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The amount of genuine and intentional love one puts into another person, place, thing, experience, etc.

By V DeviPublished 9 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read

"And it's raining. Wonderful. Just Wonderful." Devi sarcastically points out, dragging her words as she looks out the front window in anticipation for their ride to the terror of an event they are obligated to attend this dark, stormy night.

"But, my love, you love the petrichor." King responds, sporting a caring smile as he attempts to comfort his soon to be wife, in secret, of course because he would lose his life if a certain few found out their lovely plans.

"Yes, that's true. But, rain tonight, of all nights is a bad sign. A very bad sign. Maybe we just shouldn't-" Devi's concerns get cut short by the sound of their limo pulling up outside.

King and Devi enter the limo, dressed in the most elegant fashion and expensive jewels, courtesy of Devi's closet. The minute they fell in love, it has been all evil eyes on them. So, they must show up to this nightmare event ready to leave a lasting impression, considering lives are at stake.

Devi's entire tribe is gathering to decide who will end up taking the place of Devi's husband. For Devi, it's supposed to be really simple because there is no choice to be made, for the winner will be the last man standing. But, unfortunately, she has her heart involved. Good thing they spent the last year prepping for this dreaded day.

"What if they realize all this is actually yours?" King asks as he fiddles with his borrowed gold ring.


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  • Adewumi Seth9 months ago

    Reads like an Oddysey to the becoming of gods.

V DeviWritten by V Devi

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