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Valekta (VOL 5) part 2/2

by Adrien Jackson 3 months ago in Series

thank you and here is the end book 2 isn't coming in a long time since I just now started school again :7

Valekta (VOL 5) part 2/2
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash


Sadime sets up his string barrier in the main room.

Candy sets his flower pot down and dashes to Sadime.

When Candy is close to him Sadime punches Candy in the stomach knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Candy crashes into the wall and Tsoruka jumps at Sadime.

When Tsoruka gets close the same happens.

Candy begins to charge his sweet savior smash.

“SWEET SAVIOR SMASH!” Candy yells.

He punches Sadime but Sadime seems to ignore the pain.

“The Puppet Master: Possession” Sadime calls.

Before he can do anything Jewel comes from the door of the Temple.

“Blood Moon Act 2: Seismic Moon Smash” She thinks

Jewel creates a Giant Hammer and smashes Sadime with it but Sadime pulls her away with a string.

Jewel grabs Tsoruka and throws him at Sadime.

In defense, Sadime creates a wall of string which bounces Tsoruka and Jewel and Candy cuts the strings with his Sweet Savior Slash.

Before the three attack next, Jewel makes a plan.

Tsoruka charges at Sadime with insane speed.

“Flasher and Blood Moon Act 6: Howling Moon Slice” They say in unison.

Tsoruka was holding a knife Jewel had and turned it into an electric blade.

Tsoruka cuts through the barrier Sadime created and before he even thinks Candy is right behind him and punches a great hole through Sadime.

Candy then grabs the flower pot and runs out of the temple with Tsoruka and Jewel as Sadime dies.


Next Berry,Eryn,Harukuru,Everest,Lima,Tsoruka,Jewel and Candy are called to handle the Vampire Shard and the 9 Angels and Blake will fight the Gargoyle shard but first all of them take a moment to recover.

“So everyone else died then huh?” Everest says.

Candy notices Alex isn’t there.

“Congratulations you 8 are now a part of the Angel league and if the 9 angels fail then you will be forced to battle Gargon as the 8 Angels.”

They all aren’t happy though. They lost everyone.

When everyone is all healed up they get their stuff on.

With their tremendous amounts of strength they begin training for the next fight.

“Hey Everest wanna train with me?” Candy asks.

“Sure!” she says.

“No! Nobody will hurt my lovely princess, '' Harukuru interrupts.

Harukuru attacks Candy with great speed but every attack is just blocked.

“What incredible strength maybe this could be the sensei i was looking for!” Harukuru thinks.

“Sweet Savior Smash” Candy says.

Harukuru is pushed back a bit from the punch.

He then kicks Candy in the face.

“Oh no, he’s gonna embarrass me in front of Candy” Everest mumbles.

An aura that the others haven’t seen before resonates from Candy.

A purple layer surrounds Candy. This is the same form that killed Niji.

Candy walks toward Harukuru and everyone else stops their training to watch their fight.

“With this power even the slightest flick could break Harukuru’s skull, But if I interfere I'll die myself!” Tsoruka thinks.

Before Candy punches Harukuru he turns normal because he remembers that they have to go now.

“Guys, it’s time we go to the Motsuyuri Mansion to fight Myrin.” Candy said.

“That name sounds familiar” Candy thinks.

As the sun set the pitch black sky rose and so did a heavy rain.

They head into the building confident mostly in Candy’s strength but still confident.

They see Myrin with his fangs on the other side of the room.

The door shuts behind them and Harukuru grabs Everest ready to take her to safety.

“HE’S SO DEAD” Everest thinks.

Myrin snaps and the lights turn on.

“Welcome,Welcome, Welcome to my humble abode.” Myrin says to them.

Myrin walks toward them slowly.

Then he pounces with superhuman speed.

Tsoruka, who’s faster, kicks Myrin in the stomach before he can attack anyone.

Myrin crashes into a staircase.

Harukuru tells the others to get out.

Candy,Harukuru and Tsoruka are the only ones still fighting.

Harukuru runs straight into battle and Myrin punches him into the wall cracking his skull.

“Well boys? Your next move?” Myrin says.

“You’re…” Candy says.

Myrin nods and smirks.

Myrin jumps at them again but Tsoruka kicks him again.

“Dammit! That fast one is really starting to piss me off with that brutal kick” Myrin thinks.


Myrin tries over and over again to attack but no matter what Tsoruka doesn’t let him get close.

