave. They were caught, in an endless bad dream, and they realize that they were ill-fated to use whatever might remain of their lives in the spooky manor.

Local people at last tracked down their bodies, clustered together in the parlor. It was said that they had been made distraught by the spooky presence in the house, and that they had ended their own lives as opposed to confront one more day of dread.

Right up to the present day, the manor stays unfilled, and local people caution that it is as yet tormented by the phantom of the sobbing lady. Some say that they can in any case hear her shouts reverberating through the corridors, and that her presence can be felt by those valiant enough to enter. Yet, a great many people stay away from the chateau out and out, realizing that it is reviled, and that nobody who enters will at any point return.

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  • Legal Heartbreakerabout a year ago

    Congratulations on completing a great story! You have put a lot of hard work into this, and it really paid off. The joy of creating a story of this size and quality makes you appreciate the beauty of storytelling even more. As you continue your journey in writing and sharing your stories, keep pushing yourself to develop greater artistic skill and imagination. Here’s to more amazing stories from you!

SVWritten by Srini V

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