Eventually, Tsoruka kicks him onto the roof which Candy and Tsoruka go to soon after.

Tsoruka runs to Myrin but because of the rain Tsoruka slipped onto the edge of the mansion’s roof.

Myrin walks to Tsoruka giving Candy the perfect time to strike.

Candy with a bizarre amount of speed crystalizes a part of his neck and Tsoruka gets time to get back on the roof.

When he does he kicks Myrins neck breaking his neck and shattering the crystal part.

Myrin is sent flying but turns into a bat to prevent death.

When he turns human Tsoruka kicks him into the air and Candy turns into that purple form.

Tsoruka uses his full dash attack and uses his thunder blade to weaken Myrins neck enough for Candy to cut it and like thunder the immortal was killed.

When Candy turns normal and Harukuru awakens they get ready but Harukuru wants to battle Candy first.

“Harukuru, Stop this” Everest says

Berry puts him in a dream so they can leave without him.

As the group heads to reaper valley they catch the 9 angels in battle.

They can’t beat the Gargoyle Shard. Gyogen


The three see Matsuwabaka use his signature attack against the foe.

“THE SANDY ABYSS” he calls

Matsuwabaka creates a quick sand arena but when he looks up he is ultimately killed by a kick of Gyogen.

The other 8 stand in shock.

Genji creates a water blast and Hephaestus creates a black fireball but Gyogen



knocks them away and smashes their heads together.

The other 6 stand back.

Opal creates a stone wall to protect them but was punched so hard that she died as well.

Zak,Kein and Kiza use their strongest attacks.


“EMERALD FLAMES” Kiza yells.


Gyogen laughs as he wasn’t even scratched and didn’t even feel the attacks.

“Pathetic, you 3 are the strongest? Will I ever find a worthy opponent!” Gyogen says angrily.

“USELESS,USELESS, USELESS!!!” He yells as he punches all 3.

Shank,Grace and Blake all use their strongest attacks.

“FOREST BEATDOWN” Blake yells.



The attacks as expected are useless.

Gyogen throws all three aside and they die.

“Incredibly he killed all 9 Angels each with one hit” Eryn says.

The 7 walk toward Gyogen, not as a bunch of kids, but as the last line of defense for this world.

If they die Black Ruby will kill everyone in the game so that they can be in the real world with their powers and who knows what they’ll do with that power.

“Do you think that this is a joke kids? DO YOU WANNA DIE?” Gyogen says to them.

Eryn ignores and sends a wave of vines toward him.

Gyogen smacks the vines and before he can punch Eryn Candy gets in the way and protects her though his arm which was hit turns into that purple form to prevent major damage.

Gyogen smirks a great smile and attacks Candy repeatedly.

Candy’s body turns purple again to avoid death.

“Candy...My name is Ezosukez and I will be taking your body until further notice” A voice says to Candy.

Candy turns into his purple form: Ezosukez and manifests blue marks on his skin.

Ezosukez punches Gyogen but it’s still incredibly weak.

Gyogen throws Ezosukez and Tsoruka begins to attack Gyogen.

With his Electric blade Tsoruka slices Gyogen but instead Tsoruka’s arms break and so does his sword and Gyogen is unharmed.

Gyogen attempts to stomp on Tsoruka’s head but Ezosukez stops Gyogen before he can.

“Blood Moon Act 3: Rain of Rocks” Jewel says.

She sends a thousand stones flying at Gyogen at incredible speeds but Gyogen ultimately dodges them.


She summons a giant Trident made of water which shoots water at high speeds at Gyogen.

Everest then summons a wave of ice soon after freezing Gyogens arms.

Gyogen in anger pounces at Everest in anger but before Gyogen hits her Harukuru jumps in the way and dies protecting Everest.

Candy runs toward Gyogen for an attack but Gyogen kicks him in his neck breaking his windpipe.

“The only way that you can beat me is if this golden scroll comes out of my mouth.” Gyogen says as a golden scroll appears in his mouth.


“If it does, I will turn to stone” he says with his mouth full.

Blue marks manifest on Gyogen’s skin, the same ones as Ezosukez.

Gyogen summons a ball of blue gas flames and shoots it at Jewel.

Ezosukez tries to run to save her but it’s too late.

Gyogen charges up another at Tsoruka but Ezosukez protects them.

Gyogen shoots at people over and over again eventually while Candy is off guard Gyogen chokes Eryn squeezing her neck tighter and tighter, However, One of Eryn’s Manipulated Trees wraps around the arm holding Eryn even tighter.

Eventually Eryn dies and Tsoruka and Candy are furious.

Ezosukez fades away and Candy returns.

Tsoruka dashes at Gyogen continuously.

Gyogen can’t punch because his dominant hand is stuck in Eryn’s tree.

Candy eventually punches Gyogen over and over again.

The two brutally abuse Gyogen.

After a while Gyogen breaks from the tree and punches Candy in the face, sending him back a bit.

Blood comes from Candy’s right eye from the punch.

After a while Gyogen and Candy trade blows and Tsoruka helps Candy attack.

Berry shoots thousands of water arrows and the others stand back to not get hurt.

A strong amount of energy bursts from Gyogen and Candy.

Their power is clearly unmatched, not even the boss of Black Ruby.

“He was the chosen one but I am still stronger.” Gyogen thinks

Candy turns into Ezosukez and the two create a giant crater.

The others Evacuate.

With one great punch Ezosukez blasts Gyogen deeper into the crater.

Out of breath, the two begin to weaken.

Gyogen prepares his strongest attack of the entire fight and so does Ezosukez.

Gyogen laughs and turns into stone as the scroll falls out of his mouth

Candy with a humongous punch finally finishes it all, shattering Gyogens' statue.

Only the boss remains.

Candy with one eye bows and with a broken windpipe says “Thank you for the fight”

Candy steps out of the Crater and the other sighs in relief and cries.

However Candy has been hurt worse, he failed to save 14 comrades

And had his arm,eye and windpipe shattered.

However Candy unlocked the second form of The Imperial forms aka emperor mode: Outrage, blue marks that manifest when the user is considered an Elite player and is over level 999,999 or at level one million.

“The battles only get harder from here” Candy says to Babii’s flower

Truthfully the whole time Candy wasn’t using his full strength to not break the flower, this truly shows how strong Candy is.


Candy takes the cloth off his head for the first time because Eryn has died. The remaining are Berry,Tsoruka,Candy,Everest and Lima.

On their way to the Crimson Tower they Virio Unit Shard number 2.

Berry tells them to go ahead as she fights them and it begins to rain.

“My name is Kana but that won’t matter. I’m the last Virio for a reason and if you had trouble with Gyogen you don’t stand a chance against me,” she says.

As the 2 get closer their rage bursts more.

Kana grabs a knife from her pocket.

As they walk past each other they jump back.

Before Berry even notices, she’d already got cut in the face.

Kana then with amazing speeds rushes toward Berry and jabs her knife into Berry’s stomach.

As Kana’s knife rises up Berry’s body she uses her Tidal Twist to kick Kana off of her.

Kana rolls away from Berry and Berry stops her twisting attack, Then she tackles Kana turning the part that took the impact into Ice on Kana’s body.

“Now with a good strong punch, I should be able to kill her,” Berry thinks.

Berry winds up a strong punch but Kana decapitates her when she does. However Berry expected this and turned her neck into very thick ice and her skin grew on top of it, finally Berry fell to the ground due to how much energy she used in such little time.

Berry beat someone stronger than Gyogen though proving how strong she’s gotten over the span of one year.

Then again, Kana wasn’t using her outrage.

As the other 4 stand behind the Creator in his chair drinking black coffee he suddenly begins to clap.

“You’ve made it this far, Not many can say that. I’m impressed I’ll admit.”

He comments honestly.

“In fact, you are the first players to stand up to me, That’s not saying that you won’t die like the others who antagonize me.”

“By now you must know that this is not a game.”

When the Creator says this the 4 charge up their power.

He stands up from his chair and as he turns around with a smiling Mask shielding his face He continues.

“This is simply a simulation. By testing A-Nergy aka A-Fuel in a different planet entirely we were preparing to see how humanity can stand with quote on quote superpowers.”

“Surprisingly, 46% of those who joined are alive now. Soon the game will reach earth and when it does Black Ruby will take over.”

Confused Lima asked “Why, Why do you prey on weaklings and want to take over”

As the creator explains he takes them to a room filled with lava and a stone bridge taking them to an elevator.

“Back in what? 1980’s about? It was different. I was weak, Others would attack me in groups that clearly I could not compare to. One day though, A boy across the street from me was actually nice.” He explained.

“Sadly when he reached 13 he was shot and killed by a couple of burglars robbing a casino. Of Course, This took a toll on me and this was the first time I found out… The world is a cruel place,” he said.

Tsoruka began to feel sorry for him.

“Now I am in control and those whom I see are not fit to live in this world shall perish. This is my world, These are my rules, This is my Kingdom, These are my people and this is my story where I am the protagonist.”

The 4 quakes as his voice gets more intimidating by the second.

“Black Ruby is the First step to my goal, This game was simply a test. Soon I will destroy this game, take over the earth and create a haven burning the outside world that I do not like, Everyone under my control so I can be dominant.” He says.

The Creator starts to laugh and says “It’s pointless. 4 more dead. It’s a shame. I was going to recruit you but you guys have antagonized me”

As the Long hallway comes to an end the 5 get on an elevator.

“Welcome to Black Ruby headquarters.” Says the elevator.

As they step out onto the roof right above the clouds.

The Creator turns around and finally reveals his face.

“My name is…”


“My name. It’s Eric Vodilla.” He says.

As Candy’s face fills with tears Candy uses his outrage and dashes towards Eric at full strength.

With a simple knee to the gut Candy loses consciousness and develops a fatal injury.

“All that force without even using Emperor mode.” Tsoruka thinks to himself.

As Everest and lima stand in shock Lima takes a deep breath and she runs toward Eric with tears in her eyes.

As she reaches him she turns around.

“Behold, Lima Korvanski, More popularly known as Kaito, Elite and Founder of Unit Koega.” Eric says.

Candy limps his way to Eric but he follows up with a series of 10 kicks sending Candy flying off of the roof.

As Candy descends he throws himself into a room mid-air.

He charges up his energy to jump through the many floors but he is interrupted as someone has pushed him out of the window he came from.

As Candy opens his eyes to see his foe he sees Aoban unit Elite Arcani Herman commonly known as FEAR.

Arcani turns his hands into stretchy shadow like claws and grabs onto a window seal.

Candy falls to the ground but is caught by Berry and cancels out the momentum he had.

Back up at the roof the other 2 are getting pummeled to a sad bloody pulp.

Kaito laughs as she abiliterates her former comrades.

While being punched Everest turns Kaito’s hand into thin ice Lowering her defense for literally ½ of a Picosecond.

This allows Tsoruka to outspeed Kaito and get a nice clean hit straight to the face.

As Kaito flies to the ledge of the building The Creator begins his attack at the two.

As Eric charges back a punch Candy jumps behind the two and takes the deadly hit for them.

Candy pushes Eric back by a significant distance and comments “As my dad I’m quite disappointed that you’re this weak.”

Eric's eyes turn a black color and he unlocks his emperor form.

During this this amount of power destroys the entire Union with a fiery blast of excess energy.

As Candy and Eric both land on The Sanctuary Plateau with fire surrounding them both Berry catches Tsoruka and Everest.

Luckily during the blast FEAR and Kaito got crushed into oblivion.

Eric charges up with a strong punch that has more than enough power to kill Candy but luckily Ezosukez takes over just in time to soften the damage.

Candy immediately gains control and punches Eric with great power.

When he does this though his plant goes flying into the air.

Eric reaches for it and throws it to the ground, but Candy catches it leaving him open to attacks.

Candy kicks his shins and cracks Eric's Shin bone in half.

As Eric falls to the ground Candy pins him to the ground tightly assuring no possible escape.

“Of all the things I did in my life I wouldn’t have ever known that I would break my dad’s shin and kill him in a game.” Candy says.

As Candy puts intense pressure on Eric's neck he feels a sudden breeze.

In an instant the sun appears through a halo and the rain stops. Candy is finally free.

A white light appears before Candy. It’s Ezosukez.

“Candy, I’ll be going through a deep slumber and I will awaken in 30 years when you’re 42. Finally I have done what I must and now I will bring everyone back to the real world with their powers.”

Candy begins to reach out as he sees Ezosukez Fading and a gate appears in front of him.

Candy begins to cry and he hears the words.

“Congrats Candy! You’ve won the game”

He wakes up and his Devices that he was using are destroyed now.

Candy smiles and begins crying an entire ocean.

As Candy looks up and sees thousands of citizens crying and using their powers for the first time on earth.

Candy Smiles.

“That truly was...An epic adventure”


Thank you so much to me supporters and for reading this far, you can get book 2 as soon as it's published all at once instead of Volumes.

Thanks everyone!

-Adrien N. Jackson


Adrien Jackson

I really only wrote Valekta 👀

